Bathroom Under Stairs Ideas To Enlarge The Minimalist Space

Well, this time, we are going to describe some samples of cool bathroom under stairs. This kind of bathroom can be a nice solution for those who have extra room under the stairs. Instead of letting this area empty, it will be more effective to utilize it as a bathroom.

Everybody knows, bathroom is an essential room that should be available in a house. It is a kind of small room where the home owner does any everyday washing and cleaning activities. No matter what the appearance and size, this part of the house should be designed as efficient as possible.

Bathroom under Stairs with Shower

Minimalist Toilet Under Stairs With Shower

Located under the staircase, this smart bathroom uses the whole space inside the room as efficient as possible. White becomes the basic paint color to enlarge the small room visually. It seems that the bathroom is located on the second floor since the window doesn’t involve any curtain to cover it.

This bathroom is divided into two parts. The first part is used for toilet since it is completely located under the stairs. This area has hidden storage on the left.

The second part is shower cabin surrounded by glass wall. To manage the humidity on both parts of bathroom, white granite tiles are attached on the background wall.

Super Small Powder Room under Stairs

Super Small Powder Room

Besides using the empty space under the stairs as additional storage in a house, a super tiny powder room at least should be considered to replace the storage idea. Having a powder room can be very essential especially to keep your privacy.

Unlike bathroom, powder room only involves a toilet and a basin for washing hands. This room is purposely only used to have a pee or poo especially for the guests.

The appearance may be as elegant as shown on the picture. This small area under the stairs shows a minimalist water closet and floating wash basin with borderless mirror attached on the wall. 

Narrowed Bathroom under the Stairs

Narrowed Bathroom Under The Stairs

The next bathroom under the stairs may be also known as a powder room. This room has longer space with slope on the roof. This slope area is covered elegantly with wood planks. This wood plank covering also displayed on the wall behind the toilet.

Two wall sides come as painted wall. In this case, the wall is painted in soft cream. Unique hexagon shaped mirror is attached on the wall where a big floating basin is installed.

There is a hanger with towel hanged next to the door. And to sweeten this area, flowers planter is floating above the toilet.

Tiny Water Closet Nook under the Stairs

Tiny Water Closet Nook Under The Stairs

To replace a common storage, we can have a tiny toilet located under the stairs. The toilet doesn’t have to be a complete bathroom with bathtub or shower cabin.

This small room may involve only a minimalist toilet and a wash basin for washing necessity. Simple and clean can be the best impression given to the guests as the users. Floral printed tiles are in grey color.

These tiles are installed on the floor. Unlike the floor, the wall looks cleaner with ceramic tiles. Those ceramic tiles are arranged in brick style. A pot of greenery is placed in the corner to keep this dull area more refreshing.

Chic Powder Room with Center Wall under Stairs

Chic Powder Room With Center Wall

Another tiny powder room is also located under the stairs. This room is quite airy with only a toilet and a wash basin inside it. The entire wall and flooring come in white to bring larger accent in this room.

The center wall is purposely designed differently with patterned tiles. With diamond print, these patterned tiles become more elegant in this white room.

A wall wire rack is attached on this tiled wall to hold some folded towels. A corner wash basin looks stylish as well as the toilet. Similar tiles are also attached on certain part of wall behind the toilet to match the center wall.

Inviting Toilet under the Staircase

Inviting Toilet Under The Staircase

In general, this staircase is designed in L shaped layout. A small toilet is built under the stairs nook with custom door shape to fit the stairs layout. Wooden floor ensures this small toilet as a dry powder room.

The wall of the toilet is divided into two parts. The lower half part is dominated by white painted mounted wall. And upper half part is dominated by bold patterned wallpaper.

The slope on the top appears in white to improve the illumination reflection to the entire part of room. As a powder room, a toilet and a wash basin are ready to use inside.

Warm Toilet in Bold Theme under Staircarse

Warm Toilet In Bold Theme

A super small toilet in this light grey house looks unique. The uniqueness is applied on the bold theme displayed on its wall. Instead of applying white or bright color on the wall, this toilet displays dark brown to cover the entire wall except the slope roof.

There is white gap between the dark brown wall and the dark wooden floor. And to brighten the wall, a bright painting is framed on the center wall.

From outside, we can see a clean water closet with an oval mat in front of it. It seems that the wash basin is attached across the water closet.

Combo Bathrooms under the Stairway

Combo Bathrooms Under The Stairway

There are two interesting ideas of bathroom which are intentionally built under the stairway. Both bathrooms have triangular shapes with custom doors.

