Smart Above Toilet Storage As Bathroom Space Saving

Yet, in fact, this room is quite small for the storage itself. No wonder, some smart storage ideas are available to solve this storage problem including the super smart above toilet storage ideas.

A bathroom is usually designed in smaller size than other rooms in the house. Perhaps, it probably appears in smaller room because of its function.

The function of the bathroom is truly only for washing and cleaning especially for those home owners and family. In addition, this room will never be separated from water and soap. On the other hand, although the bathroom function is just for cleaning and washing, it still needs more space for storage.

White Bathroom Shelves Above Toilet

White Shelves Storage Above Toilet

The smart storage idea is shown in this small white bathroom. Two wall concepts are intentionally applied to optimize the function of the room while keeping it in good looking condition.

A half part of wall is covered by white porcelain tiles arranged in brick layer, while another half is painted simply in white. Pentagon tiles in cream and brown gradation dominates the entire floor in this bathroom for stylish interior look.

A water closet is placed between the tub and grey sink cabinet. Hanging white shelves with string are displayed as storage above the toilet. A wooden planter is placed on the water cabin of the closet for some fresh detail in the bathroom.

Floating Shelf Above Toilet Storage

Floating Shelf Storage

Turning into another tiny bathroom, this time, floating shelf storage looks totally amazing optimizing the empty space on the wall behind the toilet.

This bathroom has a nook which used only for a toilet. A stunning wire rack is standing on the right side of the toilet for a bar of soap holder.

There is also a toilet paper holder near the standing rack. The most stunning part is found above the toilet. There are three levels of shelf installed to fit the narrowed room. Each level of shelf provides enough room for planter and baskets.

Ladder Shelf Storage Above Toilet

Ladder Shelf Storage

Optimizing an empty space on the wall behind the water closet, a ladder shelf storage is displayed stylishly. It has three level of storage shelf which are designed in different size. The top shelf is used to place a candle.

The second shelf is used to place some folded clean towels. And the third shelf with bigger space is used for a couple of woven baskets.

This area must be used for storing some toiletries. White becomes the basic tone in this small bathroom. A clean light grey base cabinet is placed on the right side of the toilet for sink area.

Rattan Wicker Basket Above Toilet

Rattan Wicker Basket

Built in shelves must be installed in your bathroom if you really want to organize the interior of the room well. Some installed shelves integrated inside the wall behind the toilet spot usually gives extra space for storage.

To help organizing some toiletries on the shelf, rattan wicker baskets may be placed in certain arrangement. Placing some toiletries inside the wicker basket will help us to avoid messy look.

On the other hand, the open shelf can be used to display some ornaments. To keep this storage area bright, a classic table lamp or standing lamp can be placed next to the toilet.

Galvanized Metal Shelving Storages

Galvanized Metal Shelving

A stunning cottage bathroom can be decorated easily with galvanize metal shelving. This galvanize storage is not designed as a brand new furniture. It is made from old galvanize pan with handles on the edge.

A big round galvanize pan is combined with two levels of wooden board to fill the inner. The boards itself are made in different size and length to create such a mounted detail over the galvanize frame.

At this rate, the open shelves are used to display some toiletries and even a planter. A framed quote is also displayed among the toiletries as ornament. This galvanize shelving is hanging above the toilet.

Metal and Wood Bathroom Shelves

Metal And Wood Bathroom Shelves

The combination of metal and wood for bathroom shelving becomes another interesting touch inside the bathroom. The metal rods are installed horizontally as wooden board holders.

Those shelving sets are attached on the white painted wall behind the toilet. There is a big panel attached under the shelving with some alphabet saying FLUSH as decoration.

The stylish shelving itself is functional as storage for towels, a jar of cotton, and a jar of hand band and a wire rack of smaller towels. Some ornaments are also available on the shelf just to make this storage amazing at once.

Small Toilet and Barn wood Shelves Storage Design

Barnwood Shelves Storage

Talking about old wood planks, it is better to utilize a set of it as decorative shelving inside the bathroom. The Barn wood shelves storage idea is quite easy to imitate. The planks are arranged to cover the maroon wall above the toilet.

