Decorative Concrete Wall As Spot Art In The House

Well, in this case, we are talking about wall. It is obviously not the common wall which mostly built with smooth surface and colorful paint. This time, we will introduce you to the decorative concrete wall.

There are a lot of ideas to make our living space beautiful and comfortable. Besides considering the appearance of furniture, complement in the house also supports the whole appearance of the living space.

Concrete wall has a nice function to be a vocal point in a certain room of the house. It is commonly designed with various crafted or printed detail on the surface. Sometimes, it appears with less of material to give the room some privacy. That’s why this kind of wall is usually installed in a sharing room.

Stunning White Crafted Concrete Wall

Stunning White Crafted Concrete Wall

To emphasize the modernism of minimalist home stairway, this stunning white crafted wall looks gorgeous among the wallpapered wall. Well, the stairway of this modern home is located separately from other rooms.

The staircase is designed with straight model and consists of transparent balustrade on the right side. Wooden steps float elegantly between the glass balustrade and the decorative concrete wall.

Elegant white crafted wall shows the elegance of printed art. As like tiles, the concrete wall is integrated in this sharing room as divider between the stairways with other rooms. White and brown combination looks better in this modern home.

Grey Brick In Living Interior

Grey Brick Interior Ideas

Basically, the appearance of this decorative concrete wall looks like brick. In grey scheme, each brick has two holes which finally attached each other to form a tall divider between two rooms.

In this case, the brick decorative wall is built between a kind of rest room and other room on the left. The rest room is spacious with custom furniture around it.

Kind of mounted wall on the center wall is useful as TV holder and locker. And long desk on the left is functional as computer desk with a pot of fresh air plant as ornament. A couple of table are placed with white chairs surrounding them.

Floral Print Concrete Wall

Floral Print Concrete Wall

The decorative concrete wall can be the best option as divider solution in a modern house. This kind of wall is cheaper and more durable than wallpaper or any wall with wall art. In addition, the decorative wall has various designs to pick such as this floral print concrete wall.

Basically, before the installation, this wall comes in smaller pieces like tiles. Each piece of decorative wall has volume with certain dimension and printed hole on the center.

When some pieces of decorative wall are gathered and installed as a divider, the decorative wall will look super glorious. This wall looks more stylish in black. It looks contrast with the brighter wall surrounding it.  

Decorative Wall as Kitchen Divider

Decorative Wall As Kitchen Divider

Having an open kitchen must be an interesting idea especially to make it wider visually. Mostly, people prefer to combine two functional rooms at once such as kitchen and dining room. In this case, sometimes there will some things that most people prefer to hide when they are working in the kitchen.

That’s why the decorative wall is needed to separate both rooms. Each concrete wall piece shows a diamond shape which will transform into amazing print when more pieces are gathered.

In light grey, the floor to ceiling decorative wall looks totally elegant and cool seen from the white and grey dining room.

Half Height Decorative Wall for Cafe

 Half Height Decorative Wall For Cafe

If you want to beautify your chic cafe simply, installing the half height concrete wall will be an interesting idea. The half-height decorative concrete wall can be installed as divider between the dining area and some private area in another room space.

To give more privacy on the divider, we can put hanging rack on the half concrete wall. On the floating rack, placing some pots of plant or some ornaments will be nice option.

The decorative concrete wall is also perfect to block a center wall in the dining area of the cafe. This decorative concrete wall can be an eye catching vocal point in the cafe.

Elegant Cubical for Office Meeting Room

Elegant Cubical For Office Meeting Room

Decorative concrete wall is also suitable to separate some areas in an office in elegant way. As like a cubical, we only need very long empty hallway where people can walk without any obstacle to get each divided areas in the office.

At this point, the decorative wall is installed on both sides of meeting room. The decorative wall looks simple with frame pieces spreading in complicated block on the whole wall area. The small frames are arranged like puzzle on the white wall.

This wall is also functional as ventilation for this meeting area. A set of big oval table with orange chairs are arranged on the middle of room.

There is a portable LCD screen attached on the right wall for presentation. This room also has a vocal point on the center wall where wood panels are set as characteristic of the office.

