26 Stylish Patterned Stair Carpet For Staircase

Carpet is just a little item that is typically selected as an ornament in a home interior decoration. It usually offers a sense of warmth to any room you desire. It is available in patterned, numerous shapes, prints, details, colors, and materials.

Even it may be sold at various price rates. Besides beautifying the rooms in the house, carpet is useful to make the stairway area more glorious.

It surely can transform the common staircase into a warmer staircase with fashionable designs, prints, and colors set following the home interior decor.

Floral Pattern Stair Carpet Runner

Floral Pattern Stair Carpet Runner

The most standard print on the staircase carpet is a floral pattern. It is mostly chosen by people because it has sweet and natural detail of flowers, leaves, and other artistic lines.

In a light cream theme, the floral pattern stair carpet runner appears simply. The floral print looks standard with four petals and stylish curly lines drawn surrounding it. The pattern looks monotone since it comes similar to each other from tip to tip.

There is no borderline on both long sides of the stair carpet. And the width is a bit smaller than the staircase steps. Nonetheless, the stair carpet successfully makes this stairway cute.

Fine Wool Oriental Patterned Carpet

Fine Wool Oriental Carpet

Oriental carpet is not always related to the red hue. This time, the stair carpet in oriental theme comes in elegant dark black with a little accent of brown and cream printed on the pattern.

The pattern of the stair carpet itself looks really luxurious and expensive. The pattern basically shows a glorious set of leaves in the fall theme.

Each detail offers luxury over the entire stair carpet. And it looks perfect, covering the middle part of the staircase steps in classic style. As the base, the staircase comes in a straight layout with a white wooden balustrade painted in white.

Grey and Ivory Carpet Runners

Grey And Ivory Carpet Runners

The next carpet runner has a simpler design with warm grey and ivory color combination. The grey tone dominates the entire carpet, while the ivory is set as a stylish border on both sides.

This simple carpet only involves artistic straight lines and curly lines printed on both long sides. The center part of the stair runner looks clean with no print. As usual, the carpet runner has a smaller width than the classic staircase in the picture.

That’s why it may show the clean white steps behind it. To keep the carpet staying in its position, the metallic rod is arranged as a locker on each step which is installed with screws.

Flower Patterned Carpet

Flower Patterned Carpet

Colorful flower printed staircase runner looks super interesting to have. This flower patterned stair carpet shows us the painting of flowers in various colors combination.

Numerous flower kinds are drawn on the pattern in numerous color schemes including magenta, white, cream, yellow, dusty pink and green for the leaves. As main background color, black seems to be the best hue to keep the carpet elegant.

Unlike other stair carpet samples, this carpet is custom made to fit the stair step dimension. Thus, it can cover the entire surface of the steps. There is no border line shown on both sides to emphasize the floral print on the carpet.

Blue Antelope Stair Runners

Blue Antelope Stair Runners

For modern living space, beautifying the main staircase, which is built between the concrete walls, will be a good idea. Besides avoiding the plain look over the stairs, applying a runner creates such a pleasant feeling for everybody who is accessing the stairs.

Since the stair handle is made of stainless steel, it is better to pick the runner as bright as the balustrade. Blue antelope stair runners seem to be perfect, covering the white staircase as well.

The velvet surface offers softness for your barefoot. The antelope skin print over the dark blue background offers a magic feeling as if you are stepping over the star bridge in the space.

Animal Pattern Carpet

Animal Pattern Carpet

It is true that animal-printed carpets will work better for modern stairways. In this case, we can pick a cheetah skin pattern over the runners. Soft cream color will be perfect to match the natural wooden steps on the stairs.

The unique, complicated lining on the black balustrade adds an extra minimalist atmosphere over the staircase from tip to tip. The staircase carpet is intentionally made to cover every nook of the steps.

It is totally blocked as if both materials are connected to each other. Overall, this animal pattern carpet looks simple yet super glorious on this modern straight staircase.

Black and White Colors Stair Carpet

Black And White Colors

For those who love visual illusion so much, we recommend you to have this black and white runner. Basically, when the carpet runner is spread on the floor, it will show you three common black lines drawn in the center.

White ivory lines are also drawn between the black lines as stripes. For bordering both lines, a grey line is printed on both long sides of the runner.

Wait until the runner is applied over the L-shaped staircase. It will show a perfect visual illusion over your white staircase. This staircase carpet is the best stairs ornament in your modern living space as you want.

Diamond Patterned Carpet Runner

Diamond Patterned Carpet Runner

We have a solution for you who want to make your staircase becoming tinier visually. Applying a diamond-patterned carpet runner can create such a tighter look over the wide steps. Of course, the runner should be made in narrowed dimensions too.

With a simple diamond pattern with white lines over the up and down grey lining background, this runner can make us think that the stairs are as wide as the carpet.

The diamond-patterned stair carpet is suitable for any staircase style, including the classic one. Since it is available in white and grey, it will be matching with any color theme.

