Nursery Paint Ideas For Baby Boys And Girls

There are many nursery paint ideas that you can use for your beautiful baby. Preparing a comfortable and appealing nursery for both baby and the mother can be done even before the baby is born. Playing with colors for the wall and furniture will be very fun.

In making the nursery, combining the wall painting ideas, flooring and furniture are very important. Mixing and matching the colors and materials is one of the ways to increase the aesthetic of you baby room.

If you are feeling confused to know which design that is suitable for you, check out these 20+ nursery decoration themes.

Relaxing Paint Ideas for Nursery

Blue And White Nursery Paint

First, you can combine the Blue Paint on the above and white nursery paint ideas for the lower part. This combination looks very calm and relaxing. The white and blue wall inside the nursery makes this space looks bright and cheerful.

A white nursery with cream bedding and blue blanket is placed between square shelves and cream cloth basket. White hardwood flooring and minimalist carpet add more relaxing details in the room.

To make this space brighter, a wide white framed glass window with clean sheer curtain is located near the crib. A round bean bag can be placed under the huge glass window.

Light Grey Nursery Paint Ideas

Light Grey Nursery

To get a comfortable vibe inside the nursery, you can try to use the light grey nursery paint ideas for the baby room. You can combine the grey paint idea for wall with white ceiling and grey carpet flooring.

Hanging some simple natural paintings on the blank grey painted wall can make this space appealing. The contrast color idea will be very interesting to look. Under the little birds painting, simply place a dark brown crib with white bedding.

Not far from the crib, baby changing table with small stuffed animals can be located. For this minimalist nursery, a white framed window and white curtain will complete the look.

Yellow Paint Idea in Nursery

Bright Yellow Nursery Paint

If you have a yellow wall, cute puppy printed wall details and colorful painting will create a fun vibe. You can choose white crib and changing table near the minimalist white shelves in the room. Orange rocking sofa with white pillow can be a comfy spot for mother to breastfeed the baby.

A big white framed glass window with thick curtain that can be pulled down to control the natural light in this nursery paint ideas. At night, the rocking sofa will still get a good lighting from the high white floor lamp that placed beside it.

Rustic Nursery Idea

Rustic Nursery Paint Ideas

Installing the rustic nursery paint ideas with wooden pattern is not so bad. You can combine this natural yet old wooden look with grey wall and ceiling. The wide grey carpet with appealing pattern matches this rustic theme.

With these soft yet dark theme, this nursery design for baby boy will be perfect. To decorate the rustic wall idea, you can make 3D letters with your baby’s name.

The natural lighting from wide glass window and brown sheer curtain increasing the warm vibe here. White and brown crib is placed near the comfy brown rocking sofa and square sofa.

Clean Nursery Paint Theme

Purple And White Nursery

Big white crib in classic design decorated with white bedding are the best furniture for clean nursery idea. The lavender paint idea can be applied in this nursery.

White round hanging ceiling lamp match the clean nursery paint ideas. Cozy sofa in white can be placed before the white curtain and high glass window. A clean white changing table is located beside the entry space.

Appealing carpet with abstract pattern placed on the cream flooring. High floor lamp in the corner can be a second lighting at night.

Pastel Colored Nursery Idea

Nursery Paint Color Ideas

For a baby girl, the pastel nursery paint is a good choice. If you are interested with this nursery paint ideas, start by preparing the calm and warm colored furniture.

A pastel pink paint can be combined with white ceiling and wooden flooring. Small wall shelves and unique ornament will fill the empty wall look. You can place a white crib under the big wall ornament.

Beside the crib, to keep the baby clothes clean, a wooden cabinet can be placed here too. On this cabinet, you can place a fluffy changing bed.

One Toned Nursery Paint Idea

Comfy Room

Using only one tone paint color for almost all parts of the nursery is not a bad idea. Grey nursery paint ideas is one of the best choices which can be used in the baby room.

By using this soft wall color, this room can be used for both baby boy and girl. To give interesting vibe, simply install some white wall shelves and place some stuffed animals on it. White crib in classic design looked very cute with blue bedding and blanket.

Bright floor lamp can be placed on the corner. On the other corner, the grey rocking chair can be located.

Unique Pattern on Nursery Paint Ideas

 Round Wall Mirror

There is another way to decorate the nursery, especially the paint idea. You can try to combine the plain nursery paint ideas with unusual wallpaper pattern. Don’t be afraid to explore the nursery paint.