The first bathroom appears in fresh turquoise theme with stunning floating sink and toilet. To complete the wash basin, a perfect round mirror is attached on the tailed wall.

The second bathroom appears in super brighter theme. It comes in clean white with mounted brown concrete on the center wall. In fact, this brown concrete is used as a focus area to place the white toilet and sink. A frameless mirror is hanged on the wall behind this combo toilet and sink.

Modern Powder Room under Stairway

Modern Powder Room

A bit different from other samples of bathroom under the stairs, this powder room comes in wider space. It consists of two-panel-swinging door. Of course each door panel has different shape since they need to follow the shape of the stairs.

Similar with the doors, the powder room itself has asymmetric shape. The area with slope is purposely used for toilet complete with toilet paper holder attached on the cream tiled wall.

A modern free standing sink is placed on the center wall with frameless mirror above it. There is no any bathroom mat covering the birch wooden floor.

Bright Powder Room inside Walk in Closet

Bright Powder Room Inside Walk In Closet

A wide area behind the staircase can be accessed straight from the hallway. It is a walk in closet. Perfectly under the stairs, there is a small powder room which is intentionally designed with super bright concept.

There is a lot of lamp installed inside this powder room. Grey tiled wall makes this white room cooler. A floating sink is installed with glow in the dark framed mirror in round shape.

A modern toilet is found under the slope roof next to the sink area. Swinging door with stunning metallic handle is used to cover this private area.

Shower Cabin under the Stairs

Shower Cabin Under The Stairs

A house with double staircases which are standing near to each other must provide spacious room under those staircases. At this point, we can utilize this area as a big bathroom for family. It is like what we can see on the picture.

There are two slopes displayed in this under stairs bathroom. The first slope area is used as a shower cabin, while another one is used to place a classic oval bathtub.

The middle area with windows become the largest part of this room where a toilet and a cabinet with double mounted sinks are found. A big framed mirror is attached on the wall where the sinks are located.

Futuristic Bathroom with Upside Down Stairs

Futuristic Bathroom With Upside Down Stairs

Innovative bathroom under stairs is seen in this futuristic bathroom. This room is located under the staircase.

Because the stairs are built in concrete concept, no wonder that we can see the stairs in upside down position from this under stairs bathroom. This condition can bring some visual illusion into the bathroom itself. That’s why this room looks special.

This bathroom is actually small, yet it becomes larger due to the brighter light installed behind the mirror. As a small bathroom, shower is selected to save the space. Floating sink is also chosen to keep the floor clean as well as the toilet under the stairs.

Fresh Blue Powder Room under Staircase

Fresh Blue Powder Room

With slope top, this bathroom under the stairs look weird in shape. Nonetheless, this room is always efficient in usage based on some appliances featured inside. A clean white toilet is installed under the slope of stairs.

There is a super small floating sink attached on the wall on the right side of the toilet. A metallic towel holder is installed next to this sink to provide the user a special place to dry their hands after washing up.

A small window with iron bars even is found on the left side of the sink to keep this room bright and refreshing. Blue color of the wall brings more refreshing ambience into the room.

Stylish Bathroom under the Staircase with Laundry

Stylish Bathroom Under The Staircase With Laundry

Mostly, bathroom and laundry room are built in different area of the house. Most people even prefer to have the laundry room separately from the bathroom.

This time, the bathroom under the stairs bring the laundry in the same room since both have similar function of cleaning and washing. This bathroom is quite large since it can provide room for shower cabin, wash basin, toilet, storage and washing machine.

The shower cabin is located in the corner with glass door installation. This cabin is between the floating sink with mirror and a washing machine with metallic clothes rack.

Luxurious Wall inside under Stairs Powder Room

Luxurious Wall Inside Under Stairs Powder Room

In classic style, this small powder room is designed gloriously with floral wallpaper and tiles. The concept of bold color is completely applied over the wallpaper. Black floral print looks elegant drawn over the ivory background on the wallpaper.

This wallpaper covers the upper half of bathroom wall, while the lower half is blocked by white brick tiles.

To maximize the usage, this powder room involves a small toilet and a tiny floating sink with arched mirror on the wallpapered wall. It is totally amazing with stylish cone wall lamp installed on the wall above the mirror.

Interesting Powder Room with Hexagon Tiles

Interesting Powder Room With Hexagon Tiles

This interesting powder room will get much attention from everyone with its chic appearance. It appears as a super narrowed powder room which is located under the staircase. In asymmetric shape, this narrowed room is only enough for a small floating toilet and sink.

