Displaying Creativity Through Unique Kids Beds Ideas

Well, various unique kids beds decorating ideas are available to pick. The most essential thing you need to know is to ensure the availability of space for supporting the installation of those custom beds.

Well, don’t forget to determine the facilities you will give to support the kid’s passions during their growth. The next step is to measure how much money you will need in creating the best kids bedroom for the house.

Now, let’s check some of the kid’s beds samples below. We are going to describe them one by one so that you can get the point easily.

Joyful Custom Bunk Bed Ideas

Traditional Unique Kids Beds

Floor-to-ceiling bunk bed is built to provide enough space for twin. The unique kids beds are basically designed in L shape to fit the room shape. Dark green seems to be the best color choice to describe the jungle theme though there is no more ornament found on the wall or furniture.

The only forest detail found in this room is the bunk bed. There are two beds are available in two levels with a ladder. An empty space on the lower part of the bunk bed is useful as toys storage and secret room for the kids.

Main Bedroom with Bunk Bed

Spacious Rustic Main Bedroom

Optimizing the limited space inside your bedroom can be solved by combining the main bedroom and kids bedroom at once. With long room space concept, the unique kids beds can be patented in custom on the farthest part of the room.

The bunk bed may include extra space for storage and playing area for the kids. Log themed bedroom looks gorgeous for both kids and adult bedroom.

Classic queen bed is nicely placed near the entrance door with exclusive bed set. To maximize the bedroom function, a side cabinet, some chairs and nightstands are placed on perfect spots around the bed.

Clever Bunk Bed Idea for Kids

Space Saving Unique Kids Beds

Everyone who wants to optimize a tiny bedroom as twin kids bedroom, applying unique kids beds idea must be the best option. It don’t have to be a separated room for the kids.

We can only use empty area in corner of your family room to transform it as a bedding area for kids. An unique bed idea looks very smart with hanging upper bed and floating lower bed arranged in opposite concept.

A small nightstand is placed next to the lower bed to place a table lamp. On the left side of the bunk bed set, smart wardrobe is available.

Triplet Bunk Bed Idea for Tiny Room

Small Unique Kids Bed

Having a tiny space for children bedroom is not a big problem anymore since we can maximize the function of the room by installing unique kids beds. Triplet bunk bed idea seems to be a perfect space problem solving.

First of all, the standard bunk bed is placed closely to the right wall side. One more bed is designed in custom to connect the bunk bed.

This single bed is located on the farthest wall side with additional desk for nightstand. Artistic wall art includes of posters which are arranged to block the wall. This wall becomes the best place for installing TV.

Attractive Bunk Bed for Teen and Kid

Bunk Bed And Ladder

Arranging both your teen and younger kid in the same bedroom is quite easy to do recently. You may apply this unique kids beds idea where a unique bunk bed frame is intentionally manufactured as tree house concept.

Well, the upper bed is generally designed as a normal bunk bed with drawer stairs to connect the lower part.

The lower part of the bunk bed offers spacious room for bigger bed placed in different direction. There is a frame which looks like a balcony on the lower bed where a table lamp and a vase of flower are located.

Blue and White Themed Double Bunk Beds

Sailor Themed Bedroom

White cottage styled bedroom looks quite large for double bunk beds. These unique kids beds are designed to provide more space for quadruplet kids. Two stylish pendants are atatched on the ceiling.

Word of play is also attached on the center wall as a wall art. In dark blue, the quadruplet beds display the same color theme as the wall art.

There are two patented ladders are installed to support these double bunk beds. Two windows with blinds offer much sunlight to enlighten the room along the day. Blue and white striped carpet is intentionally placed on the center of wooden floor.

Pirate Room Themed Children Bedroom

Open Bedroom Idea

Most children especially boys love to have a bedroom decorated in challenging theme such as pirate ship. We can just place some items which may describe the pirate room into the unique kids beds.

For those children, installing double bunk beds close to the wall is enough. We can choose striped white red and striped white blue combination for the bedding.

Placing a crate shaped desk on the center of room with a big wooden chair offers new imagination as if the kids are real pirate. Three pendants are enough as lighting on the log styled ceiling.

Old Bar Styled Bedroom for Children

Nice Half Barrel Table

When the entire house is dominated with logs and planks or even having an attic, optimizing it as an old bar styled bedroom for children must be very attractive.

We can use the long attic as children bedroom with double bunk beds installed on one side of wall. Another side of long wall can be maximized for seating area.

This unique kids beds idea can be combined with barrel shaped table and some wooden stools to reflect a bar eatting area. To make this log wood bedroom brighter, we don’t have to block the windows with curtain or blind.

