Elegant Black Crown Molding For Any Proper Room

Numerous home interior decor recommends to have a crown molding on the ceiling. Elegant black crown molding as sample brings such a glory in any proper room you manage to be a gorgeous one.

Crown molding is a kind of border attached on the ceiling of room. It may appear in very simple model to the very complicated and artistic one.

The function of crown is purely for upgrading the interior appearance of the room. Nonetheless, on the other hand, this ceiling improvement can be an amazing focal point inside the room no matter what the function.

Master Bedroom with Crown Molding

Master Bedroom With Crown Molding

This master bedroom has its authority. In simply white color theme, the black crown molding attached along the edge of the room ceiling invites much attention. The crown molding of the ceiling is totally simple with thin line framing the white ceiling.

A classic round shaped chandelier is hanged on the center as illumination with other patented lamps spreading on the edge. A king sized bed with high head back is standing elegantly on white furry carpet.

There is a striped bench on the foot area. And we can still find similar bench as coffee table near the windows.

Amazing Hallway with Black Crown

Amazing Hallway With Black Crown

The next black crown is attached on a hallway ceiling. This hallway is open with glass doors to access outdoor. The crown molding has little detail over it to bring the artistic touch into the interior.

Similar black lining is also applied on the arched door way in another corridor area. This arched doorway has super bold black molding covering the arch shape to match the dark floor and a lower half wall in the hallway.

The black and white color illusion in this house looks pretty with some bright colored furniture and decor spreading over the room.

Narrowed Black Crown in the Bathroom

Narrowed Black Crown In The Bathroom

In master bathroom, black and white gradation applied on the ceiling and wall can create such an elegant ambience into the interior decoration.

The contrast color concept is actually applied in very simple way, yet creative. For example, we can see the black crown molding on the ceiling with a big round mounted lamp on the center. Black line also frames a shuttered window on the center wall as similar as the built in storage doors on its left.

Every doorway in this bathroom has black frame including the shower cabin door. As a twist, striped floor comes in bold tone to match the contrast theme.

Bold Black Crown in Dining Room

Bold Black Crown In Dining Room

Stunning corner dining room displays a set of wooden dining table placed a bit close to the white wall and a large window. This table is designed with longer size in rectangular shape.

Wheels are integrated on the bottom of the legs to allow the movement. A birch wooden bench and a couple of chairs are placed on each side of the table. It seems that the table top is showing a set of dinosaur’s miniature and Lego.

Bold black crown molding is displayed on the ceiling to form many frames every 2 meters square.

Glorious Living Room with Dark Crown

Glorious Living Room With Dark Crown

This living room has common square shape. The wall is painted in soft brown with black detail on the windows frame and crown. Bold crown is applied on the ceiling following the shape of the room.

Since there is a stone fireplace on the center wall, the crown molding follows the mounted detail as well. Warm wooden floor looks matching with an artistic cupboard on the left.

A skirted sofa and a wing chair is arranged on the cream carpet with a simple coffee table displaying green centerpiece on it. A stunning sunburst mirror is attached on the fireplace mantel as decor.

Luxurious Black Molding in American Kitchen

Luxurious Black Molding In American Kitchen

An American kitchen commonly has wide and open layout with an island in the middle. This classy kitchen layout is also applied in this open kitchen. The dimension of the kitchen can be seen from the stylish ceiling with bold black crown.

An industrial stainless steel rack is hanged on the center with many hooks where the people can hang kitchen ware. A moveable kitchen island is located perfectly under the hanging rack with grey top and under mount sink.

Some metallic stools are arranged on right side of the island. Symmetric windows are installed on the center wall with custom cabinets.

Chic Black Crown above Bathtub

Chic Black Crown Above Bathtub

An oval bathtub is placed in the tip of master bathroom. To add more privacy for the user, shower curtain is hanged following the brass oval rod installed on the ceiling. White ceiling which is commonly simple, recently looks awesome with bold crown attached on the edge.

This bathroom has two versions of wall which are divided in half part. The lower half wall is covered by brick tiles, while another half is stylishly painted in light grey. Black and white diamond tiled floor looks glorious in this black and white bathroom. Some monochrome paintings even add more glorious details in this area.