Checked Pattern Stairs Carpet

Checked Pattern Stairs Carpet

Having a nice house with a great interior would make us very happy. Sometimes, some unique entrances into the rooms are found inside the house. Based on the picture, a standard staircase gives double access to the second floor.

Yet, in the middle of the track, it escorts you to an additional floor when you turn to the left. On this half floor, you will find a corridor that will allow you to find a bathroom and more rooms.

Since the staircase steps are quite narrowed, there is only a checked pattern stairs carpet that completely blocks the steps.

Modern Style Carpet Design

Modern Style Carpet Design

The appearance of the modern-style carpet design on this classic curved staircase is totally amazing.

The stairs runner comes in light grey. It completely covers the entire part of the steps except for two steps on the bottom because they are bigger than the others.

The diamond print looks simple shown on the grey carpet. Nonetheless, it gives such an elegant detail over this classic curved staircase with a black metal balustrade.

A similar grey accent is also found over the wall on the right side of the stairs. A wooden handle installed over the metal balustrade adds more elegance to this stylish staircase.

Contemporary Staircase Carpet

Contemporary Staircase Carpet

The awesome circular staircase in this big house looks inviting with its curly steps going upstairs. Dark brown wooden steps look elegant between the light grey wall and iron balustrade.

The stair runner dimension is smaller than the steps, so we can still see the wooden steps under the runners. Light grey becomes the background color of this runner. It shows the contemporary pattern of spiral, which blocks almost the entire surface of the carpet runner in dark brown.

Since the whole interior wall is in light grey, including the bright marble on the floor, this stylish runner finally becomes a focal point on the staircase.

Stairway Carpet with Yellow Accents

Stairway Carpet With Yellow Accents

Displaying a narrowed stairway carpet with yellow accents on a tiny straight staircase, in fact, can make this cabin house really chic. Although the white staircase is really narrowed, the yellow lining printed on the stairs runner makes this straight stair more refreshing.

The runner itself appears in a smaller dimension with stunning yellow gradation on each line. It consists of seven yellow color accents shown from tip to tip like a rainbow color set.

This runner looks eye-catching on the white steps as well as the birch floor displayed on the first floor among the white wall color theme.

Colorful Print Carpet Runner

Colorful Print Carpet Runner

There is a lot of ideas to make your white-themed living space amazing. One of which is to block the flooring with carpet. The carpet itself should not be in mono color. It is better to display the colorful one to make your living space more cheerful.

The colorful print carpet runner can be another solution to bring cheerfulness upstairs. In a tidy pattern, the carpet shows several types of color, including lime green, brown, turquoise, cream, and white.

White becomes the base color behind all other colors. In this case, we need to be careful not to spill any colored liquid over the carpet.

Black and White Tiger Print

Black And White Tiger Print

It is nice to decorate the hallway with a runner as well as the staircase. In the same color theme, the runner on the hallway and staircase should be matching each other. It can be seen in this sample.

This house has a super tiny hallway with a straight staircase dominating the halfway. Painted in white, the hallway looks clean and bright. That’s why the black and white color scheme will work perfectly in this bright room.

Tiger printed carpet runner looks exotic on the white stairs. The tiger print is only found over the stairs, while the hallway floor is covered by a runner with a different pattern to emphasize the different areas.

Modern Traditional Runners with Colors

Modern Traditional Runners With Colors

There is a lot of ideas to make your white-themed living space amazing. One of which is to block the flooring with carpet. The carpet itself should not be in mono color. It is better to display the colorful one to make your living space more cheerful.

The colorful print carpet runner can be another solution to bring cheerfulness upstairs. In a tidy pattern, the carpet shows several types of color, including lime green, brown, turquoise, cream, and white.

White becomes the base color behind all other colors. In this case, we need to be careful not to spill any colored liquid over the carpet.

Geometric Pattern Stairs Carpet

Geometric Pattern Stairs Carpet

Choosing the carpet for covering the staircase steps and hallway floor may help everyone decorating the interior simply.

We even can save more budget only for this carpet instead of more furniture and ornament to keep the hallway area full of decor. And geometric themed carpet will help you more with shapes and color illusions.

In several colors combination, the geometric pattern on the carpet looks artistic. The shape pattern is actually really simple, with only a triangle displayed over the whole carpet. This triangle is printed over and over until it dominating the entire surface of the carpet.

Feminine Polka Dot Carpet

Feminine Polka Dot Carpet

Well, actually polka dot pattern is universal. It means that everybody of any gender may have this pattern in their house as a part of the decoration. Nonetheless, the beauty of dots can describe the feminism inside your living space.

The solution is to choose a neutral color to hide the feminine accent from the polka dot pattern. It seems that the soft cream background color will be perfect with white polka dots on it.

This carpet will greatly cover the entire surface of the hallway floor and steps of the staircase. This polka dot pattern looks suitable with the white staircase theme, even the balustrade.