A wall storage mirror looks perfect to give extra room for toiletries storage besides the open shelves attached above the toilet.

The center wall of this room shows the elegance of hexagon tiles. And darker tiles are available on the floor as well without any mat covering it.

Spooky Look of Under Stairs Bathroom

Spooky Look Of Under Stairs Bathroom

Because of its tiny space, this powder room looks spooky. It comes in cream and white theme displayed by the wall. This room only provides a toilet and a free standing sink with bronze faucet on it.

The application of big classic cone wall lamp above the small mirror adds even more mysterious ambience inside this room. Wire racks are installed on the wall behind the toilet as storage. And on the wall next the mirror, we can find some towel hooks as optional wall storage.

Brown tiled flooring looks suitable with the wall theme. Overall, this small bathroom actually looks simple but mysterious.

Artistic Dots over the Wall of Bathroom

Artistic Dots Over The Wall Of Bathroom

Wallpaper becomes an alternative option to decorate wall of any room even quicker than paint. This wall art is also applied on the wall of the bathroom under the stairs. This time, dots pattern is selected to make this small room eye catching.

The dots wallpaper dominates almost the entire part of the bathroom wall except a quarter part on the lowest wall.

A unique square toilet is installed under the slope. There is mounted wall where people can store some items on it. It is like a wall storage in this small room.

Tiny Brick Tiled Bathroom under Stairs

Tiny Brick Tiled Bathroom

As like other powder room built under the stairs, this tiny powder room provides enough space for two main bathroom appliances such as water closet and a wash basin. The toilet comes in modern model with hidden water container.

A free standing wash basin is set as a corner sink. It is installed with super narrowed mirror with wooden frame on the wall above it. An open shelf is available on the wall next to the toilet.

This shelf is attached higher close to the slope as wall storage. There is a towel holder installed near the sink where people can wipe their hands after washing them.

Under Staircase Bathroom with Shower

Under Staircase Bathroom With Shower

This modern bathroom is still built under the staircase. In unique triangular shape, this room looks even smaller. In fact, when someone comes inside, he or she will realize that it is larger than they had ever imagined.

There is a spacious shower cabin with glass wall and door installed in this room. A free standing wash basin is placed between the shower cabin and a toilet.

Tiles are selected to keep this room easy to clean and maintain. And bright lamp on the slope roof makes this small room futuristic in grey gradation.

Wide Doorway on the Bathroom under the Staircase

Wide Doorway On The Bathroom Under The Staircase

Designed with double paneled door, this narrowed powder room looks unique. Artistic white and black tiles are displayed on the floor and a certain part of wall behind the toilet. And on the center wall, people can see brown painted wall decorated with stylish mirrors.

A floating sink is installed under the mirrors with stylish wooden wall rack is attached on the right side. A classic hanging lamp is found as main illumination inside this bathroom under the staircase.

There is no carpet or any rug covering the artistic floor. This bathroom looks really cool and warm at the same time because of the wall art.

Cabin Styled Powder Room under Curved Stairs

Cabin Styled Powder Room Under Curved Stairs

If you ever imagined appearance of ship cabin, perhaps, this powder room built under this curved stairs will help you to find it out. This cabin styled powder room looks pretty with its curved stairs displayed on the top.

This under stairs room is also not perfectly in triangle. It looks as if the shape of the room is in a quarter of ball. The concept of black and white also makes this small room modern and clean.

A classic round framed mirror is attached a bit higher on the tiled wall in front of the corner toilet. A floating wash basin adds the modernism inside this room with its contemporary design.

Chic Slope Bathroom with Window under Staircase

Chic Slope Bathroom With Window

There is a small cabin which is built under the staircase. This small cabin is also known as powder room or toilet. It is different from common bathroom because it only has a toilet and a sink.

This room is always dry since it is only used for washing, having a pee and poo especially for the guests or home visitors. In smaller dimension, this room also needs good air circulation.

That’s why a small window is installed on the wall where a water closet is installed. A floating wash basin looks better than the free standing one.

Hidden Powder Room under Stairs

Hidden Powder Room

When the door is closed, you will never find this hidden powder room. The single panel door even doesn’t have any knob to let us knowing the fact that there is a room behind it.

The only way you can do is just pushing the door to sneak to the inside. The interior of this under stairs powder room is feminine. It has blue and white floral printed wallpaper covering the upper half wall.

The lower half wall is covered by wooden panel. Dim light gives warmer effect in this room.  

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