Star Wars Themed Room Ideas For Your Private Home

Talking about cool home interior designs with a specific theme, Star Wars is always chosen as one of the favorite room theme. As everybody knows, Star Wars is a movie title with outer space as the film background.

No wonder, there would be so many things that describe outer space detail onto the interior decor. Recently, the Star Wars themed room idea is available to bring such a futuristic ambience into your private house.

It is not only perfect to beautify bedrooms, but it is also great to optimize other rooms such as living room, dining room, bathroom and more.

Death Star Wars Living Room

Death Star Living Space Themed

A combination of dark grey and clear white is always awesome to bring futuristic atmosphere into the room. No matter what the room function is, this color mix also offers spacious effect into the room.

Multi-level ceiling of the room displays clear white and dark grey tone. This neutral hue gradation displays as if this room is a part of space ship. Space ship gravity attached on the wall and custom furniture helps the tone gradation well in this living room.

The Star Wars themed room is featured with robot figure found as ornament in the corner and top of the shelves.  

Artistic Star Wars Themed Room

Artistic Star Wars Themed Room Ideas

Placing a huge Star Wars helmet as an ornament on the floating entrance table is a great idea. Although it is just a helmet, it works better than those futuristic color tones found on the wall and floor.

Electric blue themed Star Wars poster framed on the center wall adds extra detail of outer space in this Star Wars themed room as well. More modern detail can be created nicely inside the living room by putting a ball shaped coffee table on the white furry carpet.

The living room is located in the basement. It is a great option to install long window little bit higher to get extra lighting.

Kids Bedroom Wall Design

Kids Bedroom Wall Design with Star Wars Room

Installing the Star Wars themed room in boys’ bedroom is completely easier. It is because the outer space theme can fit the boy’s room character. Blue may be the best basic hue to dominate the wall decal instead of wallpaper.

And we can apply the decal fully over the ceiling too. White custom furniture will be better choice to maximize the outer space theme.

Putting big crayon shaped balloons as ornament on the desk is just an optional you can do. To give red accent, a red carpet and chair can be placed on the center of the room.

Empire Strikes Back Kid Beds

Empire Strikes Back Kid Beds in Star Wars Themed

For larger boys’ bedroom, empire strikes back kid beds idea is a nice room theme to integrate. This Star Wars themed room offers moon surface decal as a center wall art.

There is a super unique space ship bed which is placed closely to the center wall. An alien robot figure is attached on the same wall as ornament.

To describe more outer space theme in this bedroom, multi-level ceiling also integrates custom space ship detail with curves and lines. Metallic grey hue is applied over the furniture such as study desk, bed, door panel and curtain set.

Baby Nursery Star Wars Theme

Baby Nursery Theme in Star Wars Themed

The Star Wars themed room idea can also be applied in a baby nursery room. Neutral hues such as black and white may be selected to bring natural ambience into the room. Paint the center wall in blue to describe the sky.

And then dominate the other wall in white to make the baby room wider. Black painted crib may be located on the white wall instead of the blue one. To display the Star Wars theme, an alien monster rug looks very cute decorating the light grey carpet.

A sword shaped wall lamp adds more futuristic accent on the wall above the crib.

Boys Room Ideas with Galaxy Star Wars

Boys Room Ideas in Star Wars Themed

Having twin toddler certainly will be fun. And creating the boys room ideas with bunk bed may help the parents to give perfect room for them.

Decorating it with Star Wars theme room idea looks easy to do especially with partly outer space wallpaper applied on the upper part of the wall.

Black painted bunk bed is simple enough to place near to the wall. We can maximize the corner as a mini library for the boys by placing a tall bookshelf there. Unique satellite miniature also invites the wild imagination as an astronaut in the room. 

Lego Star Wars Themed Room

Lego Star Wars Themed Room

The simplest way to decorate the kid’s bedroom in Star Wars theme is by using the bedroom part which is purposely made with the similar theme. In this case, we can use Star Wars themed blanket or sheet for bedding. Or, installing special glow in the dark poster of Star Wars and decal on the center wall can be another option to do.

Some robotic ornaments which are displayed on the floor add more outer space concept into the bedroom as well. Even you can place some Star Wars books and magazines on the shelves just to display the Star Wars themed room idea.

Blue Theme for Kid Room

08 Blue Theme For Kid Room

It is still about bedroom for boys. In baby blue room theme, a big Star Wars poster and power walking stick attached on the wall behind the wooden cabinet are enough to display the Star Wars themed room idea.

