Creating Relaxing Area At Home With Decking Bench Ideas

On the decking area, decking bench ideas are generally integrated as essential complement. Here they are some varieties of the decking bench.

Every house must have a certain area in the outside as a special area for gathering or just relaxing. This area may appear as garden, large backyard with swimming pool, porch, patio or even rooftop. The simplest one is deck.

As ship’s deck, this outdoor area is mostly built higher than the ground. This area commonly is connected with the main house building. Sometimes, it is built in small or larger one. It depends on the house yard dimension and ground condition.

Garden Decking Ideas

Garden Decking Ideas

Having a quite large garden in the backyard seems to be a fortune for every home owner. Featuring this backyard garden with garden decking ideas must be interesting to consider. The dimension of the decking idea can be fitted with the garden width.

The deck itself doesn’t have to be made in perfect shape such as square or rectangle. With little zigzag accent, the deck and bench concept must be very attractive among the plants surrounding the garden.

The decking bench ideas which is installed following the deck shape should be nice attached along the edge. Thus, people can face each other when they are gathering on the deck.

Corner Deck Bench Seating

Corner Deck Bench Seating

If the deck dimension is too small, installing corner deck bench seating will be a solution. The bench is generally made in floating L shape which is connected to a half concrete wall. We can place a rectangle wooden dining table with three additional seating as you need.

Placing some small printed cushions on the bench will be cool especially for modern gathering concept. White and wood scheme will be great color theme for the table and chairs.

This neutral color will give such a comfort nuance in this relaxing spot. To protect the seating area from the sun or rain, placing a big beach umbrella is a good thought.

Bench Railing and Deck Bench with Back

Bench Railing And Deck Bench With Back

When a house is built in an area where many tall trees growing, considering to build a kind of deck in tree house concept sounds really great. The tall deck should be a nice place to enjoy the nature with trees surrounding it.

To protect the people who are on the deck, the bench railing and deck bench with back should be selected. This bench with back is functional to replace the fence surrounding the deck.

Placing a Jacuzzi on the center of the deck becomes another feature which can be installed to upgrade the deck style.

Deck Storage Bench Ideas

Deck Storage Bench Ideas

Minimalist deck idea will be featured with hidden storage under the bench. Mostly, there are certain items which will be stored inside the storage bench such as additional pillows or even beach umbrella.

And those items will be taken out in certain opportunity. The design of the storage bench is generally similar with the common bench. It is available in corner style.

To provide larger space for seating, the bench may be built in wide U shape. This bench is better to complete with a set of dining table and chairs even some ottomans.

Deck with Built in Bench

Deck With Built In Bench

Building a deck on the second floor with fence is cool. The deck will be useful as relaxing spot for family members or even guests. As protection, the installation of fence is important. And to save more space on the deck, it will be better to have deck with built in bench.

The built in bench can be patented in the corner. At this point, the design of the bench is in L shape. This concept allows this bench always staying on the same spot.

Thus, in this case, it will give extra space without moving the bench around since it has been connected with the deck floor and fence.

Trex Deck with Benches and Fire pit

Trex Deck With Benches And Firepit

More open deck in a small backyard shows amazing green yard in front of it as scenery. This pentagon shaped deck integrates V shaped built in bench for seating.

The bench is installed on the nearest spot from the green yard. There is a small pentagon fire pit built on the deck perfectly in front of the bench. This fire pit is made of concrete with stone tiles covering the outer side.

There is no decorative items placed in this seating area. Nonetheless, this area still looks warmer with that cool fire pit. Over all, the deck is also clean.

Composite Deck Bench Seating and Railing

Composite Deck Bench Seating And Railing

A super small deck in your house porch at the backyard will more comfortable with the appearance of composite deck bench seating and railing. The railing is made of wood and iron combination. It is functional as fence and back for the lower bench.

The bench itself is intentionally designed to provide space about three people at once. The bench top is fully painted in dark blue similar with the deck top.