Contemporary Slope with Molding

Contemporary Slope With Molding

As a contemporary house, it ensures every nook of the proper room decorated elegantly with brand new furniture and items. It can be seen in this big sharing room. This sharing room has two functional rooms in it namely entertainment room and living room.

With slope ceiling, this room looks incredibly large in rectangular shape. Some black painted beams mounts over the white plank ceiling to emphasize the slope line.

The entertainment area is located on the farthest part of the room, while the chatting area is located on another tip with big round rug and some chairs and table.

Luxurious Office Room with Black Crown

Luxurious Office Room With Black Crown

Three windows which are arranged as bay windows allows the owner to capture the beauty of countryside scenery from this room. A couple of stylish chairs with printed seat and back are placed to opposite the windows with a small round table holding a pot of greenery.

This office room is quite big with dark brown molding covering the entire wall. The ceiling comes as usual in white with some lamps including a round mounted lamp on the center.

Black crown molding is attached to frame this bright ceiling. It adds the elegance of this pirate styled private room.

Minimalist Bathroom with Black Ceiling Frame

Minimalist Bathroom With Black Ceiling Frame

Coming in black and white theme, this family bathroom looks modern and simple. Artistic contrast detail is created by the application of dark black crown over the white ceiling.

Another detail is found on the black framed mirror which is attached on the wall behind the apron sink. The double basin sink itself is installed on black painted cabinet with drawers under it. The toilet area is covered by black half wall with molding detail on it.

Black framed window looks narrowed installed behind the toilet. This window has white shutter to keep this room private.

Custom Look of Office Room

Custom Look Of Office Room

When you are coming into this home office, we believe that you will fall in love with it. In dark black theme, built in cabinet is installed as background. Two big urns are displayed with green plants.

Some goblets and prestige cups are displayed as well on the cabinet shelf with some framed family portraits under it. Contrast with the bold black cupboard, a simple eco-friendly desk is placed near to the window with a leather chair behind it.

An industrial table lamp is standing on the desk as illumination. Similar bold line is also attached on the ceiling as a crown.

Open Dining Area with Thin Crown

Open Dining Area With Thin Crown

This lovely dining room has enough space to display a big rectangular table on the center with six white chairs surrounding it. A cream carpet is displayed under this dining table set.

Two additional chairs are placed on the center wall with a big window covered by white curtain. Mirrored side table is displayed on the left wall side with a big mirrored vase of flowers and horse miniature.

Super thin crown in black is attached to frame the white ceiling. And a big arched glass door is shown on the right wall side to let people capturing the outdoor scenery.

Traditional Asian Bedroom with Black Crown

Traditional Asian Bedroom With Black Crown

Another concept of black and white room is applied inside this master bedroom. Basically, this room is painted perfectly in white especially on the wall and ceiling. There is simple black crown molding on the ceiling to match the dark frame on the windows.

White curtain is hanged to cover this window. Dark border is sewed nicely on the curtain as well. White queen sized bed with black and white sheet and duvet is placed on the middle.

There is a black leather bench which is placed on the foot area. White carpet is displayed under the bed to emphasize the dark theme over the bedding.

Multi Crown over the Ceiling in Living Room

Multi Crown Over The Ceiling In Living Room

The glorious living room comes with double windows on the center wall. These windows are arranged as bay window. A set of couch is arranged on the center with dark patterned carpet.

A low black coffee table is placed between the grey L shaped couch and white chair. Multi lined crown colored in black are attached on the white ceiling with low UFO shaped pendant hanging elegantly on the center.

There is also black ceiling molding where the pendant string is installed. Refreshing bamboo stems are arranged inside glass vase in the corner.

Line Illusion Shown in Sharing Room

Line Illusion Shown In Sharing Room

Black beams are mounted in certain frame shape on the white ceiling framed by black crown molding. The dark lining detail on the ceiling looks awesome to upgrade this sharing room interior decor.

Similar line illusion is also displayed on the white wall and every doorway inside the room. A set of white velvet skirted wing chairs are arranged neatly to surround a coffee table. Each chair has comfortable grey cushion to add extra comfort in this chatting room.