The same themed blanket and sheet covering the bedding area is also perfect with the blue colored room. Although, all furniture are made of wood and fully polished in natural brown, the blue Star Wars concept is still displayed well through some ornaments as we mentioned before.

A circle window with triangle frame is installed as wall art.

Alien Ship Wall Sticker for Living Room

09 Wall Sticker For Living Room

Minimalist living room can apply the Star Wars themed room idea. In this case, alien ship wall sticker can be a good option to decorate the center wall.

The sticker may be attached on the wall in certain distance so that the art can spread elegantly on the wall. A modern L shaped sofa with sofa bed completed with colorful cushions looks great to match the wall.

You may put a stainless steel vase with dried branches as ornament on the floor next to the sofa. If you want to make this living room more comfortable, it will be nice to place a rug and coffee table.

Classic Vinyl Decal of Star Wars Themed

10 Classic Vinyl Decal

Installing classic vinyl decal one the wall between windows in a Star Wars themed room is an easy concept we can do. The windows with white blinds offer enough enlightenment for this kid’s room.

Basically, this kid’s room comes in dark blue hue. There is another sticker attached on another wall side to display the Star Wars theme. Although the room looks dark with that deep blue tone, this classic boy’s bedroom is still comfortable with an electric fan lamp on the ceiling.

Wooden cabinet and wardrobe become main furniture besides bedding in this Star Wars themed room.

Teenager Bedroom Design with Glowing Decal

11 Teenager Bedroom Design

Designing a clean room for teenager allows custom furniture collection to consider. In this case, a custom study desk designed in geometric shape adds such a futuristic accent into this Star Wars themed room.

A custom double-size bed may be placed on the center wall with glow in the dark decal concept. Dark space background brings outer space imagination into the room especially with those red hues. Cove lamp looks perfect to emphasize the glowing decal.

Contrast with that glowing decal, on the other side of wall, a wide glass window is covered by slight blind to give good natural lighting into the room.

Amazing Theater Room in Space Concept

12 Amazing Theater Room

Another Star Wars themed room is displayed by an amazing theater room. This private theater room is intentionally established in complicated shape especially the ceiling.

Besides having multi-level ceiling, the ceiling of the room is designed in unique curves to make it like a space ship interior. Some theater chairs are arranged in neat line to imitate space ship seats.

Wall of the room has big curves and circle on several parts with starry decal imitating the space ship windows. The entire room involves white and black gradation to emphasize the space ship interior.

Neat Game Room Ideas

13 Game Room Ideas

Refreshing game room ideas will be realized well with a sliding glass door installed on the center wall. This sliding door connects the room with a balcony where the owners can enjoy green scenery outside.

Dark grey always successfully gives modern nuance on the interior. With clear white ceiling, this grey room offers comfortable area for playing game. Some game console and machines are available in this room including a pool.

To display the Star Wars themed room concept, a huge Star Wars character decal is installed on a large wall side as a focal point.

Wall Decal for Theater Room

14 Wall Decal For Theater Room

More energizing theater room concept in Star Wars themed room idea is available in white. This time, the high ceiling is blocked with starry decal. The ceiling background is black. It looks different from the white wall which is full with space ship decal theme.

Some exclusive theater chairs are made of high quality leather. Those chairs are arranged in appropriate line to the back of room in different floor level. Bright illuminations are installed on every corner of the room to keep it charming.

Dark grey carpet fully covers the theater room floor. This carpet has geometric pattern to match the space ship concept.

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas with Star Wars Themed

15 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

A Star Wars themed room concept also can be applied to beautify your main bedroom. Minimalist bedroom ideas will be more perfect in clear white scheme. Thus, the white room offers spacious effect for the space.

Minimalist bed, nightstand and side cabinet look more suitable to this modern bedroom. A big black moon sticker and some flying space ships can be a memorable wall art. White ornaments placed on the nightstand and cabinet add such a clean detail into the room.

A free standing lamp becomes the last twist to enlighten this main bedroom. Adding a rug is also a nice option.

White Blue Bedroom Decorations

16 White Blue Bedroom Decorations

To create an ordinary neat bedroom for teenager, white blue bedroom decorations will be a good choice. This Star Wars themed room is perfectly designed in clean style. There are only fewer things that we can only find inside.

A single size bed is placed stylishly in blue and white theme near to the doorway. This bed faces a window with blue curtain and white side cabinet. There is a small LED TV placed on the cabinet as entertainment.

The most interesting part in this bedroom is applied on the center wall where a huge Star Wars character decal is attached in black background.

