Splash Of Stone Wall Design For Cooler Interior

There are several ways to get natural ambience while decorating our living space interior. One prefers to combine the concrete stone wall design with wood. Another prefers to attach stone on appropriate part of their house.

Numerous kinds of stone are available in many shapes such as tile, panel or wallpaper. And most rooms which will be suitable with stone include kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room.

Don’t worry about the interior theme since the stone application will be always perfect collaborated with any interior theme. Besides theme, the stone detail also can be mixed with other natural material at once such as wood, marble, aluminum, iron and more.

Small Wall Design of Kitchen

Small Stone Wall Kitchen

Kitchen is an important area in every house. No wonder that it is called as heart of the house. Kitchen itself has a unique formation to make it efficient especially for cooking and preparing food. It consists of several parts of main kitchen layout including storage, cooking and preparation area.

Well, let’s ignore it. Now, we are going to describe about natural small wall design of the kitchen. Sometimes, out of the function, we need something unique to be created inside the kitchen as decoration. And a little area behind the stove can be a nice part to cover with stone wall. The stone backsplash may be arranged in brick style with grey dominating the hue.

This stone wall design is applied over the ceiling to the half of the wall behind the stainless steel stove and smokestack. Some LED lamps are installed on the ceiling to give warmer illumination on the stone wall.  

Stone Wall Design in Bathroom

Stone Walled Bathroom

Another refreshing room of the house is bathroom. Let’s turn into the main bathroom. It is a complete bathroom with a big white porcelain bathtub placed in the corner. White gravel box is designed as a special area where the tub is placed.

There are some water grasses which are growing among the gravel to give such a natural ambience into this bathroom. The most interesting part of the house is located on the wall. This bathroom combines the cream tiles, concrete painted wall and stone.

The stone wall only focuses on the bathtub as a focal point. It is just a small space of wall without any wall art except stone tiles to block the center wall of the bath.

The borderless stone wall design makes this bathing area calmer especially with those gravels displayed under the bathtub. A towel hanger is installed on another wall side which is painted in white.

Stone Brick Kitchen Island

03 Stone Brick Kitchen Island

Back to the heart of house, kitchen. Stone brick Kitchen Island can be a great focal point of the room. This huge stone brick island is located near to the pillar of the kitchen. Attached on the blue wall with cream tiled backsplash, white painted cabinets are displayed to complete the kitchen formation.

There is a small window with no blind covering it to give extra light from outside. A couple of glass pendants are hanging above the kitchen island to match the stone accent on it. Nice combination of wooden floor and the stone island look very gorgeous in this narrowed kitchen style. There is not storage integrated on the island.

There is only spacious countertop covered by granite to give nice space for preparing the foods. Placing a wooden tray with full of decorative items such as wooden cup and a vase of flower looks nice on the island.   

Ceiling Fireplace Surround with Stone

Stone Wall Fireplace Design

An open spaced living room with a couple of wide windows looks comfortable for everyone who stays in it. Both windows are not covered by any curtain to let the sunlight coming through. This large room looks simple in grey hue.

It has two material combination on the floor namely wood plank and gravel square which is patented on the center of the floor. Floor to ceiling fireplace is installed on the center wall between the windows.

The stone fireplace design is featured with wooden log attached on the middle for displaying some ornaments. A fireplace on the lowest part is covered by transparent shade.

Stone Wall Design for Nooks

Stone Wall Design For Nooks

If there is an empty nook at home which may be transformed into an eye catching spot, stone wall decoration will be great to try. The stone wall design basically is applied as like backsplash among open shelves.

In this case, a wooden board which is functional as the shelves may be attached with some LED lamps as illumination on the base part. Three wooden boards are enough to make the nook bright. One can be installed on the ceiling.

The second one can be installed a bit lower than the first one. The last is installed lower than the second one. A fit cabinet can be placed on the bottom as storage. This dark fit cabinet has some doors to hide the mess inside it.

Bright and clean counter shows an area for placing a plate of fresh apples, a candle and even a table lamp.

Mixed Stone Walls and Wood Cabin

Mixed Stone Wall and Wood Cabin

Creating a focal point in a certain room such as living room is essential to keep the room interesting. The focal point idea may be in various styles. One of the most interesting ideas is the mixed stone and wood cabin in a living room.

