Fresh Nautical Bathroom Ideas With Simple Design

Ocean is the place where the peace can be found. Bringing the nautical bathroom ideas on your home must be an awesome thing to do. Imagine that you will get a relaxing space for your rough day, right on the bathroom.

The nautical theme is common. It enhances a fresh nuance for your bathroom. Moreover, the decoration setting is easy enough to be applied.

All you need to do is a little research and creativity. You will boost your bathroom interior using the sea-themed setting. It provides a beautiful scenery without a complex effort.

Seashell Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Seashell Bathroom Wallpaper in Nautical Theme

Clean with the bright white color. This theme is a good choice for you who have a small bathroom space. It will make an illusion for larger space on your nautical bathroom ideas. To get an advanced interior look, it will be nice to put a seashell texture over the bathroom wall.

The marble sink with a shiny texture will also complete the entire room design. It enhances stunning bathroom design with a beautiful theme. Moreover, the seashell wallpaper will provide a beautiful scenery on there.

To maximize the larger space illusion, you can also add the full mirror on the wall of the sink. It will bring a nice interior for your bathroom. The fresh nuance with its calm setting will make the entire bathroom in such a beautiful theme.

Pirated Theme Shower Curtain

Pirated Theme Shower Curtain Ideas

The other bathroom ideas are this awesome curtain with pirated image tiles. This curtain has a soft fabric material, which also waterproof. It also has a solid surface, which will prevent from the see-through design.

The large lines over its top and bottom side will make a bold border for this curtain. Moreover, the rug with the same blue color with its anchor icon will enhance the nautical theme on the bathroom. It also has a simple setting, where you can put the bathtub next to the windows.

The decoration element such as an artificial sakura will complete this bathroom setting. It creates fresh and clear bathroom nuance. Whenever you need to get more private area, simply cover your bathtub using this beautiful curtain.

Bathroom Mirror with Ocean Accent

Nautical Bathroom Mirror With Ocean Accent

Getting an ocean accent for your nautical décor is actually easy. There are various mirror designs with an ocean decoration for completing your home. This is a good choice for they who live near the beach. It provides a stunning bathroom decoration theme with the beautiful rounded mirror on there.

The sea creatures’ picture on the wallpaper will enhance the bathroom style. It also creates comfortable bathroom design with a beautiful interior setting. The rounded mirror is a perfect option for making the room spacious enough.

You can put a small vase on the corner of the room. It will enhance the decoration setting with the minimalist theme. Remember, the bright color is the main key for making a beautiful scenery for nautical bathroom ideas. The blue ocean will work perfectly for this setting.

Nautical Bathroom Theme a Small Space

Nautical Bathroom Theme A Small Space

If you prefer to get a simpler design, then you should hang some nautical decor frame on your bathroom. A rounded mirror with the sea stones will enhance its stunning appearance.

The beige color is a perfect choice for making this beautiful nautical theme. It looks fresh with the bright nuance on your room.

Moreover, a small cabinet with the brown color will be a functional furniture for the storage. It also uses a classic lamp style on the vanity. It becomes a nice decorating theme as if you’re inside the ship. The wooden wall also brings a chic appearance on this bathroom. It has a bright color style with a nice decoration theme.

Navy Blue in Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Navy Blue in Nautical Bathroom Theme

The navy blue is the representation of ocean’s color. Thus, adding this element on your bathroom will create an amazing nautical bathroom. The bathroom idea is actually simple. You just need to put the navy color on a half of your wall in the bathroom.

Leave the entire room in white color. It creates a stunning ocean nuance. The decoration theme should be placed inside the blue color strip. The hanged lamps on the front mirror are good thing that will enhance your bathroom in such a beautiful theme. It also brings cozy interior space with the good design.

You also can put a minimalist flower vase on the outer side of the sink. It enhances a nature setting for your nautical bathroom ideas.

Decorated Bathroom with Nautical Accessories

Decorated Bathroom With Nautical Accessories

Shells, starfishes and the blue colors are perfect combination for enhancing your bathroom into sea scenery. This nautical décor is actually simple. You just need to get the sea color paint over the walls.

Use the wooden bar and make the rows over the wall. It will be a good container for the sea ornament on your bathroom. Arrange all of these decorating elements tidily. This bathroom design is suitable for they who live near the beach.

