Incredible Stairway Decoration In Creative Ideas

Stairway decoration is a part of house which is built with two or more levels of floor. This part of house is usually utilized as an access to reach upstairs and downstairs. The installation of staircase commonly follows the design of the house.

Every house integrates the staircase in different location, direction and position. Even the staircase itself appears in numerous designs and materials. We can see several incredible stairway decoration ideas in this article.

Of course, each staircase design has its own uniqueness to get attention of yours. Interesting pallete of color, wall art, and material in various types even will transform the staircase into the best one.

Stair Riser Stairway Decoration

Stair Riser Stairway Decoration

The simplest way of stairway decoration is an application of wallpaper on the facade stairway step. Classic pattern wallpaper in grey and white hues may be the best selection to merge with the natural theme of the house.

In this straight staircase layout, dark brown step board really looks amazing with those neutral wallpaper applied on the facade.

Stunning ivory painted balustrade adds extra elegance onto the staircase especially with dark brown pillars standing on each meter of the balustrade. Similar bright painted handrail is installed along the ivory wall to give more safety for the user.

Hall Stairway Decoration with Painting

Hall Stairway Decoration

If you are an artist and want to have your own exhibition in the house, displaying some of your works along the wall of the hall stairway may be attractive.

With a classic semi spiral staircase which brings you upstairs elegantly, empty wall side can be a nice room to show the artwork. To make the artworks stunning, painting the entire wall in soft cream is preferable.

Then, show your artworks on white canvas to emphasize its color splash. Attach two paintings in a vertical line along the staircase height should be great. Blue iron balustrade of the stair even gives extra color splash onto this area.

Wooden Stairway Decoration

Wooden Stairway Decoration

A modern interior may have a higher ceiling concept to give spacious effect into the room. White paint is a must to dominate the entire surface of the wall including the high ceiling. Birch floor is chosen to block the entire of the floor.

This natural wood style brings the comfort into the interior in a simple way. This birch wood is also suitable on the balustrade and steps of the L shaped staircase.

An old window frame which is painted in white can be attached on the wall as wall art with fresh green wreath. This wall art is hanged on the nook of the staircase.

Narrow Stairway Decorating

Narrow Stairway Decorating

A straight staircase looks perfect to optimize a small hallway area in the house. This narrow staircase decorating idea is as simple as the hallway look. To minimize the furniture and ornament appearance, clean wooden flooring is displayed with no carpet.

Entire wall is painted in crystal white to save the space visually. There is only a brass classic mirror with frame attached on a wall besides the staircase.

Narrowed staircase appears in very simple look with grey facade and white steps. There is splash of yellow on one of the step facade. The similar sunny tone is also found on a huge semi-circle pendant hanging on the ceiling.

Living Room Stairway Decoration

Living Room Stairway Decoration

In super large living space, optimizing double height room as a gathering area will be a smart action. This high living room will show the glory of main staircase designed in zigzag style. Wooden balustrade looks simple on this white staircase step.

The staircase theme is actually chosen to match the whole room theme. Artistic detail is also found on each wall side of the living room.

Stylish large L shaped couch is located closely to the wall with connected floral painting as background. A low coffee table is placed in front of the couch with cream carpet under it.

Spiral Staircase Design with Stone Wall

Spiral Stairway Design

Black spiral staircase looks awesome to connect three levels of home building. In the middle, a unique long decorative lamp with strings is installed as illumination along the stairway.

Thin and neat balustrade also comes in black with smooth handrail as its component. Sleek cream flooring looks glowing among the dark staircase steps.

The stone wall piles which are attached on the stairway decoration brings such a refreshing ambience into this area. Rough surface of the stone wall even gives such a memorable experience while going upstairs or downstairs along the spiral staircase.  

Art Work Staircase Decoration

07 Art Work Staircase Decoration

Displayed in bigger frames, some black and white artworks look extremely impressive. Four framed artworks are purposely arranged neatly on a wide wall in the middle way of the staircase. Black painted balustrade with curved detail along the handrail looks elegant.

There is a classic chandelier which is hanged on the center of the staircase installation. This staircase is basically designed with wooden steps.

The step itself has been manufactured elegantly with pattern. Thus, covering it with carpet is no need. The wall of the home interior is painted in white. And it makes the stairway decoration looks brighter without more effort.

DIY Stair Stickers 3D Seaside Scenery

08 Diy Stair Stickers 3d Seaside Scenery

Integrating DIY stair stickers in 3D concept to beautify a minimalist stairway decoration may be an attractive idea to realize. Choosing seaside scenery as the sticker theme sounds great to bring such a refreshing nuance into the room.