The mixed stone and wood wall blocks a central wall where a modern fireplace is located. First of all, the floor to ceiling wall is fully covered by stone tiles with unique part on the left. The unique part on the left is used to store wood stack.

This wood cabin looks like a tall puzzle since the woods are arranged neatly from ceiling for the floor. Both natural materials combination gives such a different impression in this elegant living room. Grey gradation is displayed on the floor tiles.

This floor formation brings cool ambience into the room especially with some wood stack stools arranged for additional seats behind the printed couch.

Stone Wall and Exposed Beam Bedroom

Stone Wall Bedroom Ideas

For country styled bedroom, involving exposed beam bedroom idea will be an amazing choice. This country bedroom is very simple with open wall side featured with some glass windows and a glass door.

The swinging door connects the room to the balcony. On the other wall side which is mentioned as a center wall, big stone tiles are attached over the whole wall side. With tiny windows on the upper part, this exposed stone wall design looks extremely elegant.

Reclaimed beams are installed to frame the ceiling. And we can find more on the A line ceiling. A king size bed is placed on the center as a twist.

Modern Stone Wall Design along Stairway

Modern Stone Walls with Stairs

Stairway is another area of the house which can be optimized with decorative details. To maximize the stairway area as a media to bring you upstairs or downstairs while giving you such a stunning appearance, installing modern stone walls along the stairway will be a creative concept to realize.

Well, the stone tiles in brick arrangement block the entire part of the wall where the stairway is installed. Those stone tiles come in mix neutral hues such as orange, grey, white and black. Those hues in fact can create such an attractive color gradation over the wall.

Bathtub Surround for Comfy Feeling Idea

Small Bathroom with Stone Wall

Back to the main bathroom. This time, the wall stone is integrated on the bathtub surround. The bathtub is designed as a corner tub where there are two wall sides fitting the oval tub. Both wall sides are displaying stone tiles with neutral surface of stone.

A small window is available with blind for giving some privacy to the bathroom user. The bathtub is patented inside the concrete base on the floor.

This base still offers enough space for displaying a pot of bonsai. This wall stone bathtub spot looks eye catching among common painted wall in the room.

Ordinary Kitchen Design with Stone Tiles

Stone Wall Kithcen Island

A small kitchen in a tiny house is probably painted in white to create spacious effect visually. Nonetheless, at the same time, we can also give such a decorative detail to this simple small kitchen.

In this case, placing a stone exposed kitchen island designed in narrowed style will be a gorgeous in the white kitchen. Three cone shaped pendants are hanging above the stone kitchen island.

The lamps are in silver tone which are matching with the smokestack and cooking set on another part of the kitchen. Wooden surface displayed on top and side of the stone island makes this kitchen stylish and minimalist.

Neutral Interiors Ideas

Neutral Stone Wall Design

An empty wall area near to the main kitchen can be beautified with neutral stone wall. Rough surface of the stone piles offers artistic detail in the interior. In grey scheme, this stone wall gives cool and refresh ambience inside the room.

This floor to ceiling stone wall also involves three level open shelves to display monochrome family portraits. Those shelves are arranged like a staircase from left to the right. In black and white concept, this stone wall looks elegant with the wooden floor on the base.

There, we can see a large kitchen which completed with white cabinets and stainless steel cooking ware. Clean appearance of the large kitchen adds more comfort in this house. Grey and brown carpet seems to be a sweet thing we can place near to the stone wall design.  

Outdoor Shower Wall

Outdoor Shower Wall Stone

Building an additional semi outdoor in a main bathroom looks very unique. This semi outdoor area can be optimized as an outdoor shower while the room inside is used for toilet and sink.

To make this outdoor shower area very refreshing, natural wall stone attached on a wall side is quite helpful. Try to install natural look stone flooring to match the stone wall. Placing a rock as a soap holder is also great to do.

Placing some pots of green plants near to the shower spot also can be a solution to bring river or lake concept into the bathroom. 

Soothing Masonry Wall

Soothing Masonry Wall Stone

Refreshing I line kitchen looks completely natural with wood and stone material. Basically, the base cabinet is made of wood with no knob attached on the door. White top covers the wooden counter with sophisticated stainless steel applied on the sink.