However, the decorating elements can fall off the rack. Thus, you might need to glue them on there. It will be a nice bathroom design with a chic appearance on your home.

Coastal Bathroom Rug Ideas

Coastal Bathroom Rug Ideas

One of most forgotten items to build the nautical bathroom is what on the floor. On this case, the rug plays important role for completing the decoration theme on your home. Rug with a coastal texture will enhance the nautical theme.

The blue color with some sea creatures’ image will enhance the bathroom nuance into something beautiful. It looks comfortable with the bright white color over the bathroom. You can use this design for enhancing your bathroom style.

Moreover, the green color with its soft tone will also brings a nice situation for the bathroom. It has a beautiful combination between the blue and green color. Those colors are amazing representation of the nautical décor.

White Pebble Tiles in Nautical Bathroom

White Pebble Tiles in Nautical Bathroom

Getting some details on the bathroom is important step for building the nautical bathroom. It can be done by adding some pebble tiles on the sink.

The white color accent looks beige enough with its calm nuance. It also has a minimalist rectangular design, which helps to bring some interior design in such a modern setting. The sink looks shiny with its ceramic texture.

You also can put additional plant near the wall tile for completing a nature setting on your bathroom. This idea is actually simple to be implemented. It also has an easy interior design with a stunning look for your home. Try to create something unique by adding the pebble tiles. It boosts the bathroom design with a cozy decorating element.

Make It Modern Style in Nautical Theme

Make It Modern Style Nautical Theme

Move to something modern, the nautical bathroom ideas can be built without adding bold sea ornaments on your bathing space. You just need to play the color theme for your bathroom to get that impression.

The bricks with its deep blue ocean paint color are common choice for making your nautical décor come true. It looks elegant with the shiny surface from the ceramic material. Moreover, this nautical bathroom is one of bathroom ideas with a simple setting.

Replacing the wall on your bathroom can be done easily. It also has a simple interior layout with a chic appearance. This is a good choice for they who love minimalist design. It doesn’t event need some sea decorating ornaments.

Green Paint Bathroom Sink

Green Paint Bathroom Sink Ideas

The nautical bathroom is popular for making your bathing space in such a fresh and relaxing setting. You can get a good inspiration by playing the color on the bathroom. By using the bright green sink on your bathroom, it creates a mesmerizing nautical décor with a minimalist design.

The entire room looks white with the bright lamp around the vanity. It also has a wooden texture on the desk platform with a beige nuance. The bright sink becomes an eye attracting furniture. It looks simple with the compact size on the bathroom.

This design is good for they who want to make a nautical décor without using a complex decorating element. The bright green color provides a nature bathroom interior with a comfortable space on your home. It must be interesting to have this kind of bathroom style.

Round Rattan Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Round Rattan Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Having a nice bathroom design using nautical theme is never complete without a wooden material. You should remember that the nautical bathroom needs additional accent, therefore it will not get a monotone impression.

Rattan is a good wooden material that will complete your nautical décor. It has a simple appearance with a chic setting. The mirror with the rattan as its border is a good choice for the bathroom. It has a traditional nuance with a beautiful texture.

To make a balance with this brown color, you also can put a hanged lamp with the gold texture above the mirror. The storage with navy blue color will enhance the bathroom design with its stunning impression.

Bathroom Mirror for Captain Wannabe

Bathroom Mirror For Captain Wannabe

Did you remember that traditional ships usually use rounded window? Well, this is a good inspiration for putting the mirror on your bathroom with nautical décor. The rounded mirror will enhance the entire look of your bathroom with a mesmerizing appearance. It will become a good illusion as if the mirror is the window of the ship.

To complete this, the wooden storage as the vanity is important to get. Complete it by adding the marble sink as the upper layer of the vanity. It will enhance the bathroom design with an easy setup.

The optional thing that you also can get is the nautical rug with the dark blue color. It brings a good accent for your nautical bathroom.

Brushed Brass Pendants Lamp

White Blue Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Again, loosing the detail on decorating your bathroom will put the result in inconsistency. Thus, you should concern on a small detail. For example, what kind of element that will support the nautical décor? Answering this question is pretty easy.

Lighting is the main key of bathroom feature. The pendant light with brushed brass will complete the bathroom with nautical theme. It looks classic with a chain on its hanger. It brings an inside-ship nuance with a proper theme.

