Beautifying Room Simply With Blue Velvet Couch

Blue velvet couch seems to be a perfect choice to beautify your living room or other rooms of your house in various interior styles. Various materials of the couch are commonly manufactured to accomplish your desire in beautifying the room.

Velvet is one of those cool materials you can choose on your couch. Velvet basically has thicker texture with soft and warm touch on the surface.

The glossy look of the velvet couch will make your classic even modern room being more attractive. Unfortunately, any couch which manufactured with this material may be expensive.

Curvy Blue Couch for Luxurious Dining Room

Curvy Dark Blue Coach

Dark blue velvet couch may be a good choice to consider different touch inside your dining room. Unlike common dining room, your new dining room must be more prefect and comfortable with a couch. A white oval table may be the best furniture to be placed on the center of dining room.

A long curved couch and three chairs in similar colors look awesome surrounding the table. Placing candle holders on the table can be a nice try to make it beautiful. Of course, you will need an adorable pendant hanging above the white table.

L-Shaped Blue Couch for Bigger Living Room

Blue L Shaped Cubical Sofa

An open-space living room looks bright with big floor-to-ceiling glass window on a side of wall. This room is intentionally designed as sharing room where there is no divider to separate it with other room.

An L-shaped blue velvet couch is placed as a custom seat with a big square coffee table on the center. A couple of printed cushion in contrast tone are show cheerful atmosphere in this white living room.

It seems that we can find more colors on the table. A pink pumpkin-shaped ottoman becomes a twist in this room placed next to a high curved standing lamp.

Smart Space Saving Concept of Blue Couch

Simple Soft Blue Coach

When you come with a limited space of room, you should avoid placing many items inside it. Just pick several items you really need inside the room so that it can be functional as well. Place a two seated blue velvet couch with some patterned cushions closely to the wall.

And then place a small side table with table lamp as enlightenment. Placing a bright carpet under the sofa will give warm accent on the seating spot. You don’t need to worry about the wall decor since you can just hang a big framed blank painting on the wall behind the sofa to create a chic touch.

Airy Living Room with Stunning Blue Sofa

Cool Blue Coach And White

An open living room offers beautiful scenery of residential area outside of the house. This open room is painted in clear white with no curtain blocking the sunlight coming through the windows.

A mirrored table is also placed in this room. It’s function is as a coffee table. Two minimalist tufted chairs are placed in a line facing a long blue velvet couch.

As an additional spot, you can also find a long white bench placed near the windows. To make this bright open living room looks warmer, a square brown carpet is put under the sofa set.

Big Blue Couch for Limited Space

Electric Blue Sofa

Painting the wall in white smartly makes this small living room more spacious, though there is a big blue velvet couch there. In white color, this living room is obviously decorated as simple as possible.

There is no many furniture and items inside it. There are only a big blue velvet sofa with round white cushions and a white oval coffee table in front of it.

White and black striped carpet is placed under the blue velvet sofa and white table to complete the decoration. A bronze moveable tray looks smart to fit the minimalist space problem of this room.

Modern Classic Room with Blue Grey Couch

Modern Grey Sofa Set

Combination of modern and classic theme looks perfect in this white grey living room. There us a big grey tufted velvet couch which is integrated with a grey blue velvet couch. A stylish wooden coffee table is placed on artistic black and white carpet to complete the seating set.

Furry and printed cushions are arranged on the chair and sofa for extra comfortable feeling in this living area.

Classic golden framed initial is hanged on the center wall with those golden bird wall decal as ornament. Greenery takes a chance to refresh this room naturally on both sides of the grey blue chair.

Glorious Living Room with Fireplace and Blue Couch

Couple Of Blue Velvet Chairs

The next living room basically comes in modern touch with both white and grey colors mixed perfectly on the wall. A simple fireplace covered with marble is installed on the right wall.

Dark grey shelves are made in custom to cover the empty space on both sides of the fireplace. A big pot of palm tree is placed next to the window to refresh the space.

A long grey sofa with bright cushions is placed in front of the window. Perfectly placed in front of the grey sofa, a couple of blue velvet couch or chairs looks very gorgeous.

Eye Catching Room with Blue Chair and Art

Blue Chair And Table

The living room looks more spacious and open with floor-to-ceiling glass wall showing the balcony outside. Cream marble floor looks matching with the dark cream velvet sofa placed in front of black wall with many decorative mirrors.

