Luxurious Vaulted Ceiling Ideas To Coolness Living Space

The differences are found on the shape of the ceiling and the components composited on it. The vaulted ceiling ideas usually makes a certain room higher and spacious in vertical point of view. It may be clean without any beams or it may appear traditionally with some logs and beams.

No matter what the design, ceiling always becomes an essential part of the house building. It is part of room where the enlightenment is integrated.

Ceiling may basically appear in simple flat attached on the top of room. Or it also may come with amazing design as the vaulted ceiling ideas shown on the pictures.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

The first room with the vaulted ceiling is a living room. Based on the picture, this room is arranged as a big sharing room. It means that we can also find other rooms without any divider to separate them.

The vaulted ceiling makes this sharing room spacious and cool ideas. It is because the triangle shaped ceiling offers higher level of the room so that it gives large effect into the interior.

Some classic drum shaped cage pendants are hanging among the reclaimed beams. Little bronze and gold accent on the illumination give such a beautiful ambience in this ivory room idea.

Exposed Wooden Beams

Modern Wood Ceiling Living Space

Another sharing room ideas appears classically with beams arranged along the vaulted ceiling. The beams are neatly arranged as similar as fishbone. There is a glorious double-ring chandelier hanged on the biggest beam on the middle of ceiling.

This chandelier is obviously hanged above a set of dining table which is located between an open kitchen and living room. Some built in windows are attached on several parts of the beamed ceiling to provide extra natural light from the outside.

White becomes the basic color theme of the sharing room. It is supported by various modern furniture ideas in grey and brown accent.

Vaulted Ceiling Beam Ideas

Vaulted Ceiling Beam Ideas

An open living room is purposely decorated as a gathering room. It is where big frames dominate both wall sides to show the beauty of green yard surrounding the house.

This living room is certainly built with pocket door and wide glass wall to capture the natural outdoor scenery as a vocal point. The high vaulted ceiling beam ideas on the top of room even offers more countryside nuance into the room at the same time.

Some warm illuminations are installed among the beams on the ceiling without any pendant or chandelier hanging to the room area. A set of seating furniture is arranged in large concept to provide more people.

Half Vaulted Ceiling Decor

Half Vaulted Ceiling Decor

The half vaulted ceiling living room is intentionally decorated to optimize an area on the edge of the house ideas. This room area is actually quite large in longer shape thus homeowner can use it as two functional rooms.

As a large living room, this half vaulted room is featured with a classic modern fireplace on a wall side. Lower wall sides on the left are designed with more glass windows to show the outdoor scenery.

Some blinds are installed to give some privacy or just block the light in certain time. There is only an electric fan with lamp is hanged on the center half vaulted ceiling.

Vaulted Ceiling in the Kitchen

Vaulted Ceiling In The Kitchen

Besides found it in the living room or sharing room, the vaulted ceiling is also available for smaller room like kitchen. It comes with a shaped wooden ceiling with neat planks combined with tiles on the wall of room.

The neutral scheme of the planks on ceiling brings the warmth into the white room. And it looks suitable with the similar wooden accent on the kitchen floor. White cabinetry is set in wide U layout.

There is a set of dining table placed on the center with elegant chandelier hanging above it. A super wide window with bars is installed on the center tiled wall as a vocal point in this glorious kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design with Vaulted Ceiling

Small Kitchen Design

Lower half vaulted ceiling is applied in a small kitchen design. This ceiling integrates some mounted beams arranged neatly along the ceiling dimension in certain line direction. This kitchen has two contrast colors which are combined namely dark grey and ivory.

Wood is selected as the most neutral material among both colors. It comes as a set of dining table on the center of the room.

An artistic complicated chandelier is hanging above the table as ornament and illumination. This room also gets some natural lights from outside which coming through the borderless windows and wall.

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom

Bringing Asian feeling into the bedroom, this open main bedroom has a super big glass wall featured with sliding door. Two windows are added on another wall side to give extra frames to capture the natural scenery from the outside.

A big sized bed with low headboard is placed on the center wall with minimalist nightstands built on both sides. A taller bench looks classic with leather as seat material.

And the vaulted ceiling offers healthier air circulation with a unique pendant hanging on the center. Tiled panels attached on the center wall makes this bedroom exclusive as well as any 5-star hotel room.

Rustic Style Dining Area with Vaulted Ceiling

Rustic Style

A warm sharing room shares a spacious dining area with a tiny spot for talking near to fireplace on the tip of room. This room is so comfortable with low ceiling consisting of framed wooden planks. Stylish arched windows and doors show the elegance of this rustic style dining area.