The blue navy color background also provides a stunning color setting. Combine it using the white color painting on the wall. The bathroom will get its nicer look in awesome lighting setting.

Bright Blue For Kids Bathroom

Bright Blue For Kids Bathroom Ideas

Blue always represents the ocean color. The bright blue color with the combination bright painting on the wall will make the bathroom kids into a stunning space. It looks more amazing with the net layering on its surface.

The additional simple decorations such as picture frames, zig zag tissue box and a roped mirror will make the bathroom in a beautiful decoration theme. It also provides mesmerizing interior look with a nautical room theme.

The cabinet also can be painted using the navy blue color. It brings a calm nuance with relaxing room theme. This is a good concept for they who want to make a cheerful yet fresh design for the kids’ bathroom. The nautical bathroom kid is a perfect setting for making a clean and clear interior theme.

Nautical Bathroom Ideas with Bold Color

15 Bold Color Bathroom Vanity

There is a simple trick for making the nautical décor on your bathroom. The high contrast of color setting is the main palette that you should try.

You can use the black and white color design. Repainting the vanity using the black color is a nice idea to try. If you think that you’re not going to paint the vanity, then ensure that you will choose the black color for making this theme. The entire bathroom should use the white color.

The result will be amazing. It looks nice and elegant with the combination of the black and white color setting. For making a cozy wall design, you should put the brick texture on its surface. The nautical décor can be seen from the rounded mirror and the minimalist floor design on this bathroom. It looks fresh with a chic appearance.

Pastel Bathroom Colors with Nautical Theme

Pastel Bathroom Colors Ideas

If you think that the sea color always uses blue, then you might think twice this time. The pastel color is actually a nice choice for refreshing your bathroom design. It will create a calm nuance for the interior design.

The soft cyan color with its pastel accent will gain the nautical décor appearance. It also has a classic vanity with the white color. This is a good combination for making a small space into a spacious design.

The mirror is also large enough. It provides a good reflection for the entire bathroom, including the lighting setting near the mirror. As the ornament, a starfish decoration is placed on the front of the sink. It looks calm with a simple layout.

Beach Theme Shower Curtains Ideas

17 Beach Shower Curtains

Still playing with the pastel color, you can put the beach curtain with a minimalist texture. It provides stunning bathroom design with a calm nuance.

The curtain size is also large enough. It has good color combination between blue, green, white and gray. The rug also has the same curtain color style. Of course, it will create a nice bathroom design with modern look. Try to use this room setting for making a nautical bathroom with the clean theme.

Unique Boat Shelf Nautical Bathroom

Unique Boat Shelf

If you prefer to get some unique shelf design, then this is the good selection for you. It has a boat shape with a large compartment.

The brown color makes a nature appearance, as it’s also supported with the wooden material. You can hang it vertically near the mirror. The storage of this shelf will work nicely on your bathroom.

Distressed Bathroom Paint Ideas

Distressed Bathroom Paint

The natural approach for the bathroom paint usually works like a magic. Instead of painting a plain color on your bathroom, you can try to use distressed paint style. It will make the bathroom looks like on the inside of the ship.

The decoration is also simple enough with its nice look on the entire room. A small chest-like box with the brown color will enhance its nautical décor with an amazing impression.

Turquoise Bathroom Colors

Turquoise Bathroom Colors

Navy blue might be a mainstream color for the nautical bathroom. Thus, you should try something beautiful like this turquoise bathroom design. It looks nice with the combination of the white wall and marble texture on the sink. The rounded mirror has its unique shape just like the window of the ship.

Large Size Nautical Bathroom Design

Large Bathroom Design

For optimizing the bathroom nuance into nautical theme, you can make a beautiful decoration theme with a beautiful paint color like this.

The ceiling looks dreamy with an amazing paint. It represents the sky of the ocean. The navy blue color also brings an oceanic room impression.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

If you think that the ceramic bathroom will not work for having nautical bathroom, then you might change the way of your thinking.

The mosaic bathroom tiles with soft blue color will shines the oceanic appearance. It looks calm with a nice interior design. This is a good option for they who love the simplicity.

Getting a new decoration theme for your bathroom is necessary. Try to make a little research for creating beautiful nautical bathroom and you will see how relaxing it is to be applied on your home.

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