Two different styled chairs are consciously placed on another side with glass wall behind them. The classic chair is featured with round back and striped pattern, while another one is in dark electric blue with minimalist curvy back.

This blue velvet couch has single leg with spread bottom to keep it standing. A big blue ottoman with tray showing the depth of sea in this room.

Extraordinary Look in Common Room with Blue Couch

Luxurious Blue Velvet Sofa With Double Seaters With Cool Round Table

A doube-seat blue velvet couch looks expensive placed in this ordinary living room. This velvet sofa is located in front of the white center wall. There is no wall art attached on the wall.

Nonetheless, the owner replaces it with more ornaments shown on the small round coffee table. This mushroom-shaped coffee table has gold pallete covering the body.

On the other hand, the circle top of table comes in white dove showing a stack of book a vase of white flowers and golden prism. Both blue sofa and unique coffee table are placed on a large common brown carpet.

Uncommon Touch of Seating Set

Fluffy Living Room

A modern small living room painted in white with large windows covered by slight curtain. It looks attractive when the owner placed a bowl-shaped coffee table with glass covering the top on the center. It actually looks uncommon when it is placed on the furry rug.

But it doesn’t matter. Decorating the table with some thin bottles can be a smart way to create artistic scheme in this room.

On the other side, a couple of old fashioned chairs in cream accent becomes such a big touch located in front of the windows to compare with the long blue velvet couch on another side of wall.

Oriental Splash in the Scandinavian Living Room

Glamorous Blue Velvet Chairs

A small room optimizes the interior with the appearance of red oriental cupboard placed on the center wall. This red wooden cupboard has circle decorative touch on the middle. It looks nice for this simple artistic room.

To match the wooden furniture, a crate styled coffee table is placed on the middle of sofa set. The coffee table comes with natural woody color. A set of brass tea pot is placed on the table as decorative items. Your attention may be turned into the red carpet.

And a couple of blue velvet couch or chairs looks completely amazing among the natural colored furniture.

Matching Blue Couch in Sharing Room

Modern Grey Chairs For Room

The next sample of open room space comes with railing wall to separate living room and home library. The library area looks darker than the living room. It is because the living room is painted in white, while the library is painted in dark grey.

But, it is not what we focus on. The blue velvet coach in the living room looks matching with some books arranged in the book shelves in the home library.

That’s why both rooms are connected elegantly. The coffee table and some benches in the living room also look similar with the home library wall and shelves.

Comfortable Blue Bench for Main Bedroom

Eye Catching Grey Bed Couch

Now, we are going to place a blue velvet bench in the bedroom. Classic styled bedroom mostly uses a long bench to improve the sense of energy in the bedroom. It is good to choose the simplest blue velvet couch or bench to place on the foot area of the bed.

You can match the blue color of bench with some pillows on the bed. It is no problem when the duvet and sheet come in different tone.

It is better to pick the brighter one to keep the room spacious. Same accent of the bed may be added on the carpet.

Elegant Blue Couch in Minimalist Guest Area

Blue Velvet Sofa

This minimalist white guest area certainly looks glorious with a big blue velvet couch. This elegant couch is placed closely to the wall. And to beautify the wall, a couple of monochrome wall arts is attached on it.

Stylish stone printed carpet is also put on the white tiled floor to bring cooler sense. The blue velvet sofa also looks super comfy with blue hued cushions.

Both cushions are placed near to the couch arms. A pot of green palm tree is located on the left side of the couch to bring freshness into this open white colored living room.

Futuristic Blue Velvet Sofa for Modern Living Space

Elegant Blue Couch

In dark themed room, this minimalist living room becomes more perfect with the blue velvet couch appearance. This blue couch is stylishly designed without backside, that’s why most people will be wrong mention it as a bench.

The point is not on that fact. Nonetheless, with some simple patterned cushions arranged on it, this bench-styled couch changes into the most beautiful seat in this minimalist interior style.

Black and white patterned curtain seems suitable to cover the glass window as well as the black and white animal skin rug on the floor. The black wallpaper offers more elegance into this room as well.

Electric Touch of Blue Velvet Chairs

Enlightened Bricky Living Space

An ordinary warehouse themed house sounds very attractive to give you idea in decorating your rooms including the living room. This warehouse living room is certainly full with bricks. Yeah, the bricked wall looks gorgeous combined with a couple of electric blue velvet couch.