Brown tiled flooring even makes this brown room more glorious in natural theme. A big and wide dining table is located on the middle of room with eight chairs and two big couches on each tip.

A big custom glass cupboard is placed on another wall side showing the plates and cups collection through its glass doors.

Cabin Style Decoration of Interior

Cabin Style Decoration

It is a spacious room with high cabin style vaulted ceiling decorated with dark brown beams. On the vaulted ceiling ideas, a wide wall is designed with some windows to allow natural sunlight coming through into the room.

It is where a living room is located with a set of comfortable grey sofa and couch arranged neatly. A galaxy styled pendant is hanged above this living room to match with other pendants spreading in this house.

This house has lower level of floor on the basement. Perhaps, it may be functional as cellar or other. It can be seen from the stairway located near to the living room.

White Vaulted Ceiling in Master Bedroom

White Vaulted Ceiling In Master Bedroom

Creating such a clean concept in the master bedroom is quite easy since we apply white as the base color. It doesn’t matter whether the ceiling is low or high. Even it is better to integrate the vaulted ceiling to give such a rustic accent into the room ideas.

A high king-size bed looks very comfortable on the center of the room with classic mirrored wooden nightstands on both sides.

A couple of velvet wing chairs and a small table are arranged on the foot area of the bed. Clean grey carpet looks elegant under the chairs.

Bright Cottage Decorating with Vaulted Beam Ceiling

Bright Cottage Decorating With Vaulted Beam Ceiling

Decorating a cottage house which is built near to the beach sounds very easy to realize. At this point, having a high vaulted ceiling will be helpful. White may be selected as the best color theme in this room.

And then emphasize the white scheme of the room by combining it with numerous tones at once such as colorful printed cushions on the grey sofa and some linens on ottoman and chairs.

White furry rug gives extra comfort into the living room with additional bigger brown carpet under it to keep you warm.

Minimalist Semi Outdoor Space with Vaulted Ceiling

Sun Room In Luxury Home With Circular Window

This industrial house was built in the middle of crowded city. It only has small space in the outside to build a backyard and garden. A small garden landscape is designed in super modern style with little media for planting.

The most unique area of this modern house is the super bright living room. This living room is obviously indoor, yet we believe that you at first think that it is outdoor. Skylights become the lighting power of this room.

Two big skylights are integrated on the vaulted ceiling to save much energy along the day. A comfortable couch and chair are placed under it facing a TV set to fill this room up.   

Chic Vaulted Ceiling Room for Chatting

Chic Vaulted Ceiling Room For Chatting

It is a small living room which is built separated from other rooms in the house. This room is certainly designed with less of privacy since it has so many windows dominating the entire wall sides.

Classic tiled flooring looks cool in this cream themed room with old fashioned decoration seen from those sofa, chairs and ornament. Wicker chairs look fashionable with striped seat.

And a couple of wicker table are placed far to each other in the corner with a pot of plant on it as decoration. The vaulted ceiling offers warmer detail on the wood board with simple illumination patented on it.

Stylish Vaulted Ceiling Room with Balcony

Stylish Vaulted Ceiling Room With Balcony

A stylish living room in the second floor looks elegant yet rustic with chic vaulted ceiling. This vaulted ceiling appears with some unpolished beams arranged in triangle frame concept.

White and grey are combined to bring such a clean detail in this small room. It is similar with the sofa and other items which are found in white to keep this room spacious visually. This room is bright with glass folding door to bring us to the balcony.

Steel railing looks suitable with the modernism of this room. Black hue is found on the side cabinet behind the sofa to give little contrast into the white room.

Pleasant Gathering Room with Window Seat

Pleasant Gathering Room With Window Seat

First thing first, when you come into this room, you will think that it is a master bedroom. In fact, it is just a super pleasant living room where the guests can be welcomed. In grey and white combination, this room has a nice gradation which is friendly in visual.

An antique cone pendant is hanged on the center vaulted ceiling with beams. A thin side cabinet is placed on the center wall with a big mirror and some framed portrait as decoration.

A window seat looks totally comfortable with some cushions on it. This built in seat gives an extra spot for relaxing besides the couch and chair.

Stunning Narrowed Kitchen

Stunning Narrowed Kitchen

The appearance of the vaulted ceiling in this room makes the kitchen minimalist. The high ceiling offers visual effect to create narrowed detail into the whole kitchen.

Sleek wooden floor makes this cooking area warmer among the ivory theme shown by the ceiling and wall. Custom cabinetry is designed in high concept to fit the vaulted ceiling.