Concrete Wall as Decorative Outdoor Divider

Concrete Wall As Decorative Outdoor Divider

Besides it is perfect as room divider inside the house, the decorative concrete wall is also glorious as divider outside. If you have kind of large landscape outside of the house, it is better to involve the decorative concrete wall to emphasize the pathway direction.

Of course, the decorative wall doesn’t have to be installed fully from the ground to fit the house height. It must be enough to arrange it about two meters on the ground. The ventilation shape of each wall piece is designed in diamond style.

And it will transform into some circular patterns when some pieces are installed together. The wall will be more durable with waterproof paint. You can match the color of the wall with the house theme as desire.

Energy Saving Home Facade

Energy Saving Home Facade

Facade area is the first appearance of the house where people will see it once they arrived. It is front area of the house where the doorway is shown complete with the windows and porch. In fact, it is quite different with this futuristic house.

The facade area of this house appears in super minimalist style without any window seen on it. The shape of the house can be seen uncommon with half trapezoid shape. There is mounted doorway with simple swinging door to access the house.

The entire facade wall is covered by the decorative concrete wall. This concrete wall is functional to save more energy for the house especially for the requirement of illumination at the day.

Small Oasis Idea in Semi Outdoor House Porch

Small Oasis Idea In Semi Outdoor House Porch

Well, let’s call this semi outdoor area is a porch. This porch is actually located in the middle of house. As a mini garden in the middle of the house, this relaxing area looks like an oases.

With decorative concrete wall which divides two outdoor areas in the house, this area still gets some privacy since it is surrounded by concrete wall. There is no roof, nonetheless, a set of shutter or grid is covering the half part of the roof area.

Narrowed pond is built closely to the wall in the left. On the other part, there is a kind of gravel box where some green plants are found. Small fountains are installed in the pond to create water splash in this oasis.

Mysterious Concrete Wall Idea

Mysterious Concrete Wall Idea

Sometimes, to keep the living space always natural and fresh, some home owners purposely keeps a tree for growing well inside the house. Of course, it is impossible to grow the tree from the seed.

This tree must have been growing so long and the owner doesn’t cut it off when the house was built. That’s why the tree may be an amazing complement of the house among the furniture. Well, no matter what, the tree needs real sunlight to help it in photosynthetic process.

That’s why special decorative concrete wall should be designed with many holes to allow the sunlight coming through naturally.

Private Balcony with Concrete Wall

Private Balcony With Concrete Wall

Generally, a house with two level of floor has a balcony. This mounted part of the house usually can be accessed from certain proper room such as bedroom or family room on the second floor.

Commonly, the balcony is built with limited space surrounded by railing. This time, the decorative concrete wall is selected to replace the railing to give extra privacy for the user. Of course, with its artistic pattern.

The concrete wall may show such an interesting detail on the wall through the shadow. In addition, this decorative wall also may block unnecessary sunlight to the house so that the interior will never be dazzled by the sunlight.  

Warm Semi Outdoor Conservatory

Warm Semi Outdoor Conservatory

Conservatory is a part of house which mostly built with glass roof and wall. The location of conservatory may be in front, side or even back of the house.

This time, an interesting innovation is done for the conservatory. Without any glass roof and wall, this sitting area uses decorative concrete wall which stands in a half height.

Painted in white, the decorative wall has classic pattern dominating the surface. The patterned holes on each concrete wall piece allows fresh air and sunlight coming in. This semi private area becomes more comfortable with a stunning fire pit.

Concrete Wall for Barbeque Counter

Concrete Wall For Barbeque Counter

Patio may be an optional part of house which mostly built in the backyard area. This area is commonly suitable for sitting or just barbequing. To keep this area comfortable, in general, people prefer to integrate contemporary roof with wooden pillars on the patio.

Concrete flooring is better to make this area higher than the soiled ground. Having a barbeque counter on the center of the patio must be attractive since we don’t have to move the appliances from the kitchen for barbequing.

Concrete wall with pattern looks very awesome in half way covering the counter area. Granite top of the counter provides more space for dining. Some tall stools seem to be perfect completing the counter.

Artistic Concrete Wall with Cartoon

Artistic Concrete Wall With Cartoon

A combination of common wall and the decorative concrete wall designed with cartoon detail looks super amazing in this corner space.

