Brick Fireplace Ideas For Warmer Family Room

Having a brick fireplace ideas in a living room or family room is certainly not a must. Nonetheless, some people prefer to have a fireplace to make this family area warmer. A house with a fireplace usually doesn’t use any warmer appliance to keep the interior warmer.

It is because the warmth of fireplace is enough to give that feature to the entire part of the room. Mostly, the fireplace is found inside the living room or dining room. Various fireplace designs are available to select.

One of the most popular designs is brick fireplace. It involves brick stack to cover the fireplace surface.

Cottage Decorating on Brick Fireplace Ideas

Cottage Decorating on Brick Fireplace Ideas

If you want to bring beach sense into your home, applying the coastal cottage decorating idea will be helpful. The coastal cottage interior style mostly offers such an exotic detail of beach creature or hues.

Since it is in cottage style, painting the whole room in white including the brick fireplace brings some freshness into the room. With stylish wooden ceiling concept, a woven pendant as illumination will be preferable.

Put some clay pots of greenery on the fireplace mantel as decoration. You also can attach a pirate ship painting on the wall above the fireplace as focal spot.

White Brick Fireplace Ideas

White Brick Fireplace Ideas

Basement living room will look warmer and clean with white brick fireplace installation. This brick fireplace ideas is basically designed as a patented fireplace. A reclaimed wood is installed about 10 cm above the fireplace.

This wood is useful as a decorative area where a craftsman flower pot is displayed. A couple of twin framed mirror are attached on the brick wall above the wood as other ornament idea. Borderless fireplace is located on the lower part of the brick wall with a wood tray inside.

The inner of the white brick fireplace is intentionally painted in black to cover the dirt. There is no any concrete base built to make the fireplace higher than the floor. Nonetheless, this furnace design still appears elegantly from the ceiling to the floor.

Clean Brick Fireplace Ideas

Clean Brick Fireplace Ideas

It is nice idea to create a focal point inside the living room by displaying a stunning clean brick fireplace. This clean brick fireplace is located on the center wall where the checkers styled windows are installed on both sides.

The wall is divided into two parts, grey and white. And the brick fireplace is blocked in clear white from ceiling to the floor. A small fireplace hole displays stack of wood which are ready to burn. There is no mantel covering the fireplace.

There is only a floating board found above the fireplace without any ornament. Higher concrete base in front of the fireplace give extra space which actually can be utilized to show a pot of plant or a vase of flowers.

Black and White Farmhouse Idea with Fireplace

Black and White Farmhouse Idea with Fireplace

A minimalist farmhouse styled living space looks very amazing with a minimalist fireplace on the center wall area. This minimalist fireplace is patented forward with small hole surrounded by brick lining.

A thick wooden board is installed above the hole where a flat screen TV is displayed. Empty space on both sides of the forward fireplace is optimized with open shelves. Those shelves are useful to display some framed photos, books, decorative vase and bottle.

The lowest shelf is used to store wood stacks for the fireplace necessity. Unique black and white chess board mat is placed in front of the fireplace hole.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Brick Fireplace

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Brick Fireplace

Some houses use old fireplace as a decorative thing inside a certain room such as living room. No wonder that this kind of decorative fireplace is not used properly to make the room warm. The burner is not active.

Most home owners just put a woven basket for a bucket of branches. Of course, the branches are not available to be burnt. It is like this shabby chic farmhouse fireplace is designed higher with big mantel.

Wood board is attached on the top of mantel to display some plants and decorative panel. Food themed panel with some foody words brings such a delicious concept into this room. Dried branches which are placed on the floating board look awesome especially for this farmhouse interior.

Shiplap Fireplace Surround by Brick

Shiplap Fireplace Surround by Brick

Another farmhouse interior styled living room displays a brick fireplace ideas. This fireplace is also patented little forward with no additional space in front of it. There is only a mat placed in front of the small fireplace hole to keep it clean from dirt.

The white brick is attached neatly over the fireplace mantel. And there is a floating board to separate the wall. A classic brass round mirror is hanged on the plank wall a bit higher than the fireplace.

It reflects a classic iron framed pendant as room enlightenment. Both sides of fireplace are maximized for elegant storage with custom cabinet covered by glass doors. A woven basket filed with knited cushion looks interesting placed in front of the fireplace as a twist.