And then three more planks are attached vertically over the plank set. Some buckles are installed under each vertical plank to tighten the shelf. Finally, this creative shelving can be used to show some ornaments and storage at the same time.

In addition, this kind of storage is costless since you utilized some old planks to transform it into the good storage. To make it personally, some portraits are framed on the shelves as decoration. A dry planter is also placed between the portraits.

Individual Bathroom Baskets Ideas

Individual Bathroom Baskets

Some wicker baskets can be utilized on above toilet storage. Some wicker baskets may provide room for toiletries to hide some mess. At the same time, the individual bathroom baskets offer beauty on the shelving area for more cottage home idea.

Grey painted wooden shelves look suitable with those natural wicker baskets. A planter may be placed on the second shelf between both wicker baskets.

More wicker baskets are also placed on the third shelf with jars of cotton and cotton buds. The first level of shelving is used to store some rolls of new toilet papers.

Hanging Storage Bins Above Toilet

09 Hanging Storage Bins

More creative above toilet storage ideas are available in hanging concept. This time, those hanging storage bins need a couple of steel rods installed on the wall. Some chains and hooks are also needed to hang some plastic bins as storage.

In fact, each steel rods may provide space for two big bins and three connected glasses as storage. What things that may be stored is up to you. Starting from some toiletries to towel can be ready to store in the bins.

For additional storage, more steel rods are also attached on the wall on the left wall side. These rods are for towels. Those hanging storage ideas are practically functional to be applied inside your tiny bathroom.

White Towel Storage Ideas above Toilet

Towel Storage Ideas

Interesting multi-level towel storage is amazingly installed on the wall above the water closet. This towel storage consists of some metal racks which are connected to each other vertically. This towel rack design is very simple without any string and hook.

There is only holder to keep the towel staying on its place. An additional towel holder is also attached on the right side of this towel rack. This wall mounted storage looks space saving above the toilet.

The toilet itself is located between the shower cabin and sink. Some furry mats are placed in front of the toilet for more comfortable touch inside the bathroom. Stone detail is displayed on the floor and wall tiles inside the shower cabin.  

Simple Bathroom Storage Cabinet above White Toilet

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

To hide some mess while organizing some toiletries in the bathroom, bathroom storage cabinet may be selected to install above the toilet. This wall cabinet fits the narrowed nook where a small white toilet is installed.

The fit closed cabinet is also painted in white to bring such a spacious effect in this toilet nook. A couple of wall art is attached between the cabinet and toilet. Both wall arts have small circled mirror to give a splash of light when the lamp is on.

A jar of cotton and a small planter are placed on the top of toilet. There is no lamp installed near this nook. Nonetheless, there are some lamps installed on the ceiling to keep the room bright well at night.

Unique Small Bathroom Storage

12 Unique Bathroom Storage

Creating a private storage for both man and woman in a newlywed’s bathroom is not that hard. The unique bathroom storage with personal gender concept is found to realize your need.

Basically, this storage is made of wood. It is built in bird house shape with double a shaped roof and double cabinets with doors. Crescent moon details are crafted on both door panels as ornament.

On each of door panel, you can find a note written His and hers which means that it gives the owner some privacy depending on the gender. The cabinet frames the white toilet elegantly at the same time. Usually, another cabinet is used to store some feminine things, while the His cabinet is used to store some manly items.

Shabby Chic Style of Storage

13 Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic concept of bathroom storage becomes another thing to consider when you are going to keep the cleaning room tidy. Open shelves are mostly selected as the simplest wall storage that may installed above the toilet.

Placing some planters on the shelving and even top of the toilet will give such a refresh accent in the bathroom. This time, an old water can is transformed into a chic planter. It is like the galvanize pots displayed on the shelving.

A wire bucket is placed next to the galvanize pots for some towels. Bath decal is attached on the middle of the second level shelf with some toiletries stored there.

Space Saver Bathroom Storage

14 Space Saver Bathroom Storage

The next small bathroom in the second floor maximizes the room by installing some wood boards for shelving. The wall shelves are designed to follow the shape of nook on the wall behind the toilet. In P shape, the wooden shelves have different size and length depending on the nook shape.