White should be the base color over the entire of room if you really want to make the 3D sticker as a focal point. Pay attention of how to install the sticker carefully so that the result looks neat and chic.

With the 3D stair stickers, we don’t need any ornament displayed on the wall along the staircase. This action is needed to avoid crowded look on the stairway.

Stairwell Bookshelf Design

09 Stairwell Bookshelf Design

Optimizing a minimalist room inside the house is important. Various areas in the small house can be optimized well as storage or smart function. It is including the stairwell.

Even though the stairwell area is just a small area to use as storage, we only have to think about what item that should be placed there. Well, perhaps, placing a stack of book horizontally to cover the empty space of the stairwell is good start.

Colorful books in similar size can be chosen. To add more colorful splash on the stairway wall, some wall art or painting displayed on the colorful frame will be amazing.

Wedding Floral Stairway Decoration

10 Wedding Floral Decor Staircase

To celebrate wedding ceremony, a house of the newlyweds must be decorated as beautiful as possible. It is not only the gathering room, bedroom or patio which should be decorated, but the staircase also have to get a beautiful look during the special moment.

Floral decor ideas are the best wedding staircase decoration to pick. In this case, colorful real or fake flowers can be integrated to decor the handrail.

The floral beads would be perfect to hide the entire balustrade from the bottom to the top part of staircase. On the other way, some flower buckets can be arranged in a certain distance along the balustrade as decoration.

DIY 3D Stairway Stickers

11 Diy 3d Stairway Stickers

Autumn themed DIY 3D stairway stickers look stylish covering the facade side of the stairs steps. Simple borderless wooden steps along the staircase look clean over the 3D stickers.

It is similar with the sleek wooden handrail which is patented on the white painted wall following the length of the staircase.

There is no any ornament displayed on the white wall since this fall themed staircase doesn’t need it anymore. No matter what, the 3D staircase stickers have been successfully displaying such a memorable outdoor scenery into the cold and pale interior.

Plant Stairway Ideas for Rooftop

12 Plant Staircase Ideas

Going to the rooftop will never be the same anymore with the plant staircase ideas. This white rusted staircase is generally located in semi outdoor area of the house.

It seems that a place where the staircase is installed used as a growing plant area. There are many kinds of green plants grow well in some pots. Some smaller pots with plants are placed on the step along the staircase height.

There is no balustrade attached on this simple white staircase. Nonetheless, the appearance of the green plants spreading over the white staircase brings such a different detail to the home decor.

Storage Nook Stairway Ideas

13 Storage Nook Stairway Ideas

A stylish staircase should not be blank without anything on it. Maximize the stairway area especially the nook as something useful seems to be an innovative way to make your home meaningful.

Try to build an additional storage in the nook of stairway. The storage nook stairway ideas may appear in various concepts. Patented shelves will be great to display unique ornaments such as urns, portraits, mini woven bags, white covered books and a mini table lamp.

Stunning carpet covering the staircase steps adds more warmth on the nook storage. No wonder that grey is chosen to block the inner side of the shelves.

Nook and Crannies Stairway for Office

14 Nook And Crannies Staircase

Having a tiny living space makes everyone who owns it transforming into a super creative person. Mostly, the creativity appears while decorating an area of the tiny house which has super limited space.

It is like what we found in the nook and crannies stairway. This cranny is located under the staircase. It is a tiny spot with triangle shape which finally transformed into an eye catching office.

A small floating desk is installed to fit the nook space. A red plastic chair is added to complete the function. To avoid bareness on this nook, some pieces of magazine cut are attached untidy on the backsplash of the office.

Under Stair Book Storage

15 Under Stairs Book Storage

More impressive idea of transforming empty space under chic staircase is by filled with storage. The storage idea must be as useful as possible following the need of home owner.

Transparent white wooden staircase is designed with empty space under it which beautifully transformed into under stair book storage. A floating bookshelf is installed on the lowest part of the wall nook with a table lamp put on the top.

Some monochrome artworks are framed in different size to fill up the space above the shelf. Generally, this under stair area truly looks pale, yet, at the same time, the bookshelf area brings such an inviting effect to us.   

Wall Sconce Staircase Decor

16 Wall Sconce Staircase

Gallery exhibition must be an amazing ornament idea to decorate the wall along the stairway. This L shaped stairway has basic layout with nook in the middle of track.