Traditional Living Room with Brick Fireplace

Traditional Living Room with Brick Fireplace

Comfortable living room will make people who live inside it happy. This open space living room looks quite large to accommodate some big furniture. A couple of two-seat sofas are arranged in L shape.

There is a wing chair with ottoman in front of it placed near to the fireplace. This stylish brick fireplace is wide enough with borderless fireplace hole. A long board is installed higher above the hole.

It becomes a place where two glass bottles and a brown painting are displayed. Besides having warm accent, this room looks very bright with wide windows featured with white curtains.

A stunning wooden coffee table is found on the center of the room. It has chic drawers and shelf under the counter for extra storage area.

Narrowed Coastal Living Room

Coastal Living Room with White Brick Fireplace

A special thing in this narrowed living room is a symmetric arrangement of all items. This coastal living room is basically as simple as it’s A shaped ceiling. Painted in white, a classic fireplace with brick mantel looks eye catching with a TV standing above it.

Open shelves are installed on both sides of the patented fireplace. Two blue velvet chairs are placed on the left side of seating area. And a long grey sofa is placed in front of the blue chairs. A couple of brown tufted stools are also found to face the fireplace.

A small round wooden coffee table completes this symmetric seating set. An electric fan finally can be a great appliance which gives refreshness inside the room. Wide windows even provide more enlightement from outside along the day.

Modern Farmhouse Idea with Covered Fire Furnace

09 Modern Farmhouse Idea

A stunning living room with high a line ceiling has a floor to ceiling fireplace patented on the center of narrowed wall. This tall brick fireplace has a small furnace with glass cover.

This glass cover may protect furniture located near it from fire while keeping the room warm.

This living space has enough ventilation to keep it bright along the day. The white scheme even gives extra power to enlighten the whole room. A stunning round coffee table is quite large placed on a black and white carpet surrounded by the leather chairs and sofa. 

Beach Cottage Decorating with Artistic Wall Art

10 Beach Cottage Decorating

It seems that a stylish brick fireplace ideas is not only suitable for large room, but it also looks perfect for smaller even tinier room. It is proven by this attic living room. This living room is established in super tiny space with attic styled ceiling.

The ceiling is painted in baby blue with white lining to emphasize the A line design. A small brick fireplace is manufactured to block the narrowed center wall.

This floor to ceiling fireplace has protection board on the bottom so that the fire will not spread outside the furnace. An artistic painting is purposely attached above the fireplace as decoration.

Beautiful Sunroom Design

11 Beautiful Sunroom Design

Talking about sunroom, it is a special room which is built with wide windows to let the natural sunlight coming through into the room. Most people use this special room as tea room or living room.

Commonly, this room concept is large, comfortable and warm. No wonder, there will be a stunning fireplace found on certain wall side between the wide windows. The most unique spot is found on the bright lamp installed on the top part of fireplace.

There are two sets of seating furniture in this beautiful sunroom. One is for dining, while another one is for tea time.

Black and White Dining Room

12 Black And White Dining Room

In a beach cottage home decor, a spacious dining area is preferable. The ceiling has no multi-level design, but a shape. A big brick fireplace is installed with no mantel to optimize the room space.

Clean white tone covers the entire part of wall and even the furnace. Black shades are displayed to cover the fire hole among the white brick.

This black shades have a great job to keep the dirt away from the dining room. A classic round mirror is attached on the wooden board above the fireplace ideas. Unique wall lamps are also attached on both sides of the mirror.

Asian Family Room with Handcrafted Wood Art

13 Asian Family Room

The oriental home design doesn’t always involve Chinese touch over the room. Perhaps, if you are attracted to have an Asian family room, decorating the room in epic style with brick fireplace ideas will be nice.

At this time, the fireplace must be patented among the white wall. It is covered by white brick styled tiles to create such a contrast gradation between the fireplace, wood stack storage and wall.

Stylish handcrafted wood art is attached on the fireplace mantel. It is not polished with any wood oil or paint to keep it original. Some glasses are placed on the mantel as well with greenery.

Corner Brick Fireplace Design

14 Corner Brick Fireplace Design

Some modern home designs have a stunning corner fireplace in their certain rooms. It is like a living room. An open and airy living room may be the best area for the family since it is certainly designed for seeking comfort.

