25 Teen Girls Ideas For Every Style

When you have a girl who becomes a teenager, finding the perfect teen girls ideas for her is a must. Not only thinking about the color theme, but you also need to decide which interior design to be used.

Whether it is remodeling the existed room or make a new bedroom for your teenage girl, you still need to prepare some details and deciding which style to be applied in this area.

To help you decide the best design for your girl, here are some ideas for teen girl room which you can choose. You can find bedroom ideas which will be used in small area. There are also some ideas to be applied in the spacious room.

Classy Bedroom Idea for Teen Girl

Pillow Pink and White Headboard

This bedroom teen girls ideas can be used in a spacious room. In this area, you can place a comfy bed with white padded headboard and pink pillows that will match the teenage girl taste. White duvet creates a cozy and clean look in the bed.

Two small white nightstands are located beside the bed. On these clean nightstands, two classy table lamps with white body and dark shade. You can cover the wall behind this bed with wallpaper in net shaped pattern.

Near the bed, a hidden study area is located. White table and tidy white shelves are completed with modern white chair. Dark curtain is installed to cover the huge glass window in the room.

Colorful Wall Pattern for Teen Bedroom Idea

Pink Table Lamp

In making a comfy bedroom for teenage girl, using unique wall decoration is quite interesting. Decorating clean wall with colorful pattern and net shaped details can create an unusual yet cute teen girls ideas for bedroom.

White bed with fluffy duvet and white pillows can be used in here too. Near the bed, a simple study space is located. You can place a minimalist table with classic red shaded table lamp and yellow flowers in pot. Classy wooden chair with fluffy seat is completing this open study area.

To get a natural light at day, this study area is facing the wide glass window with white frame and sheer curtain.

Farmhouse Teen Girl Bedroom Idea

Traditional Teen Girls

To create Farmhouse bedroom teen girls ideas, you can start by choosing an old-fashioned furniture that can representing a farmhouse vibe. Grey painted wall and hardwood flooring are suitable for this theme.

Wide bed with flowery pillows and grey duvet is located between rustic white nightstands and old-fashioned table lamps. Behind this bed area, three glass windows area completed with brown shades. In the end of the bed, a comfy bench is placed. Grey thick curtain is installed above the bed.

For the study area, simply place a white table and pink round stool facing the big flower ornaments on the grey wall.

Jungle Themed Teen Girl Room Idea

Jungle Themed Room

Jungle theme may not be a usual teen girls ideas used for the bedroom. But you can still make it if you want. In making this bedroom theme, start by decorating the wall with jungle view wallpaper.

To add more natural vibe in the room, install an open wooden shelf for books and other ornaments in the corner. Beside it, an industrial metal bed with white bedding and fluffy pillows is located. Simple white nightstand with wooden top and unique table lamp can be found.

Covering the glass window in the room, you can install sheet curtain. Wooden flooring will match the natural jungle theme perfectly.

Boho Teen Girl Room Idea

Boho Teen Girls

Not only bedroom, you can also make teenage girl playroom with Boho theme. Including various colors in this one room is the key. To create the beautiful teen girls ideas, simply install rainbow colored curtains for the windows here.

Blue padded long sofa and terracotta single sofas area decorated with Bohemian themed pillows. Bright table lamp on the round side table becomes a good detail here.

Big round bean bag with colorful flower pattern is placed on the rainbow-colored carpet. White bookshelves are located behind the single sofa.

Purple Bedroom Design for Teen Girl

 Purple Teen Girls

Many people usually will use one color as the main theme in the bedroom. For the purple bedroom teen Girls Ideas, simply start by using purple themed ceiling and purple painted wall. Laminated wooden flooring and grey carpet can be used here too.

Sophisticated chandelier is hanged above the low table and round purple padded stool. White bunk beds with ladder and purple beddings are located on the corner. To give privacy on the bed area, a high black and white curtain is installed to cover the bunk bed.

Pink Hidden Wardrobe Design

Lovely Teen Girls

Wardrobe or closet is an important part in the bedroom. When you making a comfortable bedroom with lovely teen girls ideas, a cute wardrobe is also a must.

To create this wardrobe area, you can install wooden shelves and some transparent floating drawers in it. Next, you also need to install some metal pools to hang the girl’s clothes. White baskets and boxes can be placed inside this hidden closet too.

Thick pink curtain can be used to cover this hidden space. This way, the clothes will be kept clean and private.

Princess Themed Teen Girl Bedroom

Princess Teen Girls

Placing castle themed details in the princess teen girls ideas for bedroom will create a royalty vibe. Ruffled pink curtain on the white framed glass window and fluffy classic platform bed makes the room looks princess like and lovely.