Minimalist Shoe Shaped Bunk Bed Idea

Cutom Bunk Bed

For an open and minimalist kids bedroom, a shoe shaped bunk bed looks very interesting. In green, white and blue color combination, this unique kids beds idea will show brighter scheme in this dark grey bedroom.

The shoe shaped bunk bed still includes a metallic ladder between them. Of course, both bunk beds also integrates storage space such as drawers and wardrobe which are featured under each bed.

Glossy grey floor becomes warmer yet fresh with green colored carpet that is placed on the center of the room. There are also three small frames are attached on the center wall as wall art.

Amazing Cave Styled Bedroom for Kids

Lighting On The Bunk Beds

Amazing custom cave shaped bunk bed is perfectly integrated to optimize this minimalist bedroom for kids.

This cave bunk bed certainly needs extra space for the bed idea since it is installed fully from the floor-to-ceiling. Fortunately, because of this arrangement, we can use other side area in the bedroom for children’s activities.

Polka dot wall of the bunk bed allows the cave bunk beds brighter with little extra lighting installed on each ceiling part. Green with yellow light brings back this room into nature especially with light wooden scheme found over the custom bed. This unique kids beds idea is certainly adorable.

Black Bunk Bed in Green Room for Boys

Boys With Black Bunk Beds

For the boys, black bunk bed which is made of light iron can be as imple as their character. This unique kids beds idea may be placed closely to the white wall.

Other side of wall which is painted in light green of this room has two small windows with blind to give privacy for the kids.

A black desk with chair is placed next to the bunk bed for studying. Another studying area is placed quite far from the first one. Additionally, the second studying furniture is painted in red. A whie high wardrobe is located near to the red desk.

Simple and Smart for Boys

Large Unique Kids Beds Idea

Maximizing the bedroom space by installing custom floor-to-ceiling bunk bed and wardrobe sounds very smart. You can still make it amazing with contrast pastel pallete such as green, blue and coral over the custom furniture and floor.

Small bold wall decal looks gentle displayed on the wall near the bunk bed. This unique kid’s beds idea is totally simple and smart for boys.

Wavy striped carpet is unique placed on the coral themed floor. This carpet gives such a comfortable space for studying and playing with low blue desk on it. Two big round pendants look awesome as lighting of the room.

Space Saving Kids Beds with Large Living Room

Unique Kids Beds Featuring Rocks

If you have extra space in the bedroom, it is possible to share the function with the living room. Custom bunk beds are patented on the farthest part of the room. This unique bed is available for four children with an iron ladder hanging on the divider wall.

Unique stone nailed on the wall to bring natural ambience into the room. And some wall sides are covered by planks.

The plank wall itself looks matching with the unique kid’s beds. Contrast with that classic theme, the black L-shape velvet sofa and red round ottoman look completely luxurious and modern in the bedroom.

Pleasant Log Themed Bunk Beds for Large Bedroom

Wooden Bunk Beds For Unique Kids Beds

The concept of the bunk bed integrates real log detail to dominate the bedding part. The log detail is displayed well on both sides of bed though the separator board is in smooth wood material.

A ladder is patented on each separator board to give access for the bunk bed users. For enlightenment, cove lamp type is installed in the separator board between the unique kids’ beds.

Rag bed sheet is chosen to give this log styled bedroom such a cottage nuance in this bedroom. Light grey carpet blocks the entire part of the floor to improve the convenience of the room.

Super Feminine Kids Bedroom for Princess

Fresh Princess Bedroom Ideas

Fresh light blue wallpaper with white line on the bottom and top seems perfect to enlighten this unique kid’s beds idea. Some windows in the room offer extra natural lighting in the bedroom along the day.

All furniture collection is painted in clear white. A simple wooden bunk bed with a ladder is placed close to the center wall with large windows.

A side cabinet with mirror is placed near to the bunk bed with stylish lime table lamp with white shade and a vase of rose as decoration. Pink and white curtains are hanging to complete the windows.

Interesting Cellar Styled Kids Bedroom

Expensive Log Bedroom Styled

The entire room is basically decorated in modern concept with natural white wall and ceiling and floor to ceiling windows.

Custom plank bunk beds are integrated to maximize the room space on one side of wall, while another side of wall displays another plank bunk bed with bigger size lower bed. Both bunk beds are placed facing each other.

There are two super big floor-to-ceiling custom wardrobe installed on both sides of the floor-to-ceiling bunk beds for storage need. And for gathering area, the owner also places a couple of folding bench besides the smaller bunk bed.