There is only fewer detail over the white corner brick fireplace. The frameless fireplace has wooden board attached higher with round mirror and some ornaments. Some portable lamps are placed in front of the fireplace as additional illumination.

This chic focal point looks awesome in front of the seating area. A big brown leather couch also looks comfortable on the carpet.

Wrapped Fireplace Design

15 Wrapped Fireplace Design

A wide fireplace installation still becomes a favorite concept in a modern living space. This floor to ceiling fireplace has wide surface where the entire of it is wrapped by white brick tiles. The wrapped fireplace design is quite simple with no detail over it.

There is only a higher concrete on the lowest part and mounted wood log installed on the middle. There is no frame surrounding the burner. It is definitely clean with some items displayed as ornaments.

This wrapped brick fireplace is manufactured between two sliding glass doors. That’s why this burner area looks brighter.

Angled Over mantel Fireplace

16 Angled Overmantel Fireplace

Creating a comfortable area for gathering and spending a lot of time with family in a house should be real action of every home owner.

This time, this area is built in the backyard porch. This gathering area is airy with half wall covering it. On the other hand, much protection is offered by the roof with strong pillars. An angled over mantel fireplace is built to keep this area warm.

This old fashioned fireplace looks clean with brick and arch burner. Some rattan chairs are arranged neatly in front of the burner. A barrel shaped coffee table completes this gathering area formation on a knitted rug.

Back Door Fireplace Idea

17 Back Door Fireplace

Higher level of brick fireplace allows the room flooring more spacious without any obstacle. This classic fireplace is framed by brick tiles. Wooden mantel is installed little higher above the fireplace.

On this wooden mantel, some thin candle holders are placed with an old postman bag displaying a kind of map as decoration. On the right side of the burner, open shelves are designed in minimalist concept.

These shelves give extra storage for books, greenery vases and ornaments. A bucket of wood stack is placed on the left side of the burner. It looks clean and chic next to the higher base.

Subtle Brick Fireplace

18 Subtle Brick Fireplace

The subtle brick fireplace is basically designed simply without any border. The fireplace burner whole shape is smaller with higher base mounted in front of the burner. This mounted base is usually used as decorative area.

Some people prefer to place pots or even wood stack basket on it. Mounted wooden log is commonly attached higher above the burner. We can put a lightweight TV or just a decorative mirror on it.

Placing a couple of rattan chairs with a small transparent coffee table is enough to make this fireplace area comfortable. Don’t forget to put some cushions on the couch too.

Entertaining Patio Fireplace

19 Entertaining Patio Fireplace

As an additional building near the house, a patio can be a nice part of house which must be considered. This area can be a great family gathering area in certain moment. Most patio buildings are established without any building on it.

It just appears with concrete flooring and some furniture on it. On the other opportunity, a patio may be a full building with roof and wall even an entertaining patio fireplace.

Glass wall commonly becomes a favorite setting to keep the patio bright and airy. Wooden floor adds some warmth inside the building. Brick fireplace looks elegant with stunning burner cover and artistic wall art above it.

Modern Farmhouse Style of Fireplace

20 Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern concept of home interior decor brings the simplicity over the brick fireplace design. This time, the modern farmhouse style of fireplace comes with light mantel. It looks borderless with only brick layer surrounding the burner frame.

Black is chosen to block the fireplace burner to camouflage the dirt from outside. As decoration, a huge round crafted armor is attached on the white plank wall above the fireplace.

Some glass vases are arranged on this light wood to refresh the room. There is a natural wooden table placed in front of the fireplace with classic potable lamps and unique tower styled greenery.

Shiplap Over mantel Furnace for Modern Mansion

21 Shiplap Overmantel

Although most modern houses prefer to cut fireplace off in the interior, shiplap over mantel furnace in fact stills get attention. The application of the shiplap fireplace actually doesn’t nee much time to decor.

Layered brick inner may be a nice scenery from your gathering room with some wood stack on it. This clean borderless fireplace is just ready to use. A 32 inches plasma TV looks expensive to decorate the wall above the furnace.

And you can hang an odd chandelier on ceiling above the burner to make it awesome. Custom bookshelf on both sides are extremely smart as additional decor.

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