There are a couple of windows with bars on both sides of cooking center. Both windows offer additional light for the room besides some lamps on the track rod. A big island is placed on center with a big sink as feature.

Awesome Interior with Wide Vaulted Ceiling

Awesome Interior With Wide Vaulted Ceiling

This living space is a kind of condo where it is located on several levels higher than the ground. Super beautiful scenery can be seen from the main room of this condo since its feature includes transparent balcony with pool.

Glass wall and transparent folding doors dominate a wall side where the scenery is captured. This condo has a wide vaulted ceiling with skylights on certain parts.

Two big beams are attached on the ceiling to give marks of symmetrical rule. All of the room functions are arranged as open space without any divider to keep it spacious and open.

Industrial Home with Wavy Ceiling

Industrial Home With Wavy Ceiling

A house with tiny space can be organized well by installing custom furniture. Custom furniture itself will be helpful to hide any messy detail spreading in your house instantly while optimizing the space in correct way.

Some decoration ideas are available to beautify this industrial look interior. It may be the wavy ceiling.

The wavy ceiling is a kind of vaulted ceiling which is designed in decorative purpose. The appearance of the wavy ceiling adds more artistic nuance into this white room especially with both unique pendants hanging above the dining table.

Glorious Arched Vaulted Ceiling in Cabin House

Glorious Arched Vaulted Ceiling In Cabin House

The cabin house usually uses wood as the main material to cover almost the entire part of the house. This kind of house is typically built simply outside but warm inside. It is like this unique arched cabin house.

Secretly, it actually has two levels to optimize the space inside it. The second level with arched vaulted ceiling is specifically used for sleeping.

On the other hand, the first level is used for general functions such as living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. In compact design, every room has custom furniture integrated in it to optimize the space and function in general.

Amazing Vaulted Ceiling in Condo with Private Indoor Pool

Glorious Arched Vaulted Ceiling In Cabin House

It is a fabulous vaulted ceiling concept in a huge house with private swimming pool. This house has multi-level ceiling with glorious arched vaulted ceiling on the center part. With large skylight installed on certain part, this room becomes quite bright.

In addition, there are so many windows are installed on each wall sides of the house especially the wall surrounding the pool for additional illumination.

A luxurious wooden dining table with ten chairs are located near to the pool as well as the brown set of couch and chair in the living room. Some chandeliers are also found on each room area as illumination.

Stunning Vaulted Ceiling in Smart House

Vaulted Ceiling In Smart House

In two color gradation, this high ceiling room looks super bright and spacious. The brown hue brings the warmth into the room, while the white scheme offers spacious effect as well.

The vaulted ceiling gives additional space for a frameless window on top of room. This window is useful for additional illumination along the day.

There is also an electric fan with lamp which is hanged on the center of ceiling as illumination along the night. This area is functionally as living room with some bamboo chairs, couches and a coffee table. Some ornaments look simply shown among those furniture.

Uncommon House with Arch Vaulted Ceiling

Uncommon House With Arch Vaulted Ceiling

Like a cave, this white house has super unique vaulted ceiling which is connected with each room of the house. Some pillars are intentionally integrated to hold the arch vaulted ceiling. In white theme, this house looks clean and spacious.

Although, the entire room is designed like a cave, every detail inside it describes the modern way of living. It is shown by the furniture collection, decorative items and every single detail found around the house.

Cream and brown are chosen as main color for the additional items in this white house especially to optimize the natural ambience.

Cozy Cottage House Design

Vaulted Ceiling With Windows In Cottage House

This cottage house is full with logs and beam attached on the wall. Planks become the main material found on the vaulted ceiling.

To bring some futuristic accent into this cottage house, transparent frameless windows are installed on the center wall especially on the upper part of the wall. A set of modern dining table in black with some wooden chairs with velvet back are arranged neatly on wild Western carpet.

Industrial pendants are hanged above the table to give some illumination during the dining moment. An eye catching original rack is attached on the wall with windows showing off some porcelain.  

Minimalist Open Living Space

Minimalist Tv Room With Deck Vaulted Ceiling

Enlarging imagination to have such a cellar home idea with deck styled vaulted ceiling sounds interesting.

The vaulted ceiling doesn’t have to be in common triangle shape. It may appear just flat to match the minimalist interior style of the house. Open TV room with clear wall and sleek wooden floor looks amazing under the deck ceiling.

A cone pendant with black shade is hanged above the L shaped couch. A built in TV cabinet is installed on the right wall side. Overall, this TV room looks completely clean with no rug or wall art.

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