Stunning Abstract Lines Patterned Runner

Stunning Abstract Lines Patterned Runner

Minimalist white house allows everybody to apply almost all decoration styles without any meaningful problem.

Various bright or deep colors can be selected to match the white room theme. Or on the other hand, we can just follow the bright theme to make it more beautiful.

Stunning abstract lines patterned runner in white and black looks very awesome on the white steps. This runner basically comes in white as background color with black lining as pattern.

The runner is designed to be smaller than the steps. That’s why it even looks prettier covering the stairs.

Polka Dot Patterned Stairs

Polkadot Patterend Stairs

Another style of polka dot runner has deep purple as the background color. The polka dot pattern appears in a bigger size with sunburst detail on the outer edge.

This polka dot carpet is used to cover the entire part of the staircase steps. It is also used to cover the last step on the bottom part of the stairs.

In this white living space, this purple polka dot runner looks eye-catching. It looks bold with deep purple color and bright dots to match the birch flooring. Overall, this carpet even gives an extra foamy look over the steps.

Moroccan Styled Red Carpet

Moroccan Styled Red Carpet

The sweet home interior comes in perfect white. This house has a stunning staircase in wood. The stairs are completely made of wood, including the steps and balustrade. The staircase is not painted in white as usual in the common white house.

The owner lets this staircase be as natural as possible in its original wood scheme. In the L layout, the wooden staircase is upgraded with a stylish Moroccan red carpet with a traditional diamond print on it.

Unlike the common runner, which is designed to perfectly block the steps, this runner has a shorter and smaller dimension than the wooden steps. Thus, it does not fully cover the steps.

Traditional Deep Hued Runner

Traditional Deep Hued Runner

Dark brown stairs runner comes with an artistic pattern on the surface. The traditional diamond shape is improved with curves and curl surrounding it. Various lines are drawn stylishly in contrast color around the diamond shape.

From the picture, we can see several main colors filling the diamond shapes, including green, yellow, red, and blue.

Black and brown gradation is chosen as the background color on this runner. This bold color makes the white-painted staircase steps so bright. The white balustrade and wall on the left even make the carpet runner deeper visually.

Artistic Carpet Runner with Local Eastern Pattern

Artistic Carpet Runner With Local Eastern Pattern

If you are living in the East, you will find the local patterned carpet easily. This artistically patterned carpet offers exotic print on each meter of the runner.

In contrast color combination, the runner looks totally amazing.
Applied on a curved staircase, an artistic runner shows several natural colors gathered at once. Those colors are deep purple, peach, white, white, black, grey, and brown.

On each meter, this runner shows different patterns and color themes. There are three different themes along with the runner from tip to tip. This runner has a smaller width than the steps.

Awesome Bubbles Patterned Runners

Awesome Bubbles Patterned Runners

The next staircase runner comes in brown color theme. These colors include white, light and dark brown. The brown stairs carpet covers almost the entire part of the steps. It looks suitable with the wooden balustrade and white steps.

For classic home stairway, this runner with border is amazing. Small bubbles print along the runner looks a bit similar with cheetah skin pattern. That’s why this runner offers more elegance in this classic hallway area.

Well, this carpet looks thicker than other carpet runner. It means that it may be very comfortable on your bare foot.

Elegant Floral Printed Carpet

Elegant Floral Printed Carpet

In maroon color theme, the elegant floral printed carpet which is displayed along the straight staircase looks very inviting. This carpet runner has a thin border with leaves and a spiral on it.

The floral print on the middle part is spreading at a certain distance to show off the maroon background color. In a smaller size, this carpet runner covers the whole steps of the staircase.

And to fasten the runner over the steps, the metallic rod is installed between the steps with screws. No wonder that this runner is tightly installed along with the staircase steps.

Expensive Spiral Patterned Carpet

Expensive Spiral Patterned Carpet

It seems that the selection of spiral patterned carpet runners for this curved staircase is totally perfect. In a dark black background color theme, this carpet runner looks deeper, covering the steps of the stairs.

These stairs themselves come with bright steps and a dark balustrade. Nonetheless, the bright spiral print over the dark carpet looks suitable with the entire part of the stairs.

Well, overall, the appearance of the carpet and staircase is glorious, especially with a small round table placed on the first floor with a white orchid arranged in a green vase.

Cool Floral Printed Carpet on Staircase

Cool Floral Printed Carpet On Staircase

This floral printed stairs carpet has a super simple pattern. It doesn’t have any border on both long sides. It comes with four petals of flowers spreading neatly over the carpet with crossing lines as additional print detail.

The background color of this carpet is soft cream, while the pattern is black. This staircase runner is displayed along with the wooden steps of an L staircase.

This staircase has a dark iron balustrade with thin wooden handles. The first floor looks different without any carpet on it. It looks cooler with marble in bright color.

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