The dark tone of the deck and bench looks different from the white painted wall of the house. On the other hand, this dark and light color contrast even can create such an impressive touch over the backyard deck.

Decking Bench Ideas with Flower Box

Decking Bench With Flower Box

For green thumbs, decking bench ideas with flower box will help you transforming relaxing area in the outside more refreshing. This bench actually has similar appearance as garden bench. It is built in L shape with higher flower box in the middle.

There are some holes on the bottom of the box for water circulation. Although the flower box is quite small, this planter is still able to provide enough spot for refreshing the air around the bench.

The plank arrangement found on the bench looks as elegant as the planks on the deck. It comes in light and dark scheme of wood for natural look.

Wooden Decking Box Bench

Wooden Decking Box Bench

Blocking the deck by arranging wooden decking box bench will create such an interesting spot outside the house ideas. The full box bench is custom designed to fit the deck corner.

There are some higher parts of the bench which may be useful as table or bench arm. Or we can let the bench and the connected table free from any item to make this seating area clean and spacious.

This deck has half-tall-planters replacing the fence. These concrete planters look simple as the back of bench. Some plants grow well on the planters giving such a refreshing ambience surrounding the deck.

Modern Deck with Angled Bench

Modern Deck With Angled Bench

Most modern deck ideas appear in super minimalist style. Borderless and simpler in look become the most characteristic of the modern house deck design. Having enough space on the second floor gives a kind of special look around the house scenery.

With some dim light installed on the deck, this deck bench must be romantic. Steel railing is installed surrounding the deck to give protection.

An L shaped bench with back is featured with rubber mat to add extra comfort on the bench. A square fire pit is placed in front of the L shaped bench to keep the seating warm.

Backyard Decking Bench Seats

Bakyard Decking Bench Seats

It is not a big problem when a home owner only having a small backyard area. This area still can be transformed into an amazing relaxing area by building the backyard decking bench seats. Unlike common bench, this bench seat is purposely designed to fit the small backyard condition.

To optimize the small space, the bench is built in smart L shape. With concrete as the base, the bench seat has strong appearance especially with additional feature attached on the back. The feature is long planter. It must be very stunning to have greenery surrounding the bench.

Curved Deck with Bench Seating

Curved Deck With Bench Seating

A unique private villa has amazing curved deck on the backyard area. This decking idea appears as multi-level decking since it involves stairs and higher level of deck with railing. The curved detail is integrated on the center of deck for main relaxing area.

The curved deck is featured with built in bench seating also in similar curved style. Dark brown planks are chosen to give brown gradation on the floor and deck which look quite contrast with the railing and higher deck level. There is a stone fire pit in the middle to keep this area warmer.

Round Decking Bench Design

Round Decking Bench Design

The decking concept in this house is quite uncommon. This deck is located on the backyard as usual. Yet, it has similar shape as b-shape.

Built in bench without back is installed to follow the curved of the deck. A small bench with back is also found in the top part of b-shape. This deck is simpler without any pots of greenery. There are only a set of outdoor dining table with umbrella and a couple of relaxing pool chairs.

The best part of this private home deck is found over the backyard landscape. The landscape totally looks neat, tidy and clean with green grass.

Composite Deck with Bench and Fire pit

Composite Deck With Bench And Firepit

A small deck is built a bit higher than the ground. Nonetheless, it never replaces a tree growing on the center of the deck. The owner lets this tree growing as normal. The deck looks clean yet comfortable with bench set in U shape.

There is a round fire pit covered with stone tiles. The deck is composited with wooden and steel railing to give some protection surrounding the deck.

There is a short gate found in the corner where people can access the forest landscape outside of the deck area. This deck is beautiful in natural way.

Deck Bench Brackets Ideas

Deck Bench Brackets

Some iron brackets are installed purposely under the deck bench to keep it tightly connected to the wooden railing on the back. The thin iron brackets look quite space saving in the deck.

The bench itself provides enough space for sitting at least for five people at once. It is because the bench has been designed in L shape.

