Having Deluxe Living Space With Cottage Bathroom Ideas

Today, we are going to introduce cottage bathroom ideas with its much luxury to bring your home into deluxe living space.

As the second essential room in the house, bathroom becomes the most area which must get more attention. It is because by making sure this area clean and ready to use, we will get good appreciation from any guest who is visiting the house.

Remember that the cleanliness of the house can be described by the appearance of the bathroom. That’s why we have to be careful in decorating the bathroom.

Cottage Bathroom Vanities

Cottage Bathroom Vanities

Talking about vanity, it must involve several things to make it complete and perfect as cosmetic area in a bathroom. In this case, a large sink area is essential to support the space.

An elegant black painted wooden cabinet should be luxurious to block a center wall of the bathroom. This cottage bathroom ideas has mounted wall with detail which is entirely painted in light grey.

The appearance of the black cabinet for the white under mount sink will be nice. Bronze classic curved faucet is installed with double taps on the white sink. Frameless mirror is attached on the light grey wall perfectly on the sink area. Generally, this room is bright with window covered by stylish blind.

French Cottage Bathroom Ideas

French Cottage Bathroom

The French styled bathroom appears as a narrowed room in a house. This room has unique attic styled roof with bright skylight to keep it enlightened well along the day. White becomes the basic tone in this room.

And a super wide wall mirror is attached with luxurious crafted frame to make this room wider. Smart built in shelves are built to bring spacious room for clean towel and some woven baskets of toiletries.

And the small shower cabin looks transparent with glass door and white tiled wall. To give some fresh air into the room, small window in sliding concept is installed higher on the shower cabin wall.  

Pedestal Sink Cottage Bathroom

Pedestal Sink Cottage Bathroom

It is still at the same bathroom as above, a pedestal sink comes with single basin. This white porcelain sink looks elegant among the white themed room. Double taps of faucet are installed on certain part of the pedestal sink.

The faucet itself is in brass detail. An artistic crafted mirror is attached on the wall behind the sink with antique wall lamps on both sides. Both wall lamps are designed as if they are just old candle holders.

This time, the mirror has smaller size than the bigger mirror attached on the wall across. Next to the pedestal sink, a stylish crafted wooden table with open shelf is placed. A vase of pink rose on the top looks super amazing and sweet inside this white French bathroom.

Cottage Bathroom Lighting

Cottage Bathroom Lighting

Uncommon lighting is found in this cottage bathroom ideas. With transparent shade, the antique wall lamps offer super fashionable illumination onto the sink area of the bathroom. Basically, the lamp is dominated by brass scheme.

It shows the elegance of antique theme inside this cottage styled bathroom. Half part of the white wall especially on the lower part is blocked with white and black floral printed wallpaper. To divide the white painted wall and the wallpaper, simple thin wood log is attached on the middle.

Stunning black framed mirror is wider enough to give extra reflection in this bathroom. It is also useful to help the user to apply some cosmetics or just cleaning.

Bead board Bathroom Wainscoting

05 Beadboard Bathroom Wainscoting

Simpler narrowed cottage bathroom is located in front of the stairway of the house. This cottage bathroom appears with bead board wainscoting wall. The molded board wall is installed on the lower half part, while the upper half is dominated by wood plank painted in yellow.

Mounted wooden board is installed on the left wall side to give extra space for displaying candles and coastal ornament. There is also metallic rod installed a bit lower for hanging the towel.

A classic pedestal sink is located on the left area of the center wall with a wide framed mirror on the wall. Stunning double cone wall lamp is installed above the mirror.

Antique Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Antique Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Awesome arch styled mirror looks super impressive in this cottage bathroom. This wood crafted mirror has three panels to give wider effect into the room.

Luxurious reclaimed wood concept on the mirror frame makes an impression as if this mirror is expensive. A sleek pedestal sink adds the beauty of the mirror in this white cottage bathroom.

A couple of stunning wall lamps with white cone shade are installed higher on the plank wall on both sides of the mirror. Stylish corner shelves are installed on both sides of the sink for toiletries and clean towels.

Traditional English Cottage Bathroom

Traditional English Cottage Bathroom

The traditional cottage bathroom ideas comes in longer room. This room is quite narrowed with longer space. Nonetheless, a wide windows with blind on the farthest part gives extra natural light in this room.