Combining the cream calm paint and navy wallpaper with unique pattern looks interesting. As for the ceiling, a clean white paint can be used. White floor lamp and crib can be placed beside the busy wallpaper.

A white round wall mirror increases the aesthetic in this nursery.Bright light from wide window with white curtain showering this nursery. Grey rocking sofa and round side table complete this nursery decoration.

Multiple Toned Paint Ideas

Brown Carpet Floor

By using more than 2 colors for the nursery paint ideas, you can create fun vibe for your baby room.

Simply separate the wall space into upper and lower side. You can paint the upper side with unique grey and white pattern. As for the lower part, pink paint looks interesting.

On the other wall, purple and orang paint idea will create an unusual nursery look. White framed glass window with sheer curtain becomes the neutral point in the room. Black and white crib and grey sofa increase the room’s contrast.

Neutral Nursery Interior Design

Neutral Nursery Paint

When you want the baby gender to be surprise until the delivery day, you can make a nursery with neutral nursery paint ideas.

To make it, simply choose calm and neutral paint color for the wall and ceiling. Cream wall paint can be combined with white ceiling and cream carpeted flooring. For the furniture, neutral color becomes a good choice too.

By choosing the crib and changing space with wooden material and a shade or white paint, you can match the furniture with the nursery paint idea. For the window, you can install it in white frame and choose thick cream curtain as its cover.

Princess Themed Nursery Idea

Grey And Pink Nursery Paint

Pink and grey colors are very common to be used in the princess theme. That’s why you can use these two colors for the nursery paint ideas.

By using grey as the main paint for the wall, you can give a touch of pink paint on the upper part. In this light wall part, you can paint the baby’s name. Classic chandelier in small size will add the royalty vibe in this nursery.

Classic white crib and fluffy pink sofa are places near the windows which are covered with sheer curtain. A small round side table and cute table lamp complete this nursery design idea.

Big Tree Paint Ideas

Grey Nursery Paint Ideas

Creating a big pattern on the plain wall can make the plain nursery more fun. This grey nursery paint ideas can be made by painting the wall in grey base. On the wide wall, make a big tree pattern using white paint.

This simple yet creative idea can will be complete if you place a white crib beside it. pink bedding is used to match the baby gender. A long white changing table with wooden shelves is located beside the crib.

The white blinds covering the wide window allows you to manage the natural lights that can enter the room.

Contrast Paint Idea for Nursery

Brave Nursery Paint Ideas

Black and white are the contrast colors that can create a wonderful nursery paint ideas.
First, you can paint the wall with black paint base and decorate it with small white dots.

Placing the wall ornaments in white color like letters and animal head shape can increase the contrast look.

As for the furniture, you can place a classic crib in white color and decorate it with black blanket and pillow. White ceiling and artistic pink hanging lamp looked so appealing. White windows with its sheer curtains look so wonderful between the black wall.

Traditional Nursery Design

Classic Grey Crib

In making a traditional nursery design, don’t forget to use the classic theme for the furniture. Not only using classic furniture, but you can also complete the theme with grey nursery paint ideas.

Placing wooden framed wall mirror with old fashioned carving and attached wall hooks are enough to fill the blank space on the grey wall.

You can combine the grey crib with white bedding and white changing table inside this baby room. For the lower part, hardwood flooring and grey carpet are the best choice.

Simple Paint Idea for Baby Room

Simple Grey And White Color Combination

Simple baby room is not so hard to decorate. For example, you can use the grey nursery paint ideas for baby room.

In this baby room, you can place a white crib, white cabinet and comfy white sofa. This furniture can be near the grey painted wall. White framed windows and grey drapes will match the grey paint theme in here.

Wide blue carpet adds more color in this nursery interior design. You can also place some animal dolls and painting in the nursery.

Minimalist Nursery Interior Ideas

Black And White Nursery Paint

Having minimalist baby room doesn’t mean you only use one tone nursery paint ideas. Be creative and try to use dark paint for the wide wall and white paints on the side wall.

To decorate the dark wall, simply hang the white framed ornament on it. Under this ornament, a wide white crib can be located. Add some nature vibe by placing green plant on the corner.

Artistic Persian carpet with unique pattern can be an eye-catching detail here. White framed window and sheer curtain will make this baby room looks more relaxing.

Grey Mountain Details on the Wall

Interesting Pattern On Lovely Nursery Paint Ideas Near White Furniture

It can be boring if you just leave the white nursery paint ideas blank and clean. By complete it with some pattern and details, it will make the nursery more fun.