Nonetheless, the nook shape never becomes a big problem for the shelving installation. This bathroom uses floating sink instead of base cabinet to save more space on the floor. A wide frameless mirror is installed on the wall besides the nook where the sink is available.

A couple of luxurious glass pendants are hanging above the sink area as illumination along the night. There is no curtain or blind covering the window, thus the room gets natural light from the outside.

DIY Bathroom Organization Shelves

15 Diy Bathroom Organization Shelves

Thick boards are installed in vertical line as a wall mounted shelving set. Both levels of shelf provide some room to store toiletries on the wall above the toilet. A couple of wire baskets are available for toilet papers and towels.

On the lower shelf, some decorative items are displayed to bring beach decoration into the bathroom. Cream becomes the base hue applied in this small bathroom. With bright white toilet and other washing appliances, this bathroom still looks nice in the simplest way.

A wicker basket is placed on the water cabin of the toilet as additional storage. This narrowed shelving is perfect as a Do It Yourself project to optimize the space in the narrowed bathroom.

Cubical Wall Cabinet Above Toilet

16 Cubical Wall Cabinet

In square frame setting, the cubical wall cabinet is designed. This wall cabinet consists of four frames without back part since it uses wall to block the back side. White is selected as base color over the wall cabinet.

It looks contrast with the grey painted wall behind it. Two planters are displayed on this cabinet as ornament. And some blackboards with typed sentences are also available as additional ornament on the cabinet.

Two level of shelving provide enough room for toilet papers and some rolls of towel. The whole part of the shelving looks stylish in ordinary way. Each box has similar characteristic on the bottom. It looks like a handle or knob which has no function, but decoration.

Clever Small Bathroom Storage

17 Clever Small Bathroom Storage

This dark grey bathroom has clever small bathroom storage to keep it tidy and stylish at the same time. This hanging storage is designed similarly with a short ladder. The mounted shelves offer room for storage especially to store the toiletries.

There are three levels of shelving on the wall storage. Those shelves are hanged by rope on an iron hook attached on the wall. With those three levels of shelving, there is still enough room for a planter on the second shelf.

Spacious shelf on the first level even has a pot of cactus as decoration. A small wicker basket is placed on the second shelf to store some rolls of towel. A metallic pot of green plant looks so refreshing next to the wicker basket.

Wall Mounted Shelves Above Toilet

18 Wall Mounted Shelves

This time, the wall mounted shelves are integrated to keep the small bathroom clean and tidy. The small bathroom is painted in crystal clear white with deep nook for toilet area. This narrowed nook is located in the farthest part of the long narrowed room.

A white porcelain toilet is located on the middle with spacious mounted wall shelves above it. Two level shelves are displaying some planters, rack, knitted basket and some toiletries.

There is a simple framed quote which says “Wash Your Hands on the first shelf”. A stunning hanging toilet paper holder is attached on the right wall of the toilet. The left side of the toilet is used to place a bathtub for taking a bath.

Rustic Cabinet Above Toilets

19 Rustic Cabinets

The rustic cabinet installed above the white water closet is made of wood. It is painted in dark brown with scratches over the surface. There is a narrowed drawer found on the lower part to hide some smaller things inside it.

Three level shelving is available for some white clean towels, toilet paper and bottles of soap and shampoo. A small wall art is displayed on the wall in the right side of the toilet as decor. Concrete base cabinet is located on the left side with under mount sink installed on top.

A stylish table lamp is placed near the toilet on the cabinet as illumination. A wide framed mirror is attached on the wall behind the cabinet. It has some wall lamps to illuminate the sink area as good as the table lamp.  

Space Saving Ideas of Storage

20 Space Saving Ideas

A super tiny bathroom installs a single pocket door to save more space. With less of detail, this fresh soft grey and white bathroom interior displays a high mounted shelf above the pocket door as a surprise storage.

This open shelf looks hidden in white as well as the ceiling and wall. This shelf is used to store some rolls of toilet paper and some folded towels. Two wicker baskets are placed to help us organizing the things.

In the lower part, a couple of towel holders are attached on the tiled wall. These holders are useful to save some space especially on the floor. A single cone wall lamp is installed on the top of wall to illuminate the sink area near to the shelving.

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