Four Poster Bed Canopy In Various Bedroom Designs

Changing your bed with four poster bed canopy is a good idea if you want to remodel your bedroom. This bed design can be used in almost all of the bedroom decoration ideas.

As we all know, comfortable bedroom is one of keys to get a better life. One important part in the bedroom is a bed. The canopy bed is a good choice to complete your bedroom decoration idea.

To help you know better about this type of bed, here are 20+ Four Poster Bed ideas for you. Not only for remodeling, you can also use these ideas to make a new bedroom. Take a look at the pictures below for your inspiring bedroom.

Minimalist Teenage Bedroom Idea

Grey Duvet

For you who only need a simple yet comfortable bedroom theme, this four poster bed canopy design will match your taste. With the low bedding yet a high canopy, this bedroom design can be a good teenage bedroom idea.

Wooden cabinets and nightstands beside the canopy bed will create a minimalist yet cozy details in the bedroom. Natural wooden flooring suits this bedroom style.

It may look too monotonous with only wooden details, so adding real plants and grey duvet will light up the look of your bedroom. Grey wall will complete this teenage bedroom design. To give you more privacy, you can install a white curtain on your wide window.

Comfy Square Bed Canopy Design

Unusual Bedroom Design

Not all people like the light bedroom look. Some people will prefer the quite dark yet still comfy bedroom design. Are you one of those people? If yes, you can choose this decoration for your bedroom remodeling.

Inside the bedroom, you can place Four Poster Bed Canopy with wooden material without any cover on it. Combine the natural cabinets and bed with unpainted cement wall to create a darker yet still comfortable look.

For the lighting, you can use a small table lamp on the nightstand and a minimalist brown floor lamp in the corner. At the day, you can use the natural light from the wide glass window. Simply place a sheer cream curtain to control the brightness.

Wide Bedroom Idea with Wooden Furniture

Wooden Cabinets

Having a wide bedroom area will allows you to put many interesting furniture inside it. Combining wooden furniture and clean white wall will be a good idea.

You can start the decoration by placing a big wooden four poster bed canopy with sheer white cover on it. Not only the bed, you can also place the brown wooden cabinet and nightstands beside the bed. A big fluffy carpet with unique detail light up the brown wooden flooring.

For the wall, white painting creates a clean vibe in the bedroom. To decorate the wall, place a big wooden framed mirror and some artistic framed paintings on it. A wide glass window with white sheer curtain are completing this bedroom design.

Black and Wooden Bedroom Idea

High Wooden Headboard

It is not a bad idea to combining the natural black canopy bed and wooden furniture with industrial bulb lightings.

You can place the black four poster bed canopy with wooden headboard and cream bedding. Two small nightstands beside the bed with matching design will complete decoration.

A wide glass windows provide the natural lighting in the bedroom. In the day, you can cover it with a white curtain. At night, the small industrial bulb lightings above the bed will create a homey vibe. This simple yet comfortable bedroom theme will suit you.

Wooden Furniture in Small White Bedroom

Simple Bedroom

Even a small bedroom space can be completed with a comfy wooden four poster bed canopy. Normally the canopy bed will be made in a queen size. You can use this idea for your small bedroom remodeling.

Since the space is not so spacious, you can place the wooden canopy bed beside the white framed windows. To complete the decoration, installing a light brown curtain can be a good choice. Beside it, you can place a small nightstand and white table lamps. Facing the bed, you can place a wooden cabinet.

To create a wider look inside this tiny bedroom, use the white painted wall and clean white carpets as the details. The grey fluffy carpet under the cabinet is a smart touch for this bedroom.

Natural Bedroom Design with Hardwood Furniture

White Sheer Cover

Remodeling bedroom with spring season theme means you need to combine the natural plant and hardwood furniture in your private bedroom space. You can choose the small and big plants for the bedroom.

For you who have a big space for the bedroom, you can place the hardwood Four poster bed canopy with sheer white cover near the wide glass windows. Flowery pattern on duvet and pillows match the spring theme perfectly.

Although this bedroom can be bright with natural light from glass windows at day, you still need to place bright table lamps on each nightstand beside the canopy bed. To create more privacy in your bedroom, you can complete the big window with a grey curtain that match with the wall. A high wooden cabinet with many shelves completes this spring themed bedroom.

Lovely Pink Princess Bedroom Design

Bedroom For Teenager

To create a lovely bedroom style, simply choose the Pink Four poster bed canopy with ruffle detail and high padded headboard to complete the look. This canopy bed will match the princess bedroom idea perfectly. You can place a classic white nightstand beside the pink bed for a more royal look.