Both chairs look cute with small velvet cushions placed on the backside. A large black marble coffee table is located in front of both chairs with a vase of white orchid.

To give such an artistic detail in this warehouse space, a big painting is attached on the wall where a side cabinet and a table lamp placed near it.

Kinds of Velvet Couch

White Retro Living Space

There are numerous blue velvet couch ideas spreading over the world which we can pick to beautify our living space. Those couch ideas ara available in many designs and features. The velvet surface offers elegance yet expensive touch over this seat.

One of them appears with tufted back and long smooth seat to provide more space for three or four. Stylish curvy arms give such a comfortable area for the users when they desire to take a rest or sleep on the couch.

To upgrade your living space, you may add some cushions in various styles on the blue couches. 

Splash of Grey on Blue Velvet Sofa

Classic Styled Light Blue Coach

Another blue velvet couch is manufactured with modern tufted back as similar as the last one. Nevertheless, this blue couch has little grey accent over the surface to give more unique atmosphere into your modern living room.

Three separated seats are available on this grey and blue tufted sofa. And there are six wooden legs shown on the bottom to give higher look on the couch. Classic styled couch arms look comfortable for everyone who are laying on it.

Although in general this sofa looks very simple, this couch is actually sold in higher price range. It is because the velvet material.

Artistic Scandinavian Room with Blue Couch

Chic Blue Velvet Coach

The living room wall comes in light grey for calmer look. This bright Scandinavian living room chooses a long blue velvet couch as a center point. It is placed to opposite the center wall with colorful artistic wall decor on it.

A stylish wooden dresser looks confident standing on the right side of the couch with black shade lamp on the other side. You can see nice color mix on the chair set in this room.

A comfy pink chair and cream rocking chair are arranged in perfect angle facing the blue couch.

Chic Guest Room with Book Corner and Blue Couch

Beautiful Dark Blue Sofa

A dark blue velvet couch is found in this small living room. With higher back, the blue couch offers comfortable feeling inside the room. Some big cushions are placed on the couch to support the comfort.

A high side cabinet is located behind the couch to show a vase of purple flower and shade lamps. A wooden book shelf is put in the corner as a mini library.

And a long grey coffee table with books and a unique candle holder stands stylishly. A stripped ottoman becomes a nice seat for those who wants to read the books near to the shelf.

Dividing Room with Blue Couch

Dark Blue Double Seater

The Blue velvet couch in a condo is also great to be considered. We will need a kind of room divider to separate rooms. And the couch may work very well as divider. The combination of the interior decor with the sofa usually offers a great result.

This living space has open dining room set between kitchen and living room. The kitchen cabinet has same blue color with the velvet couch in the living room.

Although the entire room comes in white scheme, both areas with blue accent always get our attention as the blue printed cushions displayed on the couch.

Comfy Nursery Room with Blue Chair

Single Blue Chairs

A nursery room commonly needs to be warm, calm and quiet. That’s why covering the entire wall with grey plank patterned wallpaper will be nice. Give the room such a cool touch of blue velvet chair in the corner.

And then place white and orange ottoman in front of it. A grey baby crib looks suitable with the wall. Hang some artistic paintings on the wall as a center point.

Choose bright colors for the painting so that the room can be more fun. A woven bucket may be a chic storage idea for some baby toys.

Fresh Ambience for Clean Scandinavian Home

Blue Velvet Couch

A Scandinavian living room style  obviously looks narrow with awesome logs arranged on the ceiling as focal point. The entire of the room is white. There is a simple fireplace on the left with some decorative items placed in a line on it.

Cool short wooden coffee table looks matching with short foldable wooden chairs and knitted bucket found on the Scandinavian carpet.

And you can see a long blue velvet couch placed on the right across the fireplace too. An artistic wooden lamp becomes a nice item to enlighten the room at night. This lamp is found near to the sofa.

Stunning Blue Velvet Chair

Attractive Single Chairs

Warmer atmosphere can be created in this living room with an integrated fireplace in the corner. Next to the fireplace, a luxurious blue velvet couch with pink and white printed cushion is placed.

A wide white tufted ottoman seems to be a gorgeous part on the center as coffee table replacement. A small side table is put next to the chair to show decorative flower. Artistic colorful abstract painting is hanged on the center brown wall as wall art.

Stylish diamond printed black and white carpet looks elegant under the chair and ottoman. Another interesting wall art is also hanged above the fireplace.

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