Classic ladder is installed so the girl can climb her bed easily. Old fashioned drawers under the bed space can be used to store many things. Small chairs and round table are a comfy play area for the girls.

Blue and White Teen Girl Bedroom Theme

Blue And White Teen Girls

Combining blue and white colors in the bedroom can gave you a stunning room vibe. Inside this sensational bedroom teen girls ideas, blue painted wall and ceiling is used. White tile flooring is used to give a calm vibe here.

White four poster canopy bed with fluffy pillow and white duvet is placed between classic white nightstands. Clean white table lamps are placed safely on the nightstands. Castle themed lamp is hanged above the bed.

On the corner, a comfy chair and vintage side table are located near the glass window and door covered with white thick curtains.

Industrial Bunk Bed Design

Minimalist Teen Girls Ideas

Industrial bunk bed from metal can be used in the minimalist room teen girls ideas. Inside the small area, you can place a metal bunk bed with grey bedding to save more space for other furniture.

White wall and glass window will create a bigger space illusion in this tiny area. White blind is covering the window. Wooden flooring and grey carpet can be used here. Beside the bunk bed, place a round side table from metal and paint it with colorful paint.

Tiny Study Corner Idea in Teen Bedroom

Comfortable Study Area

If you only have small space for the study area, you can use this study corner teen girls ideas. For the study space, you can install floating white shelves on the blue wall. These shelves are located above the clean white study table.

Modern white chair will complete this area. This corner can be located beside the hardwood bedroom door. Grey carpet flooring and hug glass window near this corner will make the girl’s study time more comfortable.

Green trees can be seen through the glass window to give her the relaxing feeling between her study times.

Unique Teen Girl Bedroom Idea

Classic Pink Four Poster Bed

Creating a unique bedroom for teen girl can be done by using various elements. For the unusual teen girls ideas like this, you can use a pink four poster canopy bed with traditional brown bedding pattern and fluffy pillows.  

Small nightstand and a big Chinese themed wooden cabinet are located beside the bed. Old fashioned hardwood bench with round pillow is placed in the end of the bed. Grey tile flooring and brown carpet are mixed blended perfectly here.

For the wide white framed glass window, sheer brown curtain is installed. Vintage wooden chair and simple table are used in here too.

Pink and White Study Idea for Teen Girl

Pink Table Lamp On White Table For Teen Girls Ideas

Pink usually becomes the favorite color for almost all girls. That is why, you may want to make a study area with pink and white teen girls ideas. In this idea, you will need to prepare a minimalist white study table and white wooden swivel study chair.

To decorate this plain white table, simply place a modern pink study table lamp and pink pencil storage on the table. On the grey painted wall, a long white panel with hanging pink stationary storages are hanged.

Pink garbage place and stack of books are filling the side of the table. On the other side a wide white framed glass window is located. Sheet curtain is installed on it.

Black Teen Girl Bedroom Theme

Classic Crystal Chandelier

Choosing black theme for bedroom doesn’t mean that all of the corner in the room will be black. You can make black teen girls ideas for bedroom with black wall and white framed windows. Clean white wooden door can be included in here too.

On the ceiling, a beautiful black themed flower wallpaper and stunning crystal chandelier are located. Under the chandelier, comfy bed with fluffy duvet and furry carpet are placed.

To decorate the black wall, simply hang many bright colored paintings and ornaments. Cozy fluffy bench with heart shaped pillow is under the wall ornaments.

Artistic Details in Colorful Teen Girl Room Idea

Artistic Girl Painting

Making a relaxing sitting area in the private room is quite important. To make this space, you can hang an artistic girl painting with colorful details on it. The blue painted wall will look livelier with that painting.

In this blue teen girls ideas room, simply install a thick blue curtain to cover the wide glass window. Yellow sofa with colorful pillow is located beside the wide window. This way, you can enjoy the outside view from your fluffy sofa.

Still inside the room, you can place a wide blue bed with yellow duvet facing the white framed glass window.

Unusual Ornaments in Calm Teen Girl Bedroom

Fluffy Bedding

Calm bedroom with unique teen girls ideas can be made by placing unusual ornaments inside it. The cream painted wall in the room is decorated with traditional ornament and white framed glass windows.

Wide legless bed with flowery duvet and fluffy pillows is completed with small wooden nightstand beside it. Rattan shaded lamp and glass bowls ornaments are hanged beside the bed. Near the bed, a hug glass window covered with brown curtain is located.

To add more comfortable vibe here, laminated wooden flooring is used.

