Space Saving Floating Corner Desk For Home Office

Well, floating corner desk can be the best solution to maximize a small area for an office importance. In addition, the floating desk itself is available in various models to fit the condition of your living space.

For some working people, having a private office at home is very essential to consider. In this room, the working people can work without any distraction from other family member.

People also can seriously focus on their project since the room function is only for working not any else. Unfortunately, for those who only have small living space, they must be confused in creating a kind of office nook in the house without wishing some room function off.

Small Floating Corner Desk

Small Floating Corner Desk

The first corner desk has small dimension to provide only a person for working at once. This floating desk is designed in triangle shape with wavy detail on the facade. Clean space on the desk top is quite enough to hold a laptop and some books.

Although the floating desk is small, it still has hidden space under the top for drawer and open shelves for storage. Complete this floating desk with a white chair is great to fit the height of the desk.

To sweeten the appearance, we can place a green glass bottle with a couple of flowers in the corner. The desk is basically painted in white as well as the chair. It will be suitable with any color theme shown by the room wall.

Wooden Corner Desk with Storage

Wooden Corner Desk With Storage

Another smart corner desk is designed in natural wooden scheme. It appears with hidden drawer under the top which can be enlarged as laptop holder. When the drawer is hidden, the corner desk looks really small.

To keep this area smarter and more useful, two level corner shelves are attached a bit higher on the floating desk as storage. A stylish black stool with no back is placed under the desk as complement.

If you have a desire to beautify your room when there is no working action on the desk, putting a portrait, moveable table lamp and some decorative bottles are perfect as ornament. This birch floating corner desk has natural look which can be suitable in any home interior decor style especially the modern one.

DIY Corner Desk

Diy Corner Desk

Even when you only have limited budget for designing a private office at home, DIY corner desk can be a nice option to pick. Selecting the best material that is affordable is important. Even we can combine two or more materials at once on the desk.

The installation can be fitted with the condition of the room corner. And the dimension of the desk can follow your need.

Just place a simple wooden chair in front of the corner desk as a place where you sit. And make this triangle corner desk as comfortable as possible with some ornaments which can add such a pleasant feeling during the working time.

Eye Catching Workspace Ideas

Eye Catching Workspace Ideas

A small room with bay window should be utilized as a private corner office and library. This interesting area doesn’t have to be so crazy with detail or ornament. We can keep it clean in white paint color dominating the wall.

Custom shelves for the books can be installed to frame the wide door in this area. In this case, the books can be colorful. A large floating desk is intentionally attached in bright area in front of the bay window.

We can add a black chair with back and armrest to complete this office nook. To keep this area fresh and bright, we don’t need cover the bay windows with any shutter or blind. Just keep it clean with no ornament except an industrial reading lamp placed next to the computer screen.

Floating Desk in White Color

Floating Desk In White Color

Another interesting floating desk is established in L layout. This white painted corner desk has extra space for working with many stationery, books and more. There are two wide open shelves as main feature of this desk.

Both shelves are built on each tip of the floating desk. Since it is painted in clear white, this floating office desk will be suitable for any home interior color theme such as light brown. Placing a stylish wooden chair with steel feet adds extra modern nuance in this warm office.

A decorative mirror with round frame looks stunning on the wall above this desk as ornament. Perhaps, on the other hand, this office nook can be a vocal point in the room.

Exotic Beams for Corner Office

Exotic Beams For Corner Office

A cheaper private office at home can be created by arranging some reclaimed beams as open shelves on the wall. In different length, the beams should be arranged symmetrically on the corner wall to provide enough space for displaying some books and some ornaments.

Bigger wooden board can be selected to be the main floating desk which is also installed on the corner right under the beam shelves. Smaller wooden board is attached under the bigger one to provide another area for storage.

We can place a wicker basket on this smaller shelf to hide the mess. And beautifying the main wooden floating desk is easier by placing some wooden pots or decorative wicker glass as decoration.

Unique Moveable Wall Floating Desk

Unique Moveable Wall Floating Desk

Another innovation of home office comes with uncommon moveable set of corner desk. This desk is actually has patented shape complete with open shelves on the top part. Small space on the bottom is designed in triangle shape for working with a small netbook.

Wider part of the desk is found on the wall side where some small shelves are available to store some books, mini pots of cactus and some photo portraits. White becomes the base color of this corner desk to match any color theme inside the room. In this case, the entire wall of the room is painted in light grey.

A semitransparent chair is placed for sitting in front of the desk. To make this area artistic, a colorful abstract painting is displayed on the right wall side with floral clock above it.

Hooked Corner Desk

Hooked Corner Desk

The simpler home corner desk idea involves hook and kinds of steel string to keep the desk floating. The wooden desk is basically designed in hexagon shape with proper thick. With triangle points built on the corner, this floating desk looks totally fit with the corner wall.

There is no any shelves attached on the wall surrounding the desk. It is useful to keep this area clean and minimalist. Stainless steel strings are attached on the wall strengthen by the hooks.

Although, this desk looks small, it may provide enough space for a laptop, some books and even a medium cubical planter to keep it refreshing all the time. We only need to put a chair or stool to make this spot working properly.

Classic Curved Desk

Classic Curved Desk

This time, an old fashioned curved floating desk becomes another alternative to have a chic office at home. This thin wooden desk is made in semicircular shape which is attached on the bay window. Two windows are simple without any curtain cover them.

There are only some portraits of scenery pinned with paper clips on the strings. A personal computer screen is placed on the back side of the desk with a glass of pens, keyboard and some papers spreading around.

A common wooden chair is put in front of the circular desk where there is a bench located on the left. The entire wall is painted in butter hue with warm brown flooring to keep the room comfortable.

