Smart Shower Storage Ideas For Optimizing Bathroom Space

Today, we are going to discuss about smart shower storage ideas which can be maximized inside the bathroom. Generally, the smart storage will be useful in a bathroom with tiny space. Those storage ideas are commonly utilized to ease the owners organizing the toiletries.

Besides kitchen, bathroom becomes the next essential room in every house. No matter how it is decorated following the home design, a smart bathroom must have efficient space to optimize.

The storage style itself may come in exposed or hidden concept. It depends on the space condition and need of the bathroom. 

Corner Shelf Storage Ideas

Corner Shelf for Bathroom Storage Ideas

A shower cabin is basically built as a tiny room. It is like we can see at the picture. This white shower cabin is perfectly designed with tiles covering the wall.

Transparent swinging door is borderless installed to connect this shower cabin with the sink area. Rain shower and faucet are manufactured in brass scheme. Those appliances look futuristic attached on the tiled wall.

Shower storage ideas comes as some levels of open shelves. Every shelf has triangle shape to give enough space for some bottles of shampoo, soap, conditioner and more toiletries. There are five levels of shelf which ready to use.

Built in Bathroom Storages

Built In Shower Bathroom Storages

There is a narrowed cranny found on the right part of the bathroom interior. This narrowed nook looks enough to be transformed into a built in shower storage ideas. That’s why a five-level open shelves set is established inside the nook wall.

This storage shelf designed with black frame to emphasize it among the white wall and tiles. To hide the items stored inside the shelf, the owners put some woven basket with handle.

To make this nook area sweeter, an artistic metallic stool is placed perfectly in front of the shelves. The metallic surface of the stool can reflects the polka dot detail shown by the tiled floor.

Hanging Shower Storages

Hanging Shower Storages Idea

For a super tiny shower cabin, hanging shower storages must be very helpful to apply. This kind of storage will never need much room to install since it is basically hanged on the wall.

There will be not any obstacle which found on the shower cabin floor. This shower cabin itself looks clean with white marbled wall. Iron framed storage is installed as a part of the shower storage ideas on the white wall.

Both shower and storage come in dark black tone as well as the knobs installed lower on the wall. Some bottles of shampoo and soap are arranged neatly inside the storage frame.

Wall Shower Storages

Wall Shower Storages Design

The wall storage integrated in this small bathroom is very smart. Visually, this bathroom is completely tiny.

No wonder that white becomes the one and only color theme which should be applied in this room. It is because the white color can change this narrowed bathroom larger.

This bathroom is divided into two parts, one for shower cabin and another one is for sink and closet area. Both parts of room have built in wall shelves which are designed vertically thin in each nook of room. The shelves outside of the shower cabin looks perfect to store clean towel and cosmetics.

Two Level Storage Suction Shower Design

Suction Shower Design Furniture

It is essential to keep a small shower cabin being always clean. In this case, we can avoid to place many not useful things including big storage idea. On the other hand, it is better to use hanging rack to give extra space for storage idea.

Two level storage suction shower ideas looks smart to give wide room for some toiletries. This hanging rack even has a special hanger for body brush, hair brush, sponge and loofah.

Made of stainless steel makes this hanging rack is free from corrosion. Even this rack doesn’t need special maintenance to keep working from time to time. 

Bamboo Shower Organizations

Bamboo Shower Organizations Ideas

Another clever storage idea for your shower cabin allows you to have stylish bamboo shower organizations.

This bamboo storage is designed as a free standing rack. It has four levels of rack with a quarter of circle shape which are ready giving you some space for toiletries. Stylish mini balustrade is attached on each level of rack to keep the toiletries on its place.

Three legs are strong enough to stand on the shower floor. It is better for you to keep this rack clean. Regular maintenance is needed to keep it free from moss and dirt caused by water and soap. 

Plastic Storage Rack Organizer

Plastic Storage Rack Organizer for Shower Room

For modern shower cabin, stylish plastic storage rack organizer will work better than the free standing one. Recently, this kind of plastic rack is available in many color options.

This small tiled shower cabin optimizes its empty corner area for storage with three plastic corner racks. Those racks which are in lime green, white and baby blue are arranged vertically. Each plastic rack has two sealer which may attach on the wall tightly.

And every rack has enough space to store even up to five kinds of tube or bottle. The height of each rack can be set as you need. And those hanging racks are also easy to clean.

Wall Mounted Shelf Bath

Wall Mounted Shelf Bathroom Storage

More unique plastic wall mounted shelf bath is displayed in this clean white shower ideas. A bit different from the latest plastic rack, this wall mounted shelf has some features on it.