Cool Kids Bedroom Inspired by Space Ship Cabin

Cool Kids Bedroom

Inspired by a space ship interior where everything is arranged smartly and sophisticated, this Star Wars themed room looks very amazing. This cool kid’s bedroom basically has small space.

Nonetheless, it looks larger with thin bunk bed which has been modified with study area on the lower part. The bed position is made higher than normal with a thin ladder on the foot area of the bunk bed. Blue lighting is designed in cove style over the tray ceiling.

White dominates the whole of room with black spot displayed on the middle of ceiling. Some action figure and miniature are displayed on the bunk bed shelves.

Star Wars Themed Room with Area Rug

18 Star Wars Area Rug

Three tidy sets of Star Wars poster which are attached on a center wall of living room look amazing. It is the simplest way to decorate a room in a specific theme. And with Star Wars area rug setting, this open living space becomes comfortable in a simple way.

A white small sofa with red cushion is placed in front of the center wall. There is a wooden side table located beside the sofa. A unique Star Wars themed rug is placed in front of the sofa. This room is illuminated by a tall drum shaped table lamp with robot ornaments on the table.

White Blue Baby Nursery

19 White Blue Baby Nursery

Cute white blue baby nursery is designed in custom concept with custom cabinet installed to block a center wall. Floor to ceiling cabinet is manufactured with open frame where a baby crib is placed on the center part.

Shuttle space miniatures are attached as wall art on the wall behind the crib. And some action figures and souvenirs in Star Wars theme are displayed on the shelves of the cabinet.

This Star Wars themed room is quite small with attic styled ceiling. Yet, at the same time, it feels so fresh with blue painted wall and bright light coming from the window.

Black and White Design for Guest Area

20 Black And White Design

Optimizing an open guest area in Star Wars decor may be done perfectly in affordable concept. Just paint the entire wall and ceiling in white. And then collaborate it with birch flooring to keep it bright.

Placing a huge leather L shaped sofa in black theme offers deeper touch in this bright room. Two simple C shaped side tables will be nice to display gadget and robotic ornaments. Grey furry rug placed under transparent coffee table adds warmer nuance into the room as well as moon stone imitation stored inside the table as ornament.

As final twist, a curved standing lamp is placed in the corner.

Classic Red and Black Ideas of Twin Bedroom

21 Classic Red And Black Ideas

Maximizing an empty area in the attic as twin bedroom is kind of smart action to do. Optimizing the space by placing two single size beds on the largest wall side becomes the first step of decoration.

This small room can be bright in white with some smaller wall sides blocked with outer space decal. Star Wars themed room idea is displayed on the bedding and space ship action figure. Those small ornaments are arranged neatly on the wooden shelves.

Red and white zigzag printed curtain is chosen to cover the windows of this room with red and black ideas.

Chewy Star Wars Theme Room Idea for Boys

22 Chewy Theme Room Idea

Another cheap chewy theme room idea for boy even only uses small room. And the simplest way to enlighten while enlarge the room is by painting the entire room in white. The cream poured floor is enough to make this room comfortable.

Just place a craftsman bed with high headboard and drawers to complete the room function. Don’t forget to put a futuristic circle nightstand with Star Wars action figure and laser sword as ornament.

Blue and white striped blanket even offers more eye catching touch over the bedding of this Star Wars themed room.

Small Kids Bedroom with Decorative Alphabet

23 Small Kids Bedroom

Dark blue still becomes a favorite color to describe a boy’s room. This time, the dark blue theme can be used with Star Wars theme for small kid’s bedroom idea. Dark wooden furniture is a must to keep the elegance.

At the same time, the dark blue theme covers several things inside the room including the bedding set, table lamp and curtain. Galaxy themed poster with silver decorative alphabet may be selected as nice wall art in this room.

We can attach simple space ship sticker between the wall arts as additional. A rustic stool on the foot of bed will be nice in this Star Wars themed room.

Awesome Ceiling Wall Stickers for Attic Kids Room

24 Ceiling Wall Stickers

Space theme ceiling wall stickers look stunning covering the entire surface of the attic ceiling. The ceiling sticker displays dark blue as background. To contrast the dark theme, the room wall is painted in white.

Red and white striped curtain is used to cover the only window inside the room. While the bedding is covered by blue and white striped blanket to match the blue and white theme found on the shelves.

Dark wooden cabinet with flat screen TV is also placed between the shelves for storage area. Some tiny stickers are attached in untidy way on the wall of this Star Wars themed room.

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