Attractive Wall Art Collection in Corner Office

Attractive Wall Art Collection In Corner Office

Having only a tiny space for living is not an annoying condition where we cannot build our own home office. Creating a kind of corner area for office even becomes easier with a floating desk. This small floating desk is basically painted in white.

This desk is attached on the wall with stunning wall lamp on the left wall side. A personal computer is placed on the desk. There is a wooden stool with green seat placed under the desk. Some paintings are framed on the wall behind the computer as wall art.

This area has a narrowed doorway where people can access bedroom and bathroom of the house. Another interesting part in this area besides the wall art is the flooring. Deck flooring is applied on the doorway area.

Reclaimed Corner Desk

Reclaimed Corner Desk

A stunning office nook in this house is completely amazing. It is cute with super small reclaimed floating desk. The reclaimed wooden desk is designed as natural as possible in the corner. A stylish dark chair is placed in front of the reclaimed desk for sitting.

There is custom bench located on the left side where the home owner can place bag or things while working in the office. This working space is quite bright because a window is installed perfectly in front of it.

There is no curtain or shade covering the window to keep the natural sunlight enlightening the room. Dark flooring emphasize the bright theme of the office. And the dark scheme on the floor looks suitable with the reclaimed desk as well.

Luxurious Corner Desk with Furry Chair

Luxurious Corner Desk With Furry Chair

As a family office, showing some family portraits on the wall as decoration is enough. It even can be a big motivation to keep you productive. Well, triangle shaped board desk with specific thick and size can be intentionally attached on the corner. This desk becomes the main furniture in your office. To add extra space for storage, smaller triangle board is installed under the main desk.

Some classic open shelves in different size are also attached on the wall where people can place some ornaments, books and family portraits.

A stylish desk lamp looks superior on the corner of the main desk as illumination. In dark brown, the desk looks strong. It is quite different from the white furry chair which is placed in front of it.

Glorious Gradation on the Floating Desk

Glorious Gradation On The Floating Desk

In sleek trapezoid shape, this stylish floating corner desk is installed. The desk surface looks smooth with uncommon brown and cream gradation. A set of personal computer is arranged on the desk with mouse and keyboard.

There is still more space for working in area near the PC. Thus, you don’t have to worry about that. Nonetheless, it is true that there is no any shelf or storage applied on this floating desk.

Perhaps, the owner only needs to keep this office clean from any mess without placing any storage in the office. A small stool or chair should be placed under the PC desk to make it work properly as a private office.

Cool V shaped Office Desk with Open Drawer

Cool V Shaped Office Desk With Open Drawer

Drawer is usually found attached on the desk. And it becomes the most favorite storage where people can store almost anything which is related to the job neatly. That’s why, this corner desk also integrates open drawer as storage in this small corner office.

Made of dark wood, this stylish corner desk is attached on the cream wall in V shape. This narrowed V shaped desk has big drawer without any door to allow people storing many things at once.

There is a compact folder placed in the corner to store some papers and stationery. A wooden stool is placed in front of the desk. And it can be hidden under the desk to keep this area clean when it is not in use.

Dino Themed Corner Study Area

Dino Themed Corner Study Area

Designing a family office which can be used by every family member is a great idea. At this rate, we need to make this area neutral. Or we can just decorate the study room as comfortable as possible especially for the children.

Based on the picture, the V shaped floating desk is decorated in Dino theme. First thing first, three level free standing shelves are patented on the desk for additional storage. Some mini Dino clay action figures are displayed neatly as ornament to match the theme.

A big dinosaurs drawing made by the kids is framed on the baby blue wall as wall art. Some stationeries spread over the desk with some dino dolls. A stool is placed under the V shaped desk for sitting.

Custom Corner Desk for Gaming

Custom Corner Desk For Gaming

White custom floating desk is installed in the corner of the room. This floating desk is designed with curving detail along the edge. There is window with shutter located on the left wall side. A comfortable moveable chair is available to complete the function of the desk.

This chair is intentionally selected to make the user comfortable especially when he or she is playing game. A big flat screen is attached on the wall with some game controllers and game console on the desk.

There is no shelf or additional storage featured by the desk. Thus, the owner has to keep this area clean so this area will always be spacious.

Chic Cottage House with Corner Desk

Chic Cottage House With Corner Desk

A cottage house is related to wood plank. No wonder that, we can find planks almost anywhere in the house such as wall, ceiling and floor. It is seen in this house too where planks covering the entire wall and painted in white.

In similar hue, V shaped board is attached on the plank wall. This desk is quite spacious for working, though it only can hold at least a laptop for working. A classic table lamp is placed on the tip for illumination.

A black stool is located under the desk for sitting. For storage, a smaller V shaped shelf is installed higher above the floating desk. A stack of book and some ornaments are stored on it. A wall clock is found on the left side near the window.

Incredible Working Space for Two

Incredible Working Space For Two

This corner office is purposely designed for family. It can be used for two at the same time. Two chairs in different model are placed in front of long narrowed V shaped desk. The floating desk itself is built without any drawer or shelf under it.

Thus, people should store any item on the shelves attached on the wall above the desk. One more spacious shelf is attached on the right wall side for some greenery and books. Some baskets are found under the floating desk to give the owners special place for storing small items.

A stylish black and grey rug is displayed on the center of the room. A modern ball shaped pendant is hanged above the rug to show super bright illumination inside the room.

Stylish Double Floating Desk

Stylish Double Floating Desk

A stylish floating desk is designed with double boards. The double boards are attached on the top and bottom to create enough space for storage.

In L shape, this floating desk looks simple with narrowed and spacious room versions for working. A flat screen has been attached on the wall with small moveable keyboard and mouse on the desk.

Some books are organized well on the second board under the first one. Some posters are attached on the right wall side as decoration.

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