Perhaps, at last, this under construction room may be the best area for family. It may transform into a nice drawing room or just stunning dining room. In general, the white wall is divided into two parts, upper and lower half.

The upper half comes in common wall painted in white, while the lower half comes with patterned concrete wall combined with black painted wall for creating the cartoon detail among the pieces. Some cartoon illusions are applied to make the wall interesting and artistic.

Chic Floral Printed Concrete Wall to Hide Kitchen

Chic Floral Printed Concrete Wall To Hide Kitchen

Some ways to make a tiny house more spacious are ready to realize. The first is to hide some mess which may be displayed around the house.

Commonly, the mess can be created in a room where many small items are found. In this case, it may be the kitchen. That’s why it is better to hide this cooking area by installing decorative concrete wall.

Integrating the concrete wall with patterned hole is better to keep good air circulation. White still becomes the best color for the room paint. And for the furniture, natural material such as wood and rattan are preferable.

Dark Black Concrete Wall for Coffee Shop

Dark Black Concrete Wall For Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop is a kind of challenge for everybody. Besides ensuring the taste of each menu which will be sold in the shop, we need to consider the interior decor of the coffee shop.

Since it is related to coffee, dark black color must be perfect to dominate the shop interior especially wall and furniture. The decorative concrete wall is combined with common wall.

This nice combination is applied to separate two dining areas without blocking the sunlight to enlighten both rooms. Some sets of black table and chairs with a mini pot of plant on each will make this coffee shop interesting for sitting.

Incredible High Concrete Wall

Incredible High Concrete Wall

Unique home exterior appearance involves two pieces of high concrete wall. These decorative concrete walls are useful to improvisation of the house. The concrete walls are built with tall concept to block the sunlight from east onto the house.

With unique patterned wall, the sunlight will enlighten the facade area of the house while creating such an artistic shadow detail on the wall.

There is no obstacle found surrounding this house building which may block the shadow illusion on the wall. There is only super large concrete flooring found to cover the ground surrounding the house building.

Fancy Patio in the Small Backyard

Fancy Patio In The Small Backyard

It is not a big problem when you know that you only have a super tiny space in the backyard. There are many parts of house which can be built to optimize this small space.

Patio becomes a stylish area which may be designed to optimize the small space in the backyard. To have a private patio, first thing you need to do is by covering the area with decorative concrete wall.

The concrete wall will give some privacy while keeping this area get sun burst and good air circulation. Big paving idea may cover the entire flooring of the patio with green grass growing on the gaps.

Luxurious Concrete Wall as Doorway Gate

Luxurious Concrete Wall As Doorway Gate

Doorway must be designed as beautiful as possible to improve the appearance of the whole house. For this special house, luxurious appearance can be created by integrating the decorative concrete wall as a gate on the doorway.

Small wall lamps are installed on both sides of the door as illumination. A pot of tall green plant is placed under each wall lamp as decoration. The concrete wall with diamond pattern is painted in brown and white to bring such a refreshing ambience into the house.

The most inviting part of the doorway is located on the door itself. It is because the door is made of glass so the interior can be seen from outside.

Mexican Decorative Wall Idea

Mexican Decorative Wall Idea

To protect the house building, fence is usually attached surrounding the house. Now, we have Mexican decorative wall idea to replace the common fence. But, the decorative wall will be better to integrate on a wall side only so it can be a vocal point in the front yard.

The white concrete wall looks classic with diamond shaped holes. There is long soiled ground in front of the wall for planting the greenery.

Brown poured floor dominates the front yard. And it looks very interesting in this Mexican styled house. The balcony on the second floor is very interesting.

Decorative Wall in Chinese Restaurant

Decorative Wall In Chinese Restaurant

Stylish wall frame is attached on the center wall with decorative concrete wall pieces on the center. Two small dining tables for two are placed closely to this decorative wall.

Two garden chairs complete each small table for dining. Stylish tiled floor looks stunning in this Chinese restaurant. There is a big pot of palm tree placed in the corner to sweeten the room.

Although the room looks dark, there is a skylight installed on the roof to add extra light into the interior. This room generally looks stylish in its old fashioned appearance.

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