On the other hand, those windows also provide kind of mounted wall on the half lower for a pot of plant and some scrolls of towel. Next to the window area, a stylish wooden base cabinet with clean white counter displays a small mounted sink.

This sink looks modern especially with the standing faucet. Contrast with the futuristic nuance of the sink, traditional crafted mirror is attached with two small candle shaped lamps. Besides the sink area, a bathtub in similar theme is located.

White Tiled Bathroom Ideas

White Tiled Bathroom Ideas

A super tiny cottage bathroom pretends to be cuter with small black bathtub placed in the corner of the farthest room. With nice ventilation installed higher on the tiled wall, this bathing area looks bright and wide.

U shaped wall surrounding the bathtub is certainly clean with those tiles. To complete the function, a stylish closet is installed between the tub and sink. On the other side of the closet, a small cabinet with sink on its top looks minimalist.

It has small drawer on the facade for storage. Brass items spreads over the room to bring such an elegant touch into this cottage bathroom ideas such as on the towel holder, faucet and safety rod.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

Shabby Chic Bathrooom Decor

If you prefer to have a super white bathroom, shabby chic bathroom decor will be a perfect selection for you. In general, this cottage bathroom dominates the wall, floor and even ceiling in white hue.

A luxurious oval bathtub with wooden legs is placed in the corner near the window. White blind and a vase of white rose are purposely placed covering the window to give privacy when the owner is using the room.

An elegant velvet chair is placed in front of the window facing the tub. It is used as clothes holder instead of for sitting. Expensive embroidered shower curtain is hanging on the ceiling rod to cover the bathtub.  

Double Sink Bathroom

Double Sink Bathroom

For family bathroom, installing double sink bathroom is preferable. The double sink will give more space for cleaning and washing even with more than one person in the bathroom at once.

Floating double sink looks better to save room in a smaller bathroom. To ease the kids an access to the sink, a ladder stool should be placed under the floating sink. A towel holder may be installed on the left side next to the sink for drying hands after washing.

To match the double sink width, the frameless mirror is also better to be wider. The wall is purposely divided into part with tiles on the lower half and wallpaper on the higher half.

Stone Wall Ideas

Stone Wall Ideas

Stone wall ideas totally will be glorious to apply in a cottage bathroom ideas. It is not a big problem when the room is long and narrow. The stone wall can be set as a focal point on the center wall where windows are installed.

A big square bathtub is located in this stone wall area with towel holder on the white wall and a stylish stool on the wooden floor. The doorway looks suitable with the wooden floor. It is similar with the base cabinet placed next to the door.

It comes with stunning mounted sink and some drawers on the cabinet. A shaped ceiling brings this room interior into the real nuance of cottage house.

Beautiful Bath Rug

Beautiful Bath Rug in Cottage Bathroom

A stunning cottage bathroom ideas can be decorated elegantly with neat arrangement. Dividing the room space into several parts will be good to optimize the room itself. This classic cottage bathroom has wide windows on the center plank wall.

In this bright area, a luxurious white bathtub is located. A shower cabin looks transparent and bright though it is quite small for taking shower. It has glass door to avoid water splashing into the sink area.

The sink area has double cabinets with under mount sink. The countertop of the cabinet provides spacious room for displaying ornaments and toiletries. A beautiful printed bath rug is displayed on the middle area with unique arched cabinet for storage.

Farm Cottage Bathroom Ideas

Farm Cottage Bathroom

Glorious dark grey bathtub with white inner looks priceless in the corner of bathroom. This farm cottage bathroom is stylish and unique with some old fashioned items found inside it. An antique blue wardrobe with glass door is placed near the bathtub.

This storage furniture is used to store some clean towels and toiletries. A round table with glass top displays a vase of pink flowers. This table is between the blue wardrobe and grey bathtub.

Artistic Victorian chandelier is hanging above the tub with big chains on the string. Uncommon curved chair is also found near the tub as toiletry holder in this white cottage bathroom.

Tile Shower Ideas

Tile Shower Ideas

Decorating your main bathroom in cottage style doesn’t need large space. With long and narrowed room space, the cottage bathroom can be realized.

