Baby Girls Bedroom: Choice Of The Most Eye Catching

The most beautiful moment in newlyweds’ life is a moment when the baby is born. And there must be many couples who are still confused in deciding the best baby girls bedroom.

Generally, most couples have been known the gender of the baby. It may help them to consider the correct pallete for the baby’s room. When it would be a girl, various eye catching baby girls’ bedroom ideas must be in your decoration list.

Now, we will help you to choose the best one. Of course, those samples are available in numerous styles which are ready to apply into your own house

Stunning Room for Baby Girl with Artistic Ceiling

Baby Girls Bedroom

Well, more baby girl’s bedroom samples are ready to pick. One of them even appears with unique prism painted ceiling to bring Italian look inside this nursery room. A luxurious baby crib is designed with crafted detail and stylish linen on the bottom part.

Nice combination of color such as dark brown, bronze, deep purple, white and grey works perfectly in this room. There are fewer things placed inside this baby’s bedroom.

This room only involves a crib, diaper counter, nightstand and a chair for feeding the baby. A stylish round purple carpet looks stunning on the center of floor

Sweet Neutral Baby Girls Room

Light Grey And Pink Baby Bedroom

Light grey seems to be a perfect hue for this baby’s room. This neutral hue gives such a calmer effect to the entire of this baby girls bedroom.

Little pink accent is displayed among the grey tone to express the feminine atmosphere. This feminine tone appears on simple curtain and rug. Generally, those furniture collections are found in bright white scheme to make this grey room spacious.

Some wall arts are attached on the wall behind the diaper cabinet. To keep the room brighter at night, a chandelier is installed. A big window also has a big function to make the room bright at day.

Chic Pinkish Nursery Room Idea

Pink And White Themed Baby Bedroom

Back to pink, this baby girls bedroom shows off the feminine nuance into the interior decor. The pink wall looks very soft similarly with the white crib and diaper cabinet. White wooden crib is placed on the left wall side.

And then the diaper cabinet is placed on the center wall where the window is installed. A small cream chair and unique framed side table are located between the crib and cabinet.

A window is still covered by slight curtain to bring such a bright sunlight into the room. A zebra printed carpet on the wooden floor is combined with white furry rug.

Keep the Baby’s Room Personal

Rich Maroon Baby Bedroom

Keeping the baby girls bedroom persoal is quite easy. Some lettters can be attached on the wall to represent the baby’s name.

These letters work as an eye catching wall art on the center wall as seen on the picture. Burgundy pallete offers warmer atmosphere into this room as well. The wall art letter can be beautifully framed by some shelves arranged above the black diaper cabinet.

An elegant white chair with purple cushion looks extremely suitable with the mirrored side table next to it. This room is certainly dimmer with burgundy curtain hanged covering the windows

Pink Blue Main Bedroom with Crib

Baby Blue And Pink Girls Bedroom

For those who don’t have more room for having a separated nursery room, you can combine the nursery area with the main bedroom. A large bedroom should be prepared for this double room function.

To keep the bedroom fresh and pleasant, baby blue and white can be combined for the wall area. Just go warmer with wooden floor. You may create a baby girls bedroom idea by adding some pink. Big pink rug sounds good for it to match the baby crib sheet. On the other hand, the main bedding for parents may come in neutral white.

Anti Mainstream Baby Girls Room

Green Baby Girls Bedroom

This baby girls bedroom looks very refreshing in light green. This room has a standard-side window covered with wooden blind and light curtain to minimize the sunlight. A simple diaper counter with closed storage under it is also placed next to the window with an oval borderless mirror on the wall.

Stylish tripod shade standing lamp is located between the diaper counter and a light grey chair. A small ball woven ottoman is placed close to the window as complement of the chair. And as the main furniture, the baby crib is placed closely to the window next to the small ottoman

Pinkish Girl Baby’s Room

Princess Themed Baby Crib

A spacious baby girls bedroom looks super feminine in baby pink tone. It is true that the entire room wal is painted in soft pink with white border displayed between the ceiling and wall. White baby crib is designed simply.

This crib is located closely to the pink wall with elegant ring covered by curtain. A white nightstand with two drawers also looks cute with some miniature displayed on it. Warm wooden floor doesn’t have any rug.

Nonetheless, the appearance of carpet is not necessary in this warm room. Small pictures are framed on the wall behind the baby’s crib as wall art.