Thus, it can give more space for more people. Basically, this deck is quite small. It is located higher on the second floor. That’s why the scenery you can see is tree and tree.

Cedar Decking Bench Ideas

Cedar Decking Bench Idea

Chic and clean will be the most perfect words to describe this cedar decking bench ideas. This bench is designed in C shape with stylish thin back and wooden railing.

This curved bench is designed as built in bench on this small curved deck. It has thicker seat with bright white accent on the facade and back.

Although, the position of the bench is in the opposite of the landscape, this deck bench idea is still comfortable for anyone who wants to relax for just a moment in the backyard. There is no more item placed on the deck for cleaner look after all.

Wood and Stone Combined Bench

Wood And Stone Combined Bench

The combination of stone and wood on this decking bench is interesting. In general, this bench is built in common parallel shape. It has two concrete posts on both sides. It seems that the posts are useful to hold the wooden part of the bench.

Stone tiles look stunning in this countryside home. It has spacious top to allow the owner placing some beverages while enjoying the sky. Thicker wooden seat is installed on the middle as like bridge between the posts.

The bench seat looks sleek and smooth for sitting. The position of the bench allows the user to choose the scenery they want to see. They can get double points of view based on their sitting position.

Ground Level Deck with Built in Seating

Ground Level Deck With Built In Seating

Lower deck concept looks suitable for this Western house. In simple rectangle, this polished deck has low built in seating surrounding the edge. There are two doorway with some steps of stairs.

The built in seating itself is also ordinary for more than 5 people sitting at the same time. The wooden deck looks different from the paneled wall of the house.

Nonetheless, this decking style even gives more amazing look especially for the living space. Although, it doesn’t involve any planter, large landscaping idea around the deck gives such a natural ambience on it. 

Stunning Pentagon Deck Bench Ideas

Stunning Pentagon Deck Bench

This decking style is built on the second floor to feel the nature among the big trees. The deck dimension is quite spacious for relaxing and gathering for more than 7 people at once.

There is a pentagon area on the deck. In this pentagon shaped area, curved bench is installed following the pentagon shape. Once the bench has found the tip, wooden railing starts covering the edge surrounding the deck.

There is a big tree growing on the center part of the deck. The stem appears among another bench near the pentagon bench. It makes this second floor deck area natural.

Refreshing Pool Look over the Bench

Refreshing Pool Look Over The Bench

A tiny backyard area may be maximized with high deck concept. We can block the entire part of the backyard ground with multi-level deck. On the highest level of deck, a set of U shaped bench is located. It is built in the deck with a long fire pit which designed as functional as coffee table.

The unique part of this bench is the deep blue foam arranged over the bench top. With this sea color, the U shaped bench looks as refreshing as a pool. Even some colorful printed cushions add extra beauty onto the entire part of the bench.

This relaxing area is so beautiful with tall edging plants and some trees. A small white side table is placed on the tip of the bench. There is also a drum shaped chair is placed on another tip of the bench for more attendance.

Sophisticated Bench with Lamp

Sophisticated Bench With Lamp

Creating an attractive pathway to bring you into a special place behind the house must be amazing to think about.

The deck is intentionally made as pathway complete with high concrete edge and hidden cove lighting along the edge. In every spot, the pathway deck is built larger with sophisticated bench placed in the corner.

The bench itself has two seats with comfortable foam on the seat and back. Both ornaments are in white. This pathway deck looks incredibly beautiful at the dawn. Green plants and some fruit trees become common parts found in this romantic area.

Clean Decking Bench Ideas with Fountain

Clean Decking With Fountain

Another clean and modern backyard decking idea comes with fountain. The fountain is also designed in modern style with big rectangle pond covered by gravels. The water faucet is attached in horizontal line on the mounted wall above the pond.

This fountain becomes the center point of the deck. An L shape bench floats on the half concrete wall near the fountain. Some boxes of planter are available among the fountain and the bench to keep this area refreshing.

Clean wooden tiles cover the entire part of the floor. The color of the deck flooring looks similar with the reclaimed bench.

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