Shaving hanger and even soap bar tray are available as additional feature on this mounted rack. It consists of two levels of rack with standard height which may allow you store various kinds of toiletries.

Two circle sealers allow this two level rack attached tightly on the tiled wall. Everyone can attach this moveable plastic mounted rack anywhere inside the bathroom. Unfortunately, this kind of rack requires tiled wall.

Mesh Bathroom Storages

Mesh Shower Bathroom Storages

Well, there are so many options of bathroom storages sold out at the department store recently. Even you can combine all of those kinds to create mesh bathroom storages.

Hanging racks which made of strong wire may be the most favorite one. This kind of hanging rack is easy to install with nails or screw and bolt on any kind of wall. Or patented corner shelf made of porcelain is also suitable to optimize the shower cabin corner.

This kind of built in storage usually has similar design with the wall or shower cabin theme. More hanging storage ideas may be available in pocket style with plastic as main material.

Soap and Shampoo Holder

Soap And Shampoo Holder for Bathroom Shower

There is a special soap and shampoo holder that you may consider to appear in your shower cabin. This kind of storage idea is available in smaller size. Its design is totally simpler as door buckle.

It appears in L shape with choking part on the top to grab the bottle neck of soap and shampoo. Each buckle works only for a bottle.

With screw and bolt, this mounted buckle will work perfectly especially for tiny spaced shower storage ideas. This minimalist holder is quite affordable than other hanging rack or wall mounted storage. It also doesn’t need special maintenance.

Urban Shelves Ideas

Urban Shelves Ideas for Shower Storage

Still optimizing the empty space in the shower cabin corner, urban shelves ideas give such a different accent in your modern bathroom.

This kind of wall storage involves thin U shaped plate with double screw holes on the middle plate. Each U shaped plate gives you two level of shelves to store toiletries.

If you prefer to have more, two or three sets of the U shaped plate will be better to fill the shower nook from the floor to ceiling. Each piece of plate is designed very thin, but strong enough to hold any toiletries at once.

Adjustable Corner Storage for Shower Room

Adjustable Corner Storage Furniture

Another smart storage for modern bathroom comes in a set of adjustable corner storage. Basically, this adjustable rack involves a floor to ceiling stainless steel pole which should be installed tightly on the floor and ceiling.

This pole may provide enough space for three or four floating circular wire racks in adjustable distance setting. The wire rack looks like a small short basket which are arranged floating surround the pole.

This kind of adjustable rack is suitable for large or even small bathroom. It is smart yet elegant for shower storage ideas.

Recessed Shelves Storage Ideas

Recessed Shelves for Shower Storage

Similar with built in storage, the recessed shelves storage idea looks perfect to optimize an empty wall side in a limited spaced shower room.

The recessed shelves are actually not too wide to provide extra space for many toiletries. Nonetheless, the wide frame concept of the recessed shelf is still ready to give enough space for five big shampoo or soap bottles and more quantities for smaller bottles and tubes.

The recessed shelves are usually built on the tiled wall to ease the maintenance. Generally, most people prefer to install it a bit lower on the shower wall with bathtub on the bottom.

Recessed Niches in Shower Storages

Recessed Niches Shower Storages

Wider recessed niches storages offer more spacious room for bigger bottles or more toiletries. For a shower cabin without any bathtub installed on the bottom, building the niche storage a bit higher is a correct option.

It looks like a popping storage which can camouflage among the tiled wall inside the shower cabin. With shower and faucet set installed near to the niche storage, it ease the shower users to single grab the toiletries fast.

Don’t forget to clean this recessed shelf regularly to avoid moss and slippery surface. You can clean it with sponge and soap.

White Storage Design Next to Mirror

White Bathroom Storage Ideas

Designing a tiny powder room or bathroom in luxurious decor is quite easy to realize. To give space illusion in the limited room, painting the entire wall and ceiling in white is preferable.

Installing black floor is nice, yet try to choose the big floor tile instead of the smallest one. Longer tiles which are arranged in brick style will give such an elegant accent into the small bathroom.

White storage designed in open frame shelves must be a great choice to install next to a wide seamless mirror. A white closet mounted under the shelves will look great to collaborate with a floating cabinet with sink on top.

Modern Shower with Glass Corner Shelves

Glass Corner Shelves for Shower Storage

If you prefer to hide the concrete things inside the narrowed shower cabin, we can use glass corner shelves. This glass corner shelf is commonly designed with no border protecting the line of glass.

That’s why at certain time, you need to be careful to not fall and bump your head onto this shelf since it will cause a fatal injury. In installing the glass corner shelf, a couple of metallic buckle will be required.

