The Opulence Of Neoclassical Interiors In Home Decors

Neoclassical interiors style is one of popular home interior decor idea in Italy. This interior decorating style is generally featured with luxurious charm displayed by the furniture, color pallete and artwork detail.

The Neoclassical style offers simple yet elegant in every detail of decor. High ceiling concept, gold and bronze hues and artistic wooden furniture ideas are normally embellished in this kind of classic interior decor.

Well, several samples of the opulence of neoclassical interior decor are available below. These samples seem perfect to give you some references that you need before upgrading your own living space.

Sexy Bedroom of Neoclassical Style

Totally Luxurious Neoclassical Interiors

Generally, this couple bedroom is intentionally designed as a futuristic room with unique round cove lighting integrated on ceiling. This bedroom applies black and white theme for the interior decoration.

Brand new velvet bed with headboard and velvet duvet is chosen to give modern detail in this Neo room. To give extra modern facility, a custom cabinet is installed as TV set on the wall in front of the bedding.

This modern neoclassical bedroom basically still displays those old fashioned detail in the room such as the chandelier. Dim lighting also gives comfortable atmosphere into the room since this room is completely used for sleeping.

Classic Marilyn Monroe Bedroom

Sweet Teen Bedroom Idea In Neoclassical Interiors

This classic room wall is painted in pale yellow with amazing old residence painting on the curved corner of the center wall. A super big black and white Marilyn Monroe photo is hanged on the center wall above the headboard.

Unlike the cushions which are in same yellow hue as the wall, the blanket comes in red and white color combination. Around the classic bed, three yellow printed chairs are found with book stacked on them.

A couple of nightstand with book shelves are placed on both sides of the bed. For enlightenment, this room displays heron wall lamps and Victorian table lamps.

Private Large Bathroom in Style

Spacious Bathroom

It is good to say that the neoclassical interiors are also perfect concept to beautify your private bathroom especially in larger space. Dim lighting coming from a crystal chandelier looks warm for this private room.

Some lamps are also integrated around the chandelier for brighter scheme. Two white standing sinks are installed facing a wide borderless mirror. A wooden side cabinet is placed as toiletries storage on the left side of mirror.

A big bathtub is located near to the custom ceiling-to-floor cabinet with transparent shower cabin that is also located in front of the mirror and sinks.

Rustic Bedroom in Neoclassical Style

Rustic Marilyn Monroe Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom for teen is quite easy with some floral printed linen. Blue and white diamond printed sheet looks styish covering the only bedding in this white rstic bedroom. This bed has classic curved headboard with some colored cushions on it.

Unique round nightstand is placed next to the bed. This nightstand is showing a vase of flower in pink and yellow scheme. Generally, this white bedroom looks so bright with no curtain covering the only window behind the bedding.

The neoclassical interiors idea of the bedroom looks awesome without too much detail on the wall and furniture.

Old Fashioned Green Bedroom Interiors

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Theme

This main bedroom is generally painted in green with old fashioned floor concept. It seems that the owner consciously lets the old bedroom appearing as the way it is. A classic golden bench is placed on the foot area of the bed with red cushion and blanket.

A very big yellow lamp poster is attached with other smaller pictures dominating the wall. Another side of wall displays a couple of Marilyn Monroe pictures as center wall art.

The wall art is attached perfectly above the red brown headboard of the white bedding. A unique chandelier is installed in this neoclassical interiors.

Small Neoclassical Bathroom Ideas

Black Marble On A Half Bottom Bathroom

For smaller space, designing a bathroom in neoclassical interiors concept will allow you to install black and white marble tiles on the floor and a lower half part of the wall. White hanging sink looks great to save more space in the bathroom.

You can add an old fashioned stool with floral detail to bring the neoclassical theme into the room. Or, placing a small pot of greenery on a small side table also sounds great as well as placing a single chair with green seat next to the planter.

Displaying some framed animal pictures on the wall will create chic view.

Luxurious Goden Themed Living Interiors

White Coffee Table

The neoclassical interiors may involve various Victorian ornament onto the furniture and pallete set. It is simiar with the open space living room displayed by the picture. Big chandelier is installed lower closely to the white coffee table and its chairs.

Glass windows offers elegant reflection of the chandelier next to it as well as the entire room naturally. There are some ornaments placed on the coffee table including flowers and books.

If we can see from the glass reflection, this living room seems to be a kind of sharing room with dining room located not far from it.

Involving 90’s Style onto the Living Ideas

Old Styled Living Space

Attractive striped wallpaper is attached on the entire of the room wall. The striped wallpaper consists of white and orange hues to brighten the entire living room. There is a two paneled swinging glass door installed in this room where we can go out to the balcony.