The unique part of this refreshing kitchen is the soothing masonry wall. This masonry wall is installed on the wall of kitchen set from the top to the ceiling.

A wide painting is hanged on this wall as decorative art. The painting frame color looks matching with the wooden cabinet hue. Some porcelain cups are arranged neatly on the top of cabinet.

Italian Brick Kitchen on Cooking Center

Italian Brick Kitchen Wall Design

Custom wooden cabinet set is installed in narrowed style. This custom cabinet consists of base and wall cabinet. There is a stylish Italian brick kitchen concept which is installed on the cooking center.

The brick cooking center is designed as like a huge mantel covering the stove. It is like a big frame attached on the top of stove with semi stone accent on the backsplash.

Marble top is displayed on the top of base cabinet. This soothing marble gives such a spacious top to prepare the food before cooking it on the stove.  

Stone Wall Bedroom Ideas

15 Stone Wall Bedroom

This main bedroom is intentionally decorated in country style interior. Nonetheless, there is a little accent of Japanese applied on the windows. The windows have traditional Japanese door frame with shade on the bottom and glass on the top.

The glass window also doesn’t have any curtain or blind to block the light. No wonder that this room is so bright naturally. A modern king sized bed with foamy headboard is placed on the center wall.

The center wall itself is dominated with masonry stone. This main bedroom looks really cute with ball shaped pendant hanged low above the nightstand.

Stone Tile Modernist Fireplace

16 Stone Tile Modernist Fireplace

Tiny stone tiles application on a center wall of the living room adds extra beautiful nuance. The stone tile is fully applied over the floor to ceiling wall with fireplace.

The stone wall is quite wide with only a small fireplace patented on the left side. There is a concrete base built under the fireplace for sitting or just displaying decorative items.

A long wood log is installed above the fireplace to display a frame of Roman number, candle holders, a pot of green plant and lamps. Overall appearance of this stone wall is chic especially in this open living room.

Luxurious Bathroom Wall Mirror

17 Luxurius Bathroom Wall Mirror

A luxurious bathroom in dark theme stills becomes a favorite among people. Although, mostly, the dark hue makes the room smaller, it can give elegance at the same time.

Glowing porcelain tiles in black are chosen to dominate the bathroom wall. And to create extra space effect, a wide floor to ceiling mirror is installed with stone accent as mirror border.

A couple of bright wall lamp are installed on the mirror to enlighten the crystal sink area which has been completed with orchid flowers. The crystal sink is placed elegantly on a floating cabinet with drawers as storage.

Create Dramatic with Spiral Staircase

18 Create Dramatic With Spiral Staircase

Creating a dramatic touch over the spiral staircase in a futuristic home interior seems very challenging. Recently, people don’t have to have negative thinking when they have to go upstairs or downstairs with a creepy staircase.

The dramatic spiral staircase has elegant design with sleek wooden steps. The balustrade is purposely missing to make it spacious. The semi round space for the staircase stand displays glorious stone piles on the wall.

With some LED lighting illuminate this area, this staircase looks glowing especially in the dark. Sleek wooden floor adds natural nuance among the modernism in this staircase area.

Stone Ceiling for Kitchen

19 Stone Ceiling For Kitchen

In a farmhouse, there is a special kitchen which is built by the inspiration of a warehouse. This kitchen building is actually still connected with the main house building, but it has quite unique shape on the ceiling.

This kitchen has uncommon arch stone ceiling. Half wall is covered by the stone coming from the ceiling. The stone ceiling has similar patterned stone as the flooring of the kitchen.

White is chosen as base color paint for the kitchen wall and cabinet. Stainless steel cooking wear is still used. Yet, at the same time, some items in the kitchen are made of wood and reclaimed log.

Mixed Pocket Doors and Stone Walls

20 Mixed Pocket Doors And Stone

Basic concept of the pocket door is its space saving installation method. Well, generally, the pocket door doesn’t need much space for the installation since it is hidden behind the wall. It comes as sliding door style which allows the panel floating along the rail.

This time, the wooden pocket door is installed on the stone wall. The wooden door panel looks strong enough with checkers style as similar as the thick stone wall behind it.

This wooden pocket door and stone collaboration is elegantly used in a country house style to connect kitchen and other room.

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