Choosing the farthest part of the white room as a shower area is better to avoid water splash. The shower cabin doesn’t have to be covered by glass wall. Just block the entire U shaped wall with stone tiles in white and grey gradation.

A water closet is nice to be placed between the shower area and sink. A small window behind it will give extra enlightenment into this narrowed room. Stylish pentagon tiles on the floor brings such a futuristic detail in this cottage room.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Elegant cottage bathroom looks simple with diamond printed wallpaper covering the upper half of the wall. On the other hand, the lower half of the wall appears with molded panels painted in grey.

Stunning wooden floor seems to be matching with the grey wall. A small window on the toilet area makes this darker scheme looks brighter. A classic pedestal sink is installed next to the toilet with a framed mirror.

Nice glass pendants are hanging on both sides of mirror for more illumination in this inviting room. It looks like this bathroom used as a powder room only instead of main bathroom. As storage need, a towel holder is installed next to the pedestal sink.

Beach Cottage Decoration

Beach Cottage Decoration Ideas

Light blue combined with white looks fresh in this beach cottage bathroom. The blue color is applied on the long base cabinet. Well, the long cabinet provides spacious room for two sinks separated by an empty top for some woven baskets.

Each sink has high narrowed mirror framed on the plank wall. The middle part of the cabinet displays the toiletries organized inside the basket. There is a unique round window on the wall.

Uncommon brown and white tiled floor looks contrast with the blue and white theme. Nonetheless, this color gradation are still able to steal everyone’s attention.

Shiplap Bathroom Decoration

Shiplap Bahtroom Decoration

Another tiny powder room appears in moss green and white theme. Light grey hue is applied on three sides of wall in this small bathroom, while the center wall comes with planks.

The white plank wall is certainly used as a center wall where a hanging round mirror and iron mounted rack found. A stunning wall lamp with double cones is installed above the mirror to enlighten the single under mount sink on the dark green cabinet.

A small closet is installed on the right side of the sink. Some framed quotes are displayed as decoration in this cottage bathroom.

To give some privacy in the shower area, black and white shower curtain is hanging next to the water closet. Generally, this small bathroom looks bright thought it only consists of a wall lamp with double cones.

White Bathtub Design

White Bathtub Design Decoration

A wide oval bathtub is placed near a wide window on the center wall. This unique cottage bathroom is full in white and moss green. The wall is purposely divided into two colors, green and white.

The white painted wall is on the lower part. It is used to make larger effect in this narrowed room. In classic print, the tiled floor looks simple with brown accent on it.

Old fashioned detail is also displayed on some items such as wooden stool, ladder rack, woven blind and ball shaped rattan pendant. The windows are able to open for fresher air.

A small framed painting is attached on the green wall facing the ladder rack. To provide extra room for storage, a kind of wooden tray is placed on the bathtub edge.  

Small Bathroom Ideas

Cottage Small Bathroom Ideas

A custom base cabinet with low apron sink looks very smart installed in this small bathroom. This small bathroom is completely built with low height. Plank which is painted in white looks perfect to bring the cottage feeling into this bathroom.

Small windows with glass doors on the wall also give lighting power into this room. High custom cabinets provide enough space for a vase of green plant and toiletry. A small mirror is attached in front of the sink.

An additional standing mirror is available for special need. A half circle cone pendant is installed perfectly on the ceiling for extra light. Brown printed mat is displayed on the floor in front of the custom cabinet.

There is also a wooden stool for kids. More cabinet is found on another wall side in front of the sink. This time, the additional cabinet is painted grey.

White Green Theme

White Green Theme

Forest themed cottage bathroom allows you to imagine such a refreshing outdoor into your bathroom. This small bathroom certainly has a narrowed area for sink and closet only. A small green painted cabinet is placed in the corner with under mount sink on the top.

A frameless mirror gives spacious effect on the palm leaves printed wallpaper. On the left side, you can see the glass wall of the shower cabin. A wide window is installed on the wallpapered wall behind the water closet.

There is a woven blind covering this window for some privacy. A small white closet is located on the right side of the cabinet completed with toilet paper holder attached on the cabinet. Tiny tiled flooring looks clean without any rug or mat on it.

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