Brown tiled wall and shiny flooring in the same color will accentuate the princess bed look with its contract color. As for the room lighting, it will be brilliant if you add a big window and brown curtain to match the tiled wall vibe. 

Beautiful Royalty Bedroom Design

Sheer Cover

Remodeling a bedroom will cost too much money. There is a cheap yet brilliant idea for you who face this problem.

The answer for your problem is by changing the color of the cover on your four poster bed canopy. By changing the cover of your canopy bed, you can feel a different vibe in your bedroom.

Simply change it with black, red, white or light pink sheer cover based on your mood. Not only changing the canopy cover, you can also change the curtain to match your mood. For example, you can install white curtain to make your small bedroom looks more spacious.

White and Pink Girly Bedroom Idea

Lovely Girl Bedroom

Mixing white, pink and grey color for the cute girl bedroom is not a bad idea.

Small single white four poster bed canopy decorated with pink flower shaped pillow. To complete the bed, a white nightstand and small table lamp are placed beside it. Grey wall and hardwood floor can be used too.

As for the window, simple use a high wooden framed glass window with thick white rolled curtain beside the canopy bed. These unique color and material combination will create a cozy vibe in the bedroom.

Mix It Up

Dark Sheer Cover

One of the ways to create a homey bedroom is by mixing various colors and materials in it. For example, you can combine some materials and colors for your four poster bed canopy.

Rustic wooden headboard is combined with classic white bedding and black sheer cover in the canopy bed. This way, your boring white wall and brown tile flooring can be cozier and more comfortable.

Inside this spacious rustic bedroom, you can also use a wide glass window with old fashioned wooden frame and thick white curtain.

Simple and Comfy Bedroom Style

Awesome Stripped Duvet

Using stripped duvet can create a fun and comfortable vibe inside your bedroom.

On the wooden four poster bed canopy, you can use the thick cover and brown striped bedding. To match this color combination, you can place a brown nightstand with classic table lamp beside the bed.

The wide grey carpet will cover some parts of the brown tile floor and complete your simple yet comfy bedroom look. A wide window with clear glass on cream frame completed with the grey thick curtain is located beside the canopy bed.

Rustic Princess Bedroom Idea

Fabulous Cream Detail For Princess

Combining rustic and princess look may not be easy. The Four poster bed canopy in rustic style can be used here.

To create a princess decoration, you can use the canopy bed with appealing leaves carving details and cream thick cover. At the sides, you can place 2 wooden nightstands with old fashioned candle lights. Hanging beside the bed, a classic chandelier in small size will be enough.

One thing that you can’t forget when you decorate your rustic bedroom, is the windows. You can use a similar curtain with the same cream thick fabric to cover your old-fashioned window.

Back to Classic

 Poster Bed Canopy With Sheer Cover

Classic design is usually used by the royals. To create a classic bedroom look, you can use a wide four poster bed canopy with black sheer cover and high padded headboard. By using the beautiful flower carving on the headboard and cream bedding, this bed will look more classic.

On the brown tile floor, you can place some fluffy cream carpets to makes it homier. Some calm and beautiful paintings will add more comfortable decoration.

Making royal themed bedroom won’t be perfect without huge windows. Not only the window, a long think curtain in cream color match the classic bedroom look.

Rustic Canopy Bed Idea

 Classic Bedroom

For you who want to make the rustic look, simply place a big hardwood four poster bed canopy in your bedroom. High wooden headboard and old-fashioned carving looks very good with the red and white duvets.

The thick cover and hidden shelves on the lower side of the bed complete the rustic canopy bed. Clear glass windows in wooden frame and brown curtain match the rustic bedroom idea.

Black and White Canopy Bed Style

Dark Headboard

Mixing white and black colors can be done on the four poster bed canopy detail.

By making this contrast style, you will get a better bedroom look for your monotonous space. A dark canopy bed can be combined with white sheer cover. Cream bedding with a little black cloth touch can be used too.

Dark hardwood nightstands and a classic chain will make you feel more comfortable to spend your time in this private space. Installing a think dark brown curtain is the best choice for this comfy bedroom.

Simple Makes Perfection

 Four Poster Bed Canopy

Even a simple Four poster bed canopy can make your bedroom looks simply perfection.

For you who want a comfy sleep, don’t forget to install the white sheer cover for the upper side of your canopy bed. Mixing the strong and soft colors together in one bed is a brilliant idea.

Not only the cover, you can use clean white bedding to complete the look. Simply place your bed beside the medium sized window with sheer curtain. Don’t forget to place a small bedside table so you can place your things in your reaching distant.