For example, you can paint some grey mountains and small air balloons floating above it. Beside this fantastic wall, white framed window and curtain can be installed.

To match the nursery interior, white changing table and white sofa are a good choice. White crib with the same colored bedding is also a smart choice. Don’t forget to place small round side table near the sofa to place things that you need.

Futuristic Ceiling and Wall Paint Idea

Cozy Baby Room

Planning the nursery paint for your baby room is not only for the wall color, ceiling detail is also an important thing to decide. To create a unique vibe, you can combine the white painted wall and colorful ceiling details.

For the furniture, you can choose the minimalist items. Simple wooden crib can be placed near the grey rocking sofa and navy round backless sofa. High glass window and thick curtain behind the sofa will provide the natural lights.

Hardwood changing cabinet and round wall mirror can be placed on the other side of the room. White door completes this cozy nursery paint ideas.

Wide Baby Room Interior Idea

Traditional Nursery Paints

Filling the wide space inside your nursery can be easy after you follow these steps. First, you need to choose which nursery paint ideas that you want to apply in the room. White paint is a safe choice for you who still keep the baby gender reveal till the delivery day.

Soft cream crib and white rocking sofa can be used in this neutral interior too. Simply place the sofa beside a high glass window and cream think curtain. A simple round side table with little table lamp looks perfect too.

On the white painted wall, you can install small toys shelves and paintings to decorate the blank area. Clean white carpet flooring under the unusual ceiling lamp looks so appealing.

Relaxing Paint Ideas

Old Fashioned Nursery Paint

Choosing the relaxing toned nursery paint ideas can be very good. By using the grey paint wall and hardwood flooring combined with white painted ceiling, the relaxing nursery theme can be created.

Gold framed wall mirror in round shape is installed between old fashioned wall lamps. Those items are decorating the grey nursery paint. Clean white crib and polka dot blanket located near grey carpet.

These simple and clean colors are creating a comfortable and calming vibe in the nursery.

Tiny Nursery Design Idea

Tiny Room With Calm Nursery Paints

What if you only have a small area for the nursery? Don’t worry, you can still make a comfy baby room even if in the small area.

To save some space, you can install two white wall shelves above the white crib. On the shelves, place some toys for your baby boy like a wooden train and small animal toys.

The white nursery paint ideas can be the perfect choice in this tiny nursery. The clean paint will create a wider look in this small space. A modern grey chair and furry blanket can be located here too.

Brilliant Nursery Paint Combination Ideas

Cute Animal Details

By applying the white window and blinds in the comfy nursery, it will provide enough natural light inside the room. You can combine this white window with cream nursery paint ideas and hardwood flooring.

Clean white ceiling and round brown hanging lamp match the comfy nursery interior. Comfy bench is placed under the window here. Cute giraffe doll will guard your baby when he sleeps inside his white crib.

On the other side of cream painted wall, some floating shelves are installed. You can place some books and small plant there.

Animal Details on the Grey Paint Ideas

Lovely Animal Theme

Decorating the grey nursery paint ideas in the nursery is very fun. On the wall, you can make some stripped pattern with white and grey paint. Colorful animal picture on blue frame can complete this wall.

Clean white crib with grey elephant blanket and cute blue star mobile placed between grey rocking sofa and white nightstand. Also, you can’t forget the classic white changing cabinet.

For the lighting, beside the ceiling lamp, glass window can be installed here too. To match the paint idea, simply use a thick grey curtain to cover the window.

Fun Space Pattern on White Paint Idea

Star Themed Nursery Paint Ideas

Space themed nursery paint ideas can be made by making specific pattern on the wall. For example, making stars and moon pattern on the white wall can create the space environment.

Thick shades can be used to control the amount of natural lights from the wide glass windows in the baby room. White cabinet and comfy rocking chair can be placed near the windows. To create a good contrast, you can place two black table lamps near the wide windows.

Green crib and unique golden floor lamp can be placed not far from the space pattern.

Cute Nursery Design with Small Frames

Brilliant Nursery Paint Ideas

You can decorate the cute nursery with small framed pictures. The white nursery paint ideas can be more interesting with many small framed pictures.

After you hang those small frames on the white wall, simply place your white baby crib, side table and a cute pink table lamp under it. this way, your nursery will look so comfy and cute.

Fluffy carpet on the floor can be a safe space for your baby to play with her stuffed animal doll.

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