Mini Library in Pinkish Baby’s Room

Pinkish Baby Girls Bedroom

In the same pinkish room, a mini library may be upgraded into a nice spot for the girls. It consists of a tall white bookshelf with some story books and toys arranged neatly. Pink wall and white ceiling still work gorgeously inside this room.

And to organize many toys and items in this baby girls bedroom, some woven buckets are stack on both sides of the bookshelf.

A set of round table and two mini chairs are located in front of the bookshelf. It seems that those seating sets are intentionally placed for playing and reading area

Going Simple with Floral Detail

Peaceful Baby Girls Bedroom

A set of flower print curtain becomes a focal point in this peach baby girl’s bedroom. Two wall shelves are integrated on the wall next to the curtained window.

Four monochrome portrait paintings are framed on the center wall as another wall art. There is also a framed pink painting in bigger size which is attached on another wall side with a white crib placed under it.

A diaper cabinet is placed in front of the crib under the shelves. Air conditioner and a trash can are two important items which can be found on the feet part of the crib

Luxurious Baby Room in Grey

Modern Baby Girls Bedroom I

Minimalist baby nursery room offers spacious area for traffic. This light grey baby girls bedroom displays that concept obviously by placing only fewer things inside it. Luxurious oval shaped baby crib looks transprent without any sheet covering the railing.

There is only the crib base and some soft cushions in it. A white chair and an ottoman are located on the right side with unique black standing lamp on the corner.

A wide window is found as a center wall. It is covered by white blind to block the sunlight. Dim lighting is available on the cabinet next to the crib

Grey Pink Bedroom for Baby Girls

Minimalist Baby Girls Bedroom

This baby girl’s bedroom comes in limited space. That’s why only a crib and a nightstand can be placed there. The entire wall is painted in dark grey with little white accent on the border line between the floor and wall.

Classic wooden crib and low nightstand are placed close to each other covering one side of the wall. A big window with white blind is decorated with white and pink heavy curtain.

This curtain includes triple arched detail on the very top part near to the white ceiling. A wide pink carpet is placed to cover dark wooden floor

Joyful Baby’s Nursery Room in Coral Theme

Innovative Coral Themed Baby Room

A quite big room is totally painted in coral except the ceiling and floor. The ceiling of this baby girls bedroom is in clear white to display a fan lamp. The floor of this room is blocked by a light sandy carpet to bring such a pleasant ambience into the room.

A white wooden crib with artistic curtain pole is placed on the center wall with personal letters as wall art. Unique green balloons are attached to please the baby. A small side cabinet is placed with a small mirror on the wall. There are more items placed around the room

Chic Pink Cream Bedroom for Baby

Glorious Brown Wooden Crib

The lower half wall of this baby girls bedroom is covered by striped white wallpaper. On the upper side, the wall is painted in cream hue.

To bring deeper touch of brown tone, dark brown wooden baby crib and side cabinet are placed near to the windows. A small white bedding is purposely prepared for older girl. A white chair and an ottoman are also found between the crib and cabinet for feeding the baby.

Little piece of wall art is attached on the wall side where the baby crib is located. There is no other art installed on the wall.

Cute Animal Themed Baby Room

Baby Animal Theme Room

More interesting baby girls bedroom involves baby animal wall decal to dominate the center wall. The wall is basically painted in pink to describe the feminine concept of the baby’s room.

The lower half of the wall is painted in dark brown to bring warmer accent into the room. Baby crib in similar darker scheme is placed on the center wall with animal themed blanket and sheet on it.

A comfortable dark brown sofa is placed with no ottoman in front of it. Nonetheless, you may find the comfort on the big curtained window of this room

Victorian Styled Baby Room

Pink Baby Girls Bedroom

We have a Victorian themed baby girls bedroom. Pink is chosen to dominate the wall and ceiling of the room. Cream carpet blocks the floor as well. Pink baby sheet and blanket set becomes a part of the white painted iron crib with some decorative frames on the wall behind it.

There is a pink skirted chair and a mini ottoman are placed in the corner. It is similar with the tall glass cabinet which can be found on another corner part. A bright chandelier is installed on the ceiling to bring more lighting that cannot be done by the small arched window

Dark Personal Baby Nursery Room Idea

Eye Catching Round Furry Rug

The baby girls bedroom comes in darker concept recently. This dark grey painted bedroom looks elegant with a pink round rug placed on the wooden floor.

The rug is not quite big in front of the dark wooden crib. Pink accent is still involved to give such a feminine hue in this room such as on the personal baby’s name letter on the center wall.