Wooden Bunk Bed for Teen Girl Bedroom

Fun Wooden Bunk Bed

When you want to make bedroom for more than one girl, you can try this bedroom teen girls ideas. First, use a wooden bunk bed and fluffy hardwood bed beside it. Wooden ladder and yellow slide are completing the bunk bed.

Under the upper bed, there are wooden shelves and drawers that can be used to your girl’s toys storage. Hardwood bookshelves is placed in the end of the bed.

Blue painted wall is completed with fish ornaments and white framed window using white blind. Wooden flooring and white painted ceiling are used in this room.

Clean White Teen Girls Bedroom Design

Clean Teen Girls Ideas

Simple teen girls ideas can be made with combining white painted wall and dark laminated wooden flooring.

For the bed, you can place two white single beds with black and white bedding in front of the back framed glass windows. On the white wall, orange framed ornaments are hanged. Shining round metal table and small table lamp is in between the single beds.

Bright lamp with wide white metal shade is hanged above the beds. To store the books, there is a stacked book holder on the corner.

Small Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea

Small Teen Girls Ideas

Having a small area means that you need to use the suitable tiny bedroom teen girls ideas. Use thick pink curtain for the grey framed window and grey blinds. For the sleeping area, place two single beds with pink blanket and white bedding.

In the corner, a green corner shelves are located. In it, place toys any other things that the girls like. Mini polka dot sofa is located beside it. Cream and grey painted wall looked very appealing. Hardwood flooring create a natural vibe in this area.

White Flower Pattern on Grey Wall

Tiny Teen Girls Ideas

To decorate a grey painted wall, you can make big flower pattern on it. In this small bedroom teen girls ideas, the grey wall will look more appealing with the pattern.

White floating shelves are installed on the wall. You can place some books, clock and small potted plant. White study table with yellow study lamp and glass chair are located under the shelves.

In the corner, place a white platform bed with yellow duvet and pillows. White drawers are hidden under the bed. White sheer blind is covering the glass window above the bed.

Vintage Canopy Bed in Unique Teen Bedroom

Natural Green Plants

Inside the L shaped bedroom, you can place a wide wooden four poster canopy bed near the dark framed glass windows. High sheer curtain and thick navy drape used to cover the windows. This comfy bed will match the vintage teen girls ideas for bedroom.

Bright modern lamps are installed on the white wooden wall and navy painted wall beside the bed. Fluffy padded bench and square pillows are located in the end of the best.

Tidy wooden bookshelves in rustic design is placed. On the brown carpet flooring, barn themed hardwood cabinet is placed beside the green plant.

Relaxing Theme in Teen Bedroom

Relaxing Theme Bedroom

To create a relaxing teen girls ideas for bedroom, you can try to use various color in one area. In the room, you can place green bed with grey bedding and fluffy orange pillows. Beside the bed, two comfy flower pattern sofas and round table are located.

Beautiful orange tulip flowers are contained in a glass vase. On the cream wall big wall mirror and small framed pictures are hanged. Wide glass windows are covered with brown drape and flowery curtain. Grey carpet flooring makes the girl able to play comfortable on the floor.

Hidden Study Space in Wooden Bunk Bed

Unusual Teen Girls Ideas

To save more space, placing a bunk bed with hidden area in the lower space is a good idea. It is can be one in the minimalist room teen girls ideas too. Hardwood bunk bed with wooden shelves and drawers is completed with wooden ladder and yellow bedding.

In the lower part of this bed, you can set up a comfy study area. Wooden table and swivel chair can be placed there. For the lighting, a classic table lamp is installed.

White framed glass window and sheer curtain provide natural sun light inside the bedroom. Grey carpet flooring will make the girl feel comfortable playing on the floor.

Tidy Teen Girl Toys Shelves Idea

Tidy Teen Girls Ideas

Storing toys tidily can make the teen girl bedroom looked more appealing. When you want to make a comfy teen girls ideas for room, you can install a hug white cabinets, drawers and shelves in the room.

Inside the shelves, you can place the toys and dolls. For this lovely bedroom, pink carpet flooring can be a good choice. White bed with pink blanket and pillows will match the cute bedroom theme.

On the white framed window, simply install sheer pink curtain to cover it.

Minimalist Play Area in Teen Room

Wooden Table And Chairs

You can complete the teen girls ideas bedroom with fun play area. Inside this play area, simply place a square wooden table and small hardwood chairs. Green and brown covers are decorating the chairs.

Brown painted wall and grey carpet flooring increase the comfortable vibes in this area. As for the sleeping space, white single beds with green duvets are placed near the big glass window.

White nightstands and small table lamps are located beside the beds. From the ceiling above the bed, you can install big hanging lamp.

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