Unique Bunk Bed Idea for Countryside Villas

Unique Kids Beds In Pale Accent

High roof bedroom style allows this unique kids beds more spacious and airy. The attic styled roof seems suitable with the logs wall and bunk bed inside the room. And smooth wooden floor offers extra warmth into this bedroom.

Well, the log styled bunk bed is simply painted in lighter wood scheme. This bunk bed has a big ladder to access the upper bed.

There is only fewer items inside the bedroom such as bunk bed and nightstand where a framed portrait is placed. Cool tube shaped pendant is hanging on the center of attic styled roof as lighting.

Trendy Tent Bedding for Unique Kids Room

Creative Idea For Unique Kids Beds

Pink tent themed bedding is a nice choice to complete the girls bedroom. This trendy pink bed is stylishly manufactured as a single bed. Nonetheless, it provides an extra bed hidden on the bottom.

The tent concept of this bed offers extra private area for the kids anytime they need. It is also easy to operate by lifting it up to open it.

There are a couple of pole that will appear to keep the tent open. This pink tent themed bedding is suitable for modern and futuristic girls bedroom. It is also perfect for princess themed bedroom.

Amazing Sailor Themed Kids Bedroom

Cool Sea Themed Bedroom

The sailor bedroom idea, the owner consciously integrates double bunk beds for four children. Two lower bunk beds are made in bigger size for the older children. And the upper bunk beds are made in smaller size for the younger children.

Both upper and lower bunk beds have drawer stair as an access. The custom unique kid’s beds are painted in ivory to bring white sand imagination.

Red accent is given on the decorative pillows and a classic rocking chair placed in the corner. In front of the double bunk beds, a double-size bunk bed is integrated well to give teens area for sleeping.

Custom Bunk Bed for Limited Space Bedroom

Clean Unique Kids Beds

The white paint can give such a space and lighting illusion for the small room. Then, you can build a custom bunk bed with hidden storage to keep the room clean and organized well.

It is nice to let the railing and ladder in natural wood hue to match the wooden floor on the bottom as well as the small window frame.

Orange curtain can be hanged to give some privacy for the lower bunk bed. To match the orange accent of the curtain divider, the unique kid’s beds may integrate orange appliances such as bed lamp and Bluetooth speaker.

Quadruplet Bunk Beds Ideas for Space Saving Bedroom

Bright Bedroom For Twin

A quadruplet bunk beds idea is designed with a single ladder in the middle. Wooden railing is added to keep the ladder safety for the kids.

Every bed includes small space for table lamp close to the wall. Comfortable pillows, sheet and blanket are arranged neatly in white on every bed. Two beds have purple headboards while two others have dark green covering the headboards.

Other sides of wall come in white to give space illusion in this unique kid’s beds idea. Wooden custom desk is placed facing a no-curtain window for studying area with a couple of magenta chairs.

Handcrafted Ladder for Craftsman Kids Bunk Beds

Handcrafted Ladder

Covering the entire bedroom wall with wooden planks seems to be the first step you can do. This plank wall gives extra warmth into the kid’s bedroom especially during winter. Custom wooden bunk beds can be integrated to maximize the space.

Two-level bunk beds with four bedding installed. Those unique kids’ beds are installed close to the plank wall. The natural look of wood is to create warm ambience. Unique handcrafted ladder among the two bunk beds for the access.

This handcrafted ladder looks unique with those arched holes for helping the kids going upstairs. Floor-to-ceiling windows with no curtain offers natural enlightenment.

Smart Custom Kids Bedroom with Studying Area

Attractive Office Tables

L -shaped base cabinet is installed close to the wall to maximize the space. This L-shape cabinet is useful as a desk replacement. It is also completed with storage under the top for organizing the children’s items.

A moveable chair is placed near to the base cabinet, so that the kids can use it easily. Wall cabinet is added with open shelves to give extra space for storage.

Smart hanging bunk bed with ladder is integrated near to the studying area. This custom furniture is designed in U shape. The unique kids beds can be hidden to save the room space.

Opimizing Tiny Space for Studying

Kids Loft Bed

Green and blue bunk bed looks quite small for toddler. This unique kids beds idea is consciously placed on the wall near the window. Three circle panels are displayed as upper bed fence.

There is a unique stairs installed to access the lower part of bunk bed. The lower bunk bed is basically hidden under an empty space where laptop or personal computer can be placed there.

This middle area of the bunk bed is available for studying. The lower bunk bed may be displayed to replace chairs here. Or you can just place a couple of chairs to complete this studying area.

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