This door is completed with striped curtains to match the wallpaper. The 90’s style of wall art can be seen on the center wall in which a couple of big portrait paintings are framed vertically behind the red velvet couch. Another red couch is placed with wooden side table on another wall side of the neoclassical interiors.

Standard Characteristic of Neoclassical Furniture

Floral Lamp Shades

Every home interior style has its own standard characteristic. The neoclassical interiors have its own standard where artistic crafted detail is found on every furniture or ornament. It is like what we can see on the nightstand picture here.

This brown painted nighstand looks soft to match the short table lamp put on it. The crafted detail is made on each corner of the nightstand even the legs.

This small nightstand consists of two drawers with unique knobs on the front side. With lighter brown accent, everyone can see the drawer border even in dark room condition.

Historical Sensation Created by Neoclassical Interiors

Nice Office Corners

This time, the Neoclassical interiors work perfectly in other room of house namely office room. A wide desk which is made of wood with classical detail over the surface is placed closely to the wall.

There are some posters and paintings are hanged on this wall to express the neoclassical concept. A high transparent table lamp with white shade is placed on the desk for lighting. There is a horse statue and a pot of green plant as artwork on the desk.

Some books and stationery are also found on the desk. A couple of floral print chairs are standing on both sides of the wooden desk.

Glorious Side Seating Area with Velvet Chairs

Narrowed Side Cabinets

It is a great option to maximize an empty area of your living room as an additional seating area. With a side table placed closely to the windows, this neoclassical interiors will be a comfortable side for talking at the day or night.

There is a big window with unique wavy curtain installed on it. It is functional as a decorative center wall with that wavy curtain.

A couple of wine velvet chairs are placed on both sides of the side cabinet. And as a final twist, a stylish ceramic vase and miniatures are located neatly on the top of cabinet.

Expensive Look of the Neoclassical Family Room

Living Room With Baroque

Artistic cream marble floor looks elegant in this neoclassical interiors living room. This marble floor shows us the beauty of flower art that looks matching with the big coffee table on it. The large coffee table comes in double pallete designed like a ring.

A vase of flower arrangement is placed on the center part of coffee table to bring the elegance into the room. Glorious silver sofa with tufted back and some glossy cushions stands bravely in front of the glass door where thicker curtains are hanged elegantly.

Another couch is in white to give brighter accent in this soft brown living room interior.

Romantic Neoclassical Seating Space

Interesting Wide Painting

Attaching a super wide painting which dominated by green looks glorious on the center wall of this neoclassical interiors space. With simple classic red chairs placed on both sides of wooden cabinet, this small seating area becomes the best area to visit.

Every red chair has stylish printed cushion to add extra comfortable sense on it. The wooden side cabinet also looks elegant with a couple of table lamps and some books.

A classic red stool is purposely placed in front of the side cabinet for additional seating. There is no any carpet put on the wooden floor since the painting will pay more attention.

Minimalist Neoclassical Dining Room

Dark And Light Combination

To add a focal point inside this dining room, a wide black dove board is blocking the white center wall. Dark patented cupboard is also installed on another side of wall showing white porcelain plates and tea sets.

Luxurious square dark glass table is completed with seven black chairs. White tiled floor looks very clean with neoclassical interiors detail as liner.

Amazingly, a big round shaped Marilyn Monroe photograph is displayed on the black dove board as a part of focal point. Glorious drum shaped pendant with spiral ornament is hanging as lighting above the dining table.

Romantic Twin Bedrooms in Neoclassical Theme

Feminine Pink Bedroom For Kids

Romantic coral themed wall looks perfect to express such a feminine bedroom for teen daughters. Two double-size beds with poles look gorgeous with amazing pink black printed blanket.

The white sheet under the blanket brings brighter accent on the bedding area. Fortunately, the window of this room is quite big with soft cream curtain hanging on. A big decorative mirror offers real neoclassical interiors on the center coral wall.

There is a marroon wooden nightstand is located between the beds where a table lamp is stored. Glorious iron drum shaped pendant is hanging on the ceiling center.

Neoclassical White and Blue Themed Dining Room

Painted In White Theme

The neoclassical interiors dining room integrates blue and white theme. This open space dining room is basically painted in white as base.

And then a large wall decal is installed as a focal point on the center wall in green and white pallete. And a painting is hanged on this center wall to emphasize the focal point. White round table with four classic chairs surrounding it is placed near the focal point.