The function of the glass shelves is actually similar with plastic or wire rack. It may provide enough space for storing some toiletries while making your shower cabin stunning at the same time.

Basket Bathroom Storages Ideas

Basket Bathroom Storages Ideas

Another concept of wall storage for bathroom introduces basket bathroom storages. Unlike other hanging rack and shelves, this wall storage involves a couple of basket as storage on each metal rail set.

The metal rail is just like a common towel holder attached on the wall. It is quite long to provide space for two small baskets. The basket itself is designed in a bar shape with two hooks installed on one side.

These hooks will finally be hanged on the metal rail to make this storage work properly. Although those hanging baskets are quite small, those storage ideas are ready to hold some rolls of small towels and toiletries.

Shower with Ladder Storage Design

Ladder Shower Storage Design

Optimizing natural material of wood inside your bathroom is another innovative way which can be considered well for storage idea. Ladder storage design is truly impressive with its triangle concept.

The free standing ladder shelves offer more space for storing toiletries, clean folded towels and even greenery as ornament. Bamboo and birch are two favorite wood types which mostly used as this ladder shelves material.

The free standing ladder shelf can be placed anywhere except the shower cabin. It is because the wood material is not allowed to meet water for long lasting necessity.

Teak Round Shower Caddy in Shower Room

Teak Round Shower Caddy

Uncommon hanging wood frame is named teak round shower caddy. Yeah, this teak rack looks quite awesome in round shape. It has caddy look with framed pocket made of teak.

This caddy shower storage don’t apply any paint color over it. No wonder that this hanging storage rack looks natural in wood hue. This wooden caddy is hanged on the shower with no screw to tighten it. It is simpler to install in your shower cabin.

There are two levels of rack for storage area. The big one is located higher for shampoo and soap bottles. And the smaller one is in lower part for a bar of soap.

Maison Storage Bath for Shower Storage

Maison Storage Bath for Shower Room

Bring the eccentric touch of brass into the bathroom with maison storage bath idea. This bathtub storage is intentionally designed elegantly with two rack basins.

There are two handles applied on each side to help this moveable rack connected to the tub. The installation of this brass maisonette bathtub rack doesn’t require any screw and bolt to keep it stay on its place.

It is possible to move it easily since what we have to do is just put the handles on the bathtub edges. Although it comes in limited room for storage, you are still able to store some small toiletries in each basin.

Hair Dryer Shower Storage Ideas

Hair Dryer Bahtroom Storage Idea

Hair dryer is one of essential home appliance which must be ready in a bathroom especially for woman. That’s why we will completely need a special place where we can store this appliance when it is not in use.

Wire basket hanged on the side of sink cabinet must be the best hair dryer bathroom storage idea to consider. This wire basket is white to match the sink cabinet tone.

It has two holes on one side to be hanged on the hooks installed on the sink side. It seems that the basket is safe enough especially for storing the hair dryer. 

Tension Shower Curtain Rod Ideas

Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Old shower curtain rod is actually still effective to be something new in your bathroom such as bathroom storage. The function of the rod is similar as a long holder.

Yet, this time, the thing which hanged on the rod is not a curtain. Some small plastic baskets with hooks replace the curtain for additional storage in the bathtub cabin.

Four plastic baskets should be enough to use as storage for some main toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush and soap. Loofah and sponge also can be stored inside the tension shower curtain rod rack.

Tempered Glass Shelves for Bathroom

Tempered Glass Shelves Storages

Modern tempered glass shelves look appropriate for futuristic bathroom interior. This kind of wall mounted storage offers luxurious space for your toiletries and piece of towel.

Well, this glass shelf is intentionally designed with single rod on the lowest part. This thin rod is useful for hanging a towel while you are taking a shower.

The upper shelf is featured with luxurious stainless steel bracket to keep the items stored at its place including some bottles of shampoo and soap. Special components are connected with the tempered glass shelf. This special component is useful to keep the shelf attached on the wall perfectly.

Towel Shelves Ideas for Shower Room

Towel Shelves Ideas for Shower Design

Different with the concrete wooden shelves and racks, the towel shelves ideas have no concrete board to hide the towel stored on it. This hanging iron storage actually looks just like a mounted ladder.

Four components must be installed on the tiled wall to make this ladder styled towel shelf working properly. It also appears in elegant bronze hue to match with your elegant cream tiled shower cabin.

Installing this towel shelf little higher is important to keep the clean towel roll always dry. This shelf practically is also useful as toilet paper storage if desire.

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