Dark Cover for Cozy Bed Idea

Dark Sheer Covers

When you feel bored with a clean white cover, it’s time for you to change your four poster bed canopy theme.

Start by changing the white cover with a black sheet cover for your canopy bed. This wooden canopy bed will look different with this color changing.

To give you more comfort, you can place this canopy bed right beside the window. The sheer curtain can help you to control the amount if natural light inside your bedroom.

Relaxing Cottage Bedroom Idea

White Bedding And Cover

When you build a cottage for your escape from crowded city, comfort is the most important thing to think about. A wide canopy bed from hardwood can be a good start.

A clean white bedding with brown detail will suit the cozy wooden four poster bed canopy. Black small lamps are hanging above the headboard. Although it is using a brown wooden wall behind it, medium sized table lamps on the bedside nightstands can give enough light in this room.

Minimalist armless chain made by the same wooden material complete the look in this bedroom. You will feel a relaxation feeling in this natural cottage bedroom decoration.

For the window, you can install a sheet white curtain that will match the cover you used for your canopy bed.

Artistic Canopy Bed Carving Design

Beautiful Carving Details

With its sensational carving on the headboard and the pillars, this four poster bed canopy suits you who want a royalty inspired bedroom theme.

An artistic bench with appealing design matches the canopy bed. Imagine, you can get a comfy yet artistic bed and bench for your royalty themed bedroom.

The same carving can also be applied on the hardwood glass window frame. A sheer curtain in cream color will accentuate this whole bedroom decoration.

Bohemian Bedroom Idea

Rustic Four Poster Bed Canopy

The rustic bohemian bedroom design can be created with brick wall and hardwood flooring.

A Bohemian pattern on the carpet looks very match with the wooden flooring. Next, place your iron Four poster bed canopy on it. The fluffy white bedding and white sheer cover decorating the canopy bed.

Not only the bed, you can place a small rotten chair and rustic nightstand. Natural light from the big wooden framed glass window will shower you in the day time. To prevent you for getting too much natural light, simply install the thick brown curtain that you can pull down easily.

Old Fashioned Bedroom Idea

Old Fashioned Crafting Detail

The big wooden four poster bed canopy with white cover and light brown bedding is a good choice for this old-fashioned bedroom.

A nice classic wooden nightstand and beautiful table lamp can be placed beside the bed. To fill the space above the headboard, a rustic painting is hanged.

On the high glass window, you can install light brown thick curtain with the same theme as your bedding. Not far from the windows, you can place a high cabinet with stunning carving detail. The brown carpet on shining tile flooring looks great for this comfy bedroom.

Contrast Bedding Idea

Amazing Ikea Lade Bed Frame

For you who are looking for a comfy bedroom with fun decoration, simply choose the artistic four poster bed canopy. For the bedding, simply choose an artistic duvet pattern to create a fun part on your white bedding.

The white cover in sheer material also match the black canopy bed with its contrast. Beautiful detail on the white sheer curtain on the wide window can be used here too.

Don’t forget to place 2 classic seats with wooden legs in the end of the bed. To keep your important things, 2 dark wooden nightstands are available on each side of the bed.

Elegant Bedroom Idea

Wooden Four Poster Bed

The king sized Four poster bed canopy made of hardwood material will complete your dream bedroom. For this canopy bed, the flower shaped carving on top of its poles are very beautiful. The elegant vibe also can be seen from the majestic bedding pattern on it.

After you get the bed in its best location, you need to complete this bedroom with a classic wooden cabinet. Simply place it near the bed and glass windows. The grey wall and small windows with cream curtains will gave lighter detail for this bedroom.

Grey Headboard for Classic Canopy Bed

Classic Crafting For Four Poster Bed

Combining the grey padded headboard and white bedding on the wooden four poster bed canopy is not a bad idea.

A colorful painting above the bed fills the blank space on the grey wall. This way, you can give a fun touch in your elegant bedroom theme. Beautiful white flower and table lamps placed on the wooden nightstands beside the bed.

This appealing mix of wooden furniture and bright colored wall and flooring will create a comfy yet majestic look. You can complete the bedroom idea with white curtain for the glass window.

Simplicity for Eternity

Clean White Bedding

You can keep the simplicity for a long time. This unique four poster bed canopy made of hardwood material will match you appealing bedroom design.

Use a clean white bedding on the bed to create a wonderful contrast look that will increase your comfort inside the bedroom. With its simple design, this canopy bed can be used in the rustic, classic or even a minimalist bedroom decorating idea.

Minimalist bedroom design can be completed with simple wooden framed window and clean white curtain.

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