The round table is covered by blue printed sheet to match the curtain and carpet in this room. Blue vase with fresh sunflowers is also placed on the table as decorative ornaments.

Italian Blue Sofa in Dark Living Room

Elegant Blue Couch

To create a King’s palace themed living room, there are several tips you can do. Elegant atmosphere can be involved into the room by covering the entire of the room wall in dark brown.

A framed classic painting can be attached to decorate a center wall where an expensive blue and cream couch is placed. A wide coffee table is located in front of the blue couch.

Both coffee table and the blue couch are featured with brass covering the crafted detail as border. Three pendants are hanging above the sofa and coffee table as enlightening of the neoclassical interiors.

Black and White Living Room with Stunning Art

Gorgeous Black And White Neoclassical Interiors

Bright white sofa, chair and big coffee table are displayed in front of the TV set. Black floor-to-ceiling wall stands on the right side of the room.

This black wall becomes a separator between the living room and another room inside the house. Black carpet is placed under the white furniture to create a contrast ambience. Unique chandelier is installed on the center of white ceiling with cove lamps.

Round white neon is attached on the center of the black wall where an LCD TV is attached on the center. Floor-to-ceiling window adds extra light into the neoclassical interiors room.

Elegant White Entranceway Idea with Brass Accent

Classic Glass Entryways

The neoclassical interiors are also available for house entranceway. Soft ivory or white painted wall looks bright with a single-panel door with oval glass on the center part.

Artistic brass detail is attached on every corner of the door panel especially on the glass part. Unique tiled floor looks old in this entranceway. Nonetheless, this space still looks glorious with simple items placed around.

There is a coat holder painted in gold placed on the right side of the door. And a pot of green palm tree is located on the left side of the door.

Chic Neoclassical Living Room with Splash of Flowers

Comfortable Living Rooms

Molded wall and ceiling with gold accent look so luxurious in this interior idea. To match the golden accent, you can hang curtain to cover the glass swing doors in similar hues.

Big framed pictures, painting and portrait are allowed to give such a classic wall art in this room. And you can also put a classic Mediterranean carpet on the wooden floor to add more exclusive atmosphere into the room.

White coating couch, cream curvy couch and floral chairs are totally perfect to fill this neoclassical interiors idea. Pots of greenery which placed on the floor or side table even give extra natural nuance.

Minimalist White Bedroom for Girl

Fluffy Bed And Custom Cabinets

Minimalist bedroom is decorated elegantly in bright theme. Generally, the entire of wall is painted in white, so do the rest of furniture. Luxurious side cabinet comes in white with knob less drawers as storage idea.

Custom bed with low headboard and patented nightstand is also in bed with a small cactus as ornament. A tufted bench in white is located on the feet part of the bed to add extra comfortable nuance in this sleeping room.

As a focal point, a giant pink photograph of Marilyn Monroe is displayed above the side cabinet. Little accent of neoclassical interiors is found on the bedding.

Extravagant Seating Spot in Neoclassical Room

Bright White Living Rooms

The Neoclassical interiors idea may integrate only an elegant Victorian couch as a center point. This couch is truly crafted in elegance shown by the liner, hand and feet details even cushions.

White is a nice hue to suit the neutral vibrant in the living room since a black chair with long size is also placed next to the couch for comfortable spot. A luxurious wooden coffee table with symmetric feet details looks great with the couch too.

A large classic painting is framed on the wall right behind the white couch. The frame is totally made by wood with crafted detail on each corner.

Palace Look in the Dining Room

Attractive Chandeliers

Super big mirrored wall in this dining room even combines with Victorian detailed mirrors hanged on it. Some porcelain plates are arranged stylishly as wall art on another side of molded wall.

Which spot can get the attention is in which a big oval wooden table with ten chairs are placed. A big crystal chandelier is low hanging above the oval table. To match this table set, a wide cream carpet is also placed covering the floor under the table.

To optimize the interior with golden scheme, Ivory curtain with artistic brocade curtain are installed as divider on the neoclassical interiors hallway.

Oriental Patch in Neoclassical Living Room

Amazing Oriental Red Neoclassical Interiors

The oriental splash may be seen from the appearance of red floor-to-ceiling wall divider which is placed to covering the center wall in this living room. The foldable wall divider has a big function as well as a wide background there.

The blue velvet carpet is placed to give obvious mark when we can sit with those classic couches, chairs and an elegant wooden coffee table on the middle.

A couple of twin Chinese urn styled table lamp with red shades give enlightenment on both sides of the divider. The Neoclassical interiors touch displayed on the creamy wall as artwork.

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