The dining area behind the living room appears with a dark black dining table. Some chairs with grey velvet seat look perfect with the table.

Small Bathroom with Molding Crown

Small Bathroom With Molding Crown

Another black crown is shown in this tiny white bathroom. The crown itself is not perfect on certain part where a classy window with bars is installed. This window is not transparent so it can give the room bright splash of the sunlight while keeping the room private at the same time.

An oval bathtub is placed beside the window. A classic wooden cabinet with many legs and drawers is standing elegantly on the right wall side.

This cabinet is free standing in front of a toilet. There are some decorative items shown on the top of cabinet.

Dark Ceiling Crown in a Powder Room

Dark Ceiling Crown In A Powder Room

This time, we are going to describe a stylish powder room with cloud printed wallpaper covering the entire wall. This wallpaper displays grey and white gradation in this room.

To match the gradation, white granite sink is installed with elegant brass detail on the legs. A white toilet is placed on the right side of the sink. A big dark framed mirror is attached on the wall behind the white and brass sink.

There are a couple of wall lamp on both sides of the mirror. Black ceiling looks really bold with additional black crown as border.

Black Crown in Super Clean Home Bar

Black Crown In Super Clean Home Bar

Wood plank arrangement is transformed as a focal point on a wall side in this home bar. This focal point becomes a background of a big flat screen TV with a stylish side table displaying expensive collection of exclusive wines.

A pot of greenery is placed in the corner. And there is an amazing floor to ceiling wine cellar built in another wall side.

The next wall side appears with a large window with a crate bench in front of it. L shaped bar counter is placed on the center of the room with low tray ceiling decorated with black crown.

Wide Living Space with Dark Crown Molding

Wide Living Space With Dark Crown Molding

When you come into the center of this house building, you will see a complete package of proper room. Those are an open kitchen with bar counter, a small dining room with dry kitchen set and a spacious living room a bit far from it.

These all rooms are set together on black wooden floor under the white ceiling. On the higher ceiling, black glossy crown is attached to give some gradation in this brown room.

Well, every room function in this sharing room is decorated elegantly. Those rooms have their own things that are organized very neat.

Celebrity Bedroom with Black Crown

Celebrity Bedroom With Black Crown

This bedroom is actually smaller than other master bedroom. Painted in grey, this bedroom feels so cool. White ceiling looks stylish on the top of the room. There is thin black crown set as room border.

Floor to ceiling windows are installed on the right wall side. In front of the window, a giant celebrity poster is blocking the wall. The center wall, where a master black bed is placed, artistic polka dot wall art is displayed.

A set of grey desk with a couple of chairs is placed in front of the bed. Its position is next to the windows.

Eye Catching Dining Room with Dark Molding

Eye Catching Dining Room With Dark Molding

A set of reclaimed dining table with unique spiral legs looks amazing with some stools surrounding it. This dining table set is placed on the middle of the room.

Some pots of bonsai are displayed as centerpiece on the table. And uncommon cone chandelier is hanged above the table. This chandelier is covered by yellow frame.

Black molding frame is attached on the doorway, windows and ceiling crown. A side cabinet in natural color scheme is placed between the door and windows with a big painting on the wall behind it.

Vintage Bedroom for Elders

Vintage Bedroom For Elders With Thin Crown

In a small room dimension, this room for elders looks spacious visually. It is because the entire of the room is painted in clean white. Thin black crown is attached on the ceiling as like a big frame.

However, two windows also have dark grey frame to match the classic metal king sized bed located on the center wall. White curtain is hanging to cover the windows with black iron rod installed above the windows.

Two grey painted nightstands are placed on both sides of the bed. White sheet and pillows are displayed on the grey bed.

Comfortable Office Room with Library

Comfortable Office Room With Library

Black custom cabinetry is built in on the background wall. This cabinet is installed from floor to ceiling to maximize the wall space. There are two windows found among the built in cabinet to keep this office room always bright.

To give this room some privacy, blind is installed on the windows. A set of stylish desk is placed with white tufted wing chair behind it. Black crown is attached on the ceiling.

Three cone wall lamps are installed on the custom cabinet behind the office desk spot an additional illumination.

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