This nook will be better to be optimized with something great such as gallery show. Some antique photos which are framed in different size will be nice to dominate the shipping truck styled wall.

A couple of industrial wall lamps come in black tone to give extra illumination on this stairway area. Cream painted handrail is installed on the same wall to offer safety to the users.

Farmhouse Stairway Decoration

17 Farmhouse Staircase Decor

An appearance of short staircase in the middle of house as divider between living room and other functional room must be a challenge for those creative homeowners.

In farmhouse themed living space, a short staircase will look amazing with basic color combination. In this case, black balustrade combined with white steps of the staircase are great.

Stylish detail on the balustrade brings the clean house into the Victorian era. A small nook and cranny on both sides of the stairs also give extra space to decorate. Placing a wooden free standing cabinet is enough especially with wall art and a flower vase on it.

Party Theme Staircase Decoration

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Once you get into the house, the appearance of party theme staircase will fall onto you. How to make this party staircase is quite easy. You only need some pieces of colored papers in various color options.

Those pieces of paper are formed into a big and small circle with wavy detail on it. Every piece of decorative paper will be finally attached on the wooden balustrade along the staircase length.

The area surrounding the staircase doesn’t have to be decorated in similar color as the staircase. Just let the entrance appearing as the way it is.

Black and White Stairway Decoration

19 Black And White Stair Wall

Applying a modern interior decor in a house with classic staircase is not difficult. Replacing the old wallpaper with concrete painted wall is enough. The entire wall should be painted in clear white to bring such a spacious nuance into the room.

Let the classic staircase appears as its original style with new wooden polish over the balustrade and handrail. Then, beautify the wall side with monochrome framed paintings which arranged following the staircase line.

As illumination, a brass cone shaped pendant becomes a focal point hanging lower near to the black and white staircase.

Family Memories Wall in Stairway Decoration

20 Family Memories Wall Decoration

Let’s just use family memories as main material to decorate the stairway area. At this rate, we can print as many memorable family photos as possible to block the white wall of the stairway.

The photos must be displayed as tidy as possible by optimizing the usage of photo frame. The photo frame itself doesn’t have to be in the same size.

Just try to mix all size at once to create photos puzzle on the wall. Choosing various memorable photos of the family member in both monochrome and full color version to make the staircase wall colorful.

Oversized Wall Clock Staircase Decoration

21 Oversized Wall Clock Staircase Decoration

Uncommon decoration displayed on the wall next to the staircase looks incredible. It is oversized wall clock which made of wood with roman numbers surrounding the frame.

This huge wall clock in pretty way becomes a focal point on the wall beside the staircase. The staircase itself appears elegantly with white balustrade and birch steps.

There is empty nook under the stair that is transformed into an additional storage idea with a wing chair and standing lamp as illumination. Dark wooden floor looks elegant to match the logs and beams displayed on the ceiling.  

Big Mirror Stairway Ideas

22 Big Mirror Staircase Ideas

Light grey is selected as base color for wall paint in this comfortable home. The stairway looks chic with stripes printed carpet displayed along the steps.

A single balustrade is painted in white as well as the wall border and stairwell. A big classic mirror is attached on the wall of stairwell to give wider effect on the stairway nook. And as decoration, some white framed photos are arranged in similar setting as the staircase.

Those wall arts create a kind of illustration on the empty wall of the staircase. A stylish ball shaped pendant is found hanging on the first floor near the staircase.

Creative Art Staircase Decorating

23 Creative Art Staircase Decorating

Some futuristic home interior design doesn’t involve many items to bring the crowd into the decoration. Generally, the staircase appears as simple as possible with only balustrade installed on upper half steps.

The lower half steps don’t have any handrail to create spacious illusion on the base floor. Metallic material is preferable on the balustrade and some furniture including entrance table.

A stunning 3D painting with complicated color splashes look glorious attached on the wall of staircase nook as a focal point. This creative art staircase decorating provides attractive touch on the simple staircase. 

Sweat Seat Stairway Decor

24 Sweat Seat Staircase

For girls’ talk, it seems that having the sweat seat on the staircase nook will be pleasant. This seating nook integrates a comfortable concrete base with wooden board on the top.

Some cushions in different size are placed on the seat to add extra comfort in this gossip corner. Integrating cream carpet along the staircase steps can add more comfy feeling for those who are sitting on the nook seat.

To enlighten this area well, a window with printed shades must be great to see beautiful outdoor scenery while enjoying the talk.

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