The baby crib also integrates the pink color over the bedding set. In the corner between the blinded window and a crib, there is a mini pink chair which must be designed for the toddler

Dusty Pink Bedroom for Baby Girls

Dusty Pink Baby Girls Bedroom

The next elegant baby girls bedroom comes in dusty pink. This baby girl’s nursery room looks amazing with princess palace theme displayed by every item and ornament placed inside it.

One of those gorgeous ornament is bronze chandelier that looks so expensive hanged on the center of white ceiling. To bring more light into the room, some lamps are also installed surrounding the chandelier.

A glorious dark brown wooden crib and custom diaper counter and cabinet are placed on both left and right side of the room. A wide mirror is hanged on the left wall behind the diaper counter

Super Elegant Nursery Room

Grey Baby Girls Bedroom

This baby girl’s bedroom has enough space with two windows for good ventilation and lighting. Molded wall covering almost the entire part of the wall, while little part of the upper side of wall is painted in soft grey.

White molded wall gives such a clean and spacious ambience in this room. It is similar with the white painted wooden crib and diaper counter placed face to face to each other.

A comfortable grey chair is placed in nice angle close to the window with ball shaped white ottoman located in front of it. Small two-row self-standing shelf is put on the wall between two windows of this room

Retro Baby Nursery in Colorful Concept

Colorful Baby Girls Bedroom

As the base hue, baby blue becomes the best choice to make refresh atmosphere. This base color is applied over the entire room wall. This room may still warm with the wooden floor.

Orange and white polka dot carpet is placed on the center of room to bring pleasant vibrant among the blue scheme. White and yellow baby crib looks very eye catching in this retro styled baby girl’s bedroom.

Colorful polka dot towel is hanged on the crib for fun detail. Cubical ottoman with unique color print looks stunning for the white chair placed close to it.

Classic Themed Pink Baby Room

Nursery Room Ideas

Two windows seem enough to give extra enlightenment along the day. Both curtain and shade are designed with print and brownie accent. Even some furniture and items in this baby girl’s bedroom are also painted in dark brown.

The wooden baby crib is located in the room corner near to the window. And then a set of pink skirted sofa chair and ottoman is located on the right side of the crib. This pinkish seat is also located closely to the window.

On the left side of the crib, a self-stand shelf is placed closely to the wall as baby toys and ornament storage

Colorful Toddler and Baby Room

Cheerful Baby Girls Bedroom

This small bedroom offers cheerful and pleasant atmosphere for everyone who inviting it. This room becomes stunning with a center wall which is fully painted in pumpkin orange.

To beautify the pumpkin wall, white branches decals are attached in perfect angle complete with those blue birds. Letter by letter of alphabets are displaying the name of the baby on this pumpkin hued wall.

Custom crib is made of wood. To keep this room shady, slight white curtain is hanging on the window. This colorful bedroom also integrates a chair and an ottoman with colorful cushions on the seat

Cheerful Rustic Baby Room

Yellow Baby Girls Bedroom

This time, yellow is chosen to create such a cheerful ambience into the baby’s room. Well, actually this room looks very hot with this sunny tone.

Fortunately, some fresh colors are also attached together with the hot sunny tone in this bedroom such as turquoise and coral. White skirted sofa and ottoman are placed near to the half curtained window.

A rustic baby crib painted in ivory is located closely to the wall side near to the door. A wooden book shelf is placed with an LCD TV on the top. A diaper counter with coral top is located next to TV.

Introducing the Power of Neutral for Baby Girl

Light Blue Baby Girls Room

In this chance, light grey or blue may be the best color choice to display the neutral scheme into the baby girl’s bedroom.

It would be great to dominate the room wall in light grey. And then try to enlightening the room with clear white furniture such as baby crib, baby cabinet and a chair. Place the baby crib near to the window or next to the chair.

The baby diaper counter or cabinet may be located on another side of wall with a big toys bucket beside it. Decorating the wall will work with an orange fox painting hanged on the wall near the baby crib.

Nice Bedroom Idea for Twin Girls

Artistic Printed Circles

Placing two single-size beds in a line can help the room for having enough space for traffic. To give separation between the beds, you can put a nightstand with a small table lamp as lighting.

For the baby girl’s bedroom idea, both bedding sets may integrate pink hue. The beds are completed with green sheet, pink and white cover and pink pillow with smaller initial printed pillows.

Unique circle shaped wall arts are installed on the wall behind the bedding. It seems that those ornaments have nice function as room’s focal point. Pinkish curtain with pattern